Confirmed Bugs; Carriers, AI and Steal Tech.


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Feb 27, 2011
Earth (mostly..)
We have G&Ks.

Wife and I have recreated the Carrier bug that dont let you activate aircrafts (fighters and bombers) on your carriers in the late game.
You can activate them for awhile, but when your carrier travels around and arrives in a far away spot and you want to bomb something, the aircrafts usually cant activate again. making the whole carrier and all aircrafts useless.
This happened to us twice tonight. (large "small continents" map both times)
Nukes seems unaffected if there are no aircrafts on the carrier.

We also had the Steal Tech bug twice.

You get the yellow "spy" icon that says you can steal a tech, but when you press it nothing happens.
After some 5-15 turns later it usually works again.

AI "bug"?

The AI cant contact you in LAN games, making LAN games extremely tedious since one of us have to wait for the other to go through and renew all contracts by hand again. Dont know if its a bug or Firaxis intentionally try to piss off LAN gamers...? :mad:
Also, the intrigue system is broke. Which is VERY sad since it would be awesome in LAN games if the AI could interact with us humans. It would make the game more "alive".
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