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Jan 14, 2002
Behind you!

This Mod Replaces Russia with the Confederate states of America(Civil War) The UU is stillthe cossack but now it's called southern cavalry. i added the confederate gov't which has corruption, good spies, forced hurry and other features. I might make a civil war mod with a North American map. but that depends on how motivated i get and how much time i get.
I Know that soon someone..... if ne1 downloads this will say )(whiny voice)"but some of these cities are Mexican" well to you i say.... read turtledove in the great war series/ how few remain series the CSA bought that land from mexico..... next i'll hear (whiny again) "But the confederate states of america didn't exist untuil the 19th century and it was retaken by the US" to you i say... DEAL WITH IT you don't have to download it and NEWSFLASH: NONE not a single one of these leaders was ALIVE in 4000 BC it's just a game.... a wonderful, adictive game... but a game nonetheless. any more complaint's???? BRING IT I"M READY!
It sounds like an interesting mod...what did you replace/add to wedge a Confederate government type in there? Anyhow, I don't think the UU should be a renamed Cossack, how about making a "Volunteer" unit? Base it off of riflemen (so you can draft them) and give them one more defense, and maybe a second unit of movement, something to make them more than just to build to upgrade to infantry.

Did you also remember to subtract the names of Confederate cities from the American roster? It would be kind of embarrassing to see the Americans building Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, etc.
Just a random idea, but if there was to be a Civil War Mod, should it be just... 2 civs or have it on a rather large map... with a lot of different civs (Like for the Federalists: Western States - Special Unit: Iron Brigade -, New England, Federal Frontier. And maybe for the Confederates something like... North, South, West. 3-4 civs per side on a rather large map, allowing for maybe... a suprise attack trying to capture the Californian gold and the western states secede and stuff like that?
hope you enjoy it thanx 4 the support. i'm gonna make a second version as it occurs to me that some Confederate and American Citiy names overlap... think i'll change the UU to the volunteer too. I do Agree about the saddness of replacing russia, their my 2nd favorite civ in the game, maybe i'll switch it to some1 else if i'm changing the UU.
Here's what you could do that would spare Russia:

Have the Confederates replace the Iroquois rather than the Russians. That way, you can have the Confederates and the Americans always spawn near each other when you have culturally linked starting locatsion. Everyone replaces the Iroquois in their mods, anyhow. ;)

Also, what civ attributes do the Confederates have? I would probably change them to some variant of Commercial, not sure whether Miltaristic/Commercial or Industrial/Commercial would be a better fit for them.

Alright i fixed the Cities and the UU, sorry but it uses the same pic + animation as rifleman. the attack + defense are both 5... didn't put Russia back... hope ull understand. they're Industrious/Commercial
the civil war Mod will be divided into 2 seperate Mod's
1) 2 civ's - North vs. South.
2)All out American War. with a total of 6 civ's. Mexico, California, Canada, Russia (based in Alaska), America, and the Confederacy.
help me out with UU's please, Erutirn please explain what the iron brigade would be.

Any help would be appreciated.
i felt pretty good with the posts that seemed to be helping me out. then i read the poll results. does it really suck that much? i'm going now to mourn over the corpse of my ego. it's in a toothpick box. :cry:
I wonder how the slave labor issue would be dealt with in a slave state. It should also, thus, require a new government - Oligarchy.

Being a slave state, it should also have, eventually, some trouble with Diplomacy from the rest of the world; i.e, a racist slave state wouldn't be too popular. Slavery, btw, was common in the world for centuries - but not the racial slavery as practiced in the South.
now i know that this will get the "Confederacy wasn't founded on slavery" discussion going again i know it wasn't, i've heard it approximately 12.5 BILLION #$@^D@^^(\) times, I know it wasn't, FOR THE SAKE OF %^&... i don't want it to,in other words. but to answer you Zouave that's why the confederacy has forced labor rush. i might make their diplomats less though as you have a point. now for the rest of you, playing (and maybe even enjoying without telling me, allowing my ego to be smashed into the ground like an acorn in a car crushing device.) my Mod, note this just because you're the confederate states doesn't mean that you MUST pick confederacy as ur gov't. i'll think about adding Oligarchy in the next version.
Version 1.3 .
Oligarchy- government run by a powerful group of people, mainly for their own intrests without regard for the intrests of those below them.
- Required Advance: Oligarchy
-Draft limit: a whopping 3 (who cares about those peasants)
-hurry style: forced labor (all for the greater good)
-diplomats: Conscript (for some reason they think we should care about our citizens hah!)
-Free units: 4 per town, 5 per city, and 7 per metro.
-No war weariness
-MP limit of 3
-Problematic Corruption.
All of this seemed right to me if you disagree tell me and i'll fix it or you can fix it and upload it.

If the UU wasn't fixed by the last version(i have a suspicion that it wasn't) it is now.


there are som other more minor changes too.


