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Congrats to the Aussies!


Jun 1, 2001
Congrats for demolishing the competition in the men's 1000M speed skating competition.

Gold Medal!! :goodjob:

Steven Bradbury's strategy was top-notch compared to all those other fools that were only concerned with going fast.
I'm new to this sport, but it seems rather odd to me. Actually, now that I think of it, it reminds me of the little I know about NASCAR. As some fans of that sport are fond of saying, "Rubbin' is racin'. Not that there is by default anything wrong with this, it just isn't what I expected from an olympic sport.

I would like to here from some of our resident Aussies on this subject if they care to, and anyone else for that matter. What do you think about how this race was run, the rules in general, and anything else you might care to add.

My personal thought is that the sport as it stands, doesn't seem to fit with my perception of the olympics. I can only speak for myself, but this would not be the way I would want to win a gold medal. I know that that sounds like sour grapes, but I don't think that Ohno's position in the race has anything to do with it. I am of course a supporter of US athletes, but I try to view the olympics with an international eye. I think my reaction would have been the same even if it were any other nation.

Oh well, let me know what you think.
I think the outcome was totally legtimate, unfortuneate but legitimate. Look, short track speed skating is competitive man-to-man racing the same way that a car race or snowmobile race or motorcycle race is. Part of the race is how the people in the race respond. If your running a bad line around a turn and someone runs a tighter, faster line, you can either let them go by you or you can try to block them and risk a wipe out. That what Apolo was doing. On the second to last turn he ran a little too fast and came wide out of the track which gave the other guy (Korean? Japanese?) a chance to get on the inside for the next turn. Apolo knew that he had messed up the last turn so he tried to block the guy behind him so that he could have the Gold. But when they contacted one fell down and took out the whole group leaving only the Aussie -who was twenty feet behind the pole- standing.

If any of you ever watch racing (be it NASCAR or Indie or one of the smaller legues) you know that that kind of competion is just part of the race. That 18 car mass crash yesterday at Daytona was exactly that type of competitive racing. One car was trying to pass and the other car tried to block but unfortuneatly they contacted right behind the forward car's rear wheel and the next thing you know, you've got one car spinning out of control with other cars slamming into him at 200 mph and those cars hitting cars behind them untill half the players in the race are wrecked. Did they restart the race? Hell no! It's all just part of the game, just like that speed skating wreck is just part of the game.
Well I know nothing about the sport, but the media here in Australia has very much portrayed Bradbury as a lucky winner. The man himself has said that he has yet to come to terms with winning gold, as he doesn't believe himself to be on the same level as past winners.

I suppose you can either take the view that the slowest skater doesn't deserve to win just because everyone else crashes, or you can take the view that if he's the only one who managed to stay on his feet (skates?) then he deserves it.
Well, I hadn't ever watched the sport before, myself, but damn....

Those guys are hauling some a$$ in a very 'NASCAR' like fashion....in that there's some contact going on.

Add to that they're doing it with freakin' razor blades attached to their feet, and.... :eek:

Whatever, Bradbury deserved to win because he crosse the finish line first....and that is all that matters.

Funny thing is he won the previous race in the same fashion....that is, the race for the priveledge to adance to the Gold Medal round.

Like I said before, his strategy was far superior to all those guys speeding around up front of him and he proved it twice.

Besides, I like seeing the Aussies snag a Winter medal.... :D
Looks like another Aussie won a gold. This time on merit (oops did I say that?)- in the woman's aerial- a bit like gymnastics with skis.

If this keeps up Austrlians will start demanding a winter commonwealth games .;)
Go Aussies! Go!

Does it ever snow much in Australia? How did you guys managed to top out the traditionally snowy icey nations?

Just kidding. :D Australia's snow fields are bigger in area than Switzerland and are located in the southeast corner of the continent in southern New South Wales and northeast Victoria. There are also snow fields in Tasmania. The snow season in Australia is usually between early June and October (sometimes later).

I'm happy to see the Aussies having some success at the Winter Olympics but I'd be lying if I said I had much interest. I suspect many Aussies feel the same.
Never thought we'd get a hold in the Winter Olympics... And I do recall making a mention regarding Australia's sporting prowess in a previous post....

But hell, we got a gold baby! Yeah!

A beautiful example of Slow and Steady wins the Race, when the rest of the Guys fall down.;)
I don't question at all that it is legitimate within the sport, but it strikes me as a little odd for an olympic event. I know that there are others like it, but it seems that crashes and mysterious disqualifications are much more common. Ah well, to each there own, I'm looking forward to the rest of the hockey games. Sweeden is looking tough with a capital T!
posted by Andycapp

"Australia's snow fields are bigger in area than Switzerland and are located in the southeast corner of the continent in southern New South Wales and northeast Victoria. There are also snow fields in Tasmania. The snow season in Australia is usually between early June and October (sometimes later)."

Yes they are larger in area than Switzerland- but without all the mountains (as opposed to ambitious hills)and snow :lol:

Some years there would be practically no ski season without artificial snow making.
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