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Oligarchy sounds like a neat idea, but what I envisioned the "Confederate-style" government being is something along these lines:

-Have the tech be called "States' Rights" and have it replace Communism on the tech tree. The government itself (if it is possible to name a government something different from the tech) would be Confederate Democracy.

-Trade bonus of Democracy
-War weariness should be better than Democracy's, but not endless (I am not sure how finely you can tweak the war weariness variable)
-Communal Corruption (The Confederate government highly valued states' rights, so administration was mostly decentralized)
-rushing by forced labor
-Draft rate of 2
-no free units
-MP of 1
-Unsure about diplomats, I don't know how this variable affects things.

Basically, it is similar to Democracy with the difference being in the communal corruption and the forced labor rushing. Its niche would be to better administrate a large and far-flung empire during times of peace and a slightly better war government than straight democracy. It has a slightly better war weariness than Democracy, but it is still a representative government, so waging endless war should NOT be an option. Forced labor at the point in time which you get the Confederate government is also typically a DISadvantage. I am not sure where you placed Oligarchy on the tech tree, but it wouldn't be a bad alternative to Monarchy if you placed it in the Middle Ages (I'm tempted to reccomend having it either enabled by Feudalism or to require it).
good thoughts... i especially like using states rights in leiu of confederacy but it doesn't have to replace Communism. The next version will have this as well as a jefferson Davis leaderhead. i'll definately up the corruption but not all the way and i'll think about the other changes.

also how can i upload Civilopidia entries so that you can get them with the Mod? i have 1 for Confederacy, working on 1 for Confederates.

oh yeah... and how do you make a leaderhead?
i kinda went into a daze 4 a while, i'm back + ready to go. The next pure confed Mod is a long way coming but as soon as i manage to incorporate new Unit Animations i'll really be going on the Civil War/Full division Map/Mod. the NvS Mod will be easier but i haven't started yet. ne help would be appreciated, i still need leaderheads 4 Canada + the CSA, City Names for Wild West, Animation for "Iron Brigade" UU(figured out what it was, fely dumb about it cuz i had ancestors in it) UU's for Canada and Mexico, history buffs i know your out there criticizing help me out on this 1, this weekend i'll work on it + maybe finish one of 'em off.
New to forums: so first time reading - interesting mod - yea keep the Russians and put then in Alaska. If you got time, complete the mod I would download it.
hopefully the next post will have the Ultiwar Mod.
God has ordained that i discover how to add units. this is good.
I now only need the Jeff davis leaderhead and a Mexican UU. please help.

Wild West
start with: War code + pottery
Millitaristic expansionists
Billy the Kid
Jim West
Artimis Gordon
Henry Starr
Cherokee Bill
Wild Bill Hickok
Jesse James
Civ Leader: Anne Oakly(used joans leaderhead)
UU: Bandit

start with: Alphabeet+ bronze work
Religious + commercial
Gen. Mariano Arista
Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
La Malinche
Antonio de Mendoza
Antonio Banderas
(had fun at the end)
Civ leader: Maximillian(Aztec leaderhead, shut up i don't wanna hear it)
UU: either something from mex amer war, involving cannons maybe, or "Illeagal immagrant" a settler with hidden natn't and sub/cloaking

start with: Pottery+ Masonry
Industrious expansionists
Civ Leader: Pearson(be nice if i had a lederhead)
UU: Blue cask replacing infaltry
OK if you look at my location you will understand why I feel insulted
But information/education kills ignorance:

Mexican leaders list:
Cuatemoc (he is the national hero due to defeating Cortes)
Miguel Hidalgo (father of the revolution)
Ignacio Allende (lost his head with Hidalgo´s)
José Maria Morelos
Ignacio Zaragoza
Vincente Guerrerro
Francisco"Pancho" Villa
Pascual Orozco
Emiliano Zapata

UU: 1st Idea- Revolutionary Calvary "Caballeriza" if you want to be at least close to era. same stats as normal Cav. but able to treat all terrain as roads.
UU: 2nd Idea- Zapatista troops "Tropa Zapatista" or "Zapatistas"(the ones from the 1910-1920 Revolucion) fast moving riflemen they did amazing marches in so little time.
UU: 3rd idea- if you just have to have an artilery unit, well "Cañon Divisiónal" from the "División del Norte" again faster moving, but this was done by early railroad confiscating by "Villa".

Letterhead would be better represented by: Cuatemoc (he was Aztez, he is the national hero, he was the last Aztec Emperor, he did drive Cortez running out of Tenochtitlan- it was smalpox that decimated the capital and armies - so when Cortez returned with reinforcments from Santo Domingo the empire fell)
Letterhead substitute: "Benito Juarez" president 1858-1872 (he was a pure blooded native american, and he was president during the American war of succession).

Now we will see if information killed the ignorance!
P.S: Zorro as hero maybe, but Jim West as Wild west hero is BullS$%T- T.V: and maybe from books man.
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