Congratulations, me!

Warlord Sam

2500 hours and counting..
Oct 27, 2001
Just wanted to brag to my fellow Civ3'ers that I got a full ride scholarship to my first choice scholarship!!! Hooray!!

I'll be attending Concord College in Athens, WV, next fall, on their Presidential Scholarship. Sounds nifty, eh? I'm excited. T3 lines in time for Multiplayer, huzzah!
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congrats me for replying first to this topic
Scorch, you are returning to your old spamming ways, stop, or I will be congratulating you on your 3 day ban. Thank you.

Congrats Warlord. What are you studying?
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who said there will be multiplyer:confused: and even if they did, it could end up like the scenarios that shipped:mad:
If you are going to comment on one part of this topic make sure you at least have part of your reply be on topic as a cover. As it stands now it is the start of threadjacking. See how that works? So tell him congrats also. ;)
Congratulations Sam.
I second the query of the rather pale Horse in asking what you will be studying, and add my own by inquiring where Athens WV actually is:)
Originally posted by Simon Darkshade
Congratulations Sam.
I second the query of the rather pale Horse in asking what you will be studying, and add my own by inquiring where Athens WV actually is:)

My guess is that that would be Athens, West Virginia (as opposed to Athens, West (ish) of Vietnam).

You see - the United States are so important that they only need to put the initials of what state they are in, and the country is assumed.

You couldn't get away with this, because if you put your location as "SA", I (and maybge others) would assume this to be South Africa. Our US friends would assume this to be something like "Southern Arizona", "Southern Alaska" or "Southern Arkansas". Our French friends would be confused as to why it wasn't "AS" (for Australie Sud), and bogans would probably think it was a make of car, with really big biscuits, a whale-tail and louvres.
Yeah I have seen people assume that everyone knows what American state abbrvs are. Shoot, I don't know them all! So what is it? WV!!! Read your own damn thread Warlord! ;)
Ah, yes, I did indeed forget that this is an international board. My bad, I will be attending Concord College in Athens, West Virginia, United States of America.

Firaxis said they were planning on implementing multiplayer, if I'm not mistaken? Or maybe they said they'd be implementing a scenario editor? Whoops, I hope its both in any case.

As to my studies, I plan (in the loosest sense of the word) to major in Creative Writing or Journalism, and minor in History. There'll be a healthy dose of Drama Club, Student Newspaper, a bible study, and some community service to round out my college years, as well.

In fact, I'm planning on meeting my dream grrl sometime during college, as well. Yep, I've got it all figured out, no worries.

Thanks all for the congratulations :)
Congratulations. It's always nice to see good young minds succeeding.

Some advice for the new college student:

1. If you're going to blow off classes, try to use that time wisely. Playing with the Internet is a more marketable skill than playing Civilization.

2. For the first semester, you can safely get drunk three or four nights a week. After that, try to limit it to twice a week most of the semester, and once a week when exams are imminent.

3. Dining hall food may be disgusting, but there's a lot to be said for unlimited quantities.

4. Most advisors won't really give you any advice. Make friends with an alumnus of your school who's living in the area and working at a successful business. They will give you a wealth of information about school, local living, and job opportunities.

5. Try to get an off-campus apartment as soon as you can. In addition to the freedom from rules, it will probably save you money -- the college is usually one of the most expensive landlords in town.

6. If you have any choice in roommates, try to pick one who spends as little time in the room as possible. Find out who has a girlfriend in another state and become his best friend. If necessary, lend him your car for weekend trips.

7. When you come home on Friday or Saturday night, unplug the phone before you crash.

8. Write, phone, or e-mail your parents often. They will be less likely to visit if they hear from you on a regular basis.

9. Two words: safe sex.

10. Finally -- and most importantly -- never let your schooling get in the way of your education.
I congratulate you also! :goodjob: I'd offer some advice also, but I don't have any seeing as I've not got to college yet myself. :cooool: But still, congratulations! :king:
You are scholar, sir
I salute you:goodjob:

In fact, I'm planning on meeting my dream grrl sometime during college, as well. Yep, I've got it all figured out, no worries.

I met my dream girl in college. Unfortunatly I met her in my dreams while sleeping in and missing class.

TIP: Take no classes before 11pm (I have THREE 8am classes and am paying for it!!)
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Read your own damn thread Warlord! ;)

now who's cursing at other posters?:p
;) ;) ;) ;)

Congrats to the thread starter on getting into a hopefully quality university! what will you be studying?:goodjob:

How far away is this college from where you live? I chose to go to school 3000 miles from home and didn't think it was a big deal, but as it turned out, it is. :(
Well, it's too late to advise Warlord Sam on this, since he's already picked his school, but my advice on "how far away" is: close enough that you can get home for a weekend, but far enough away that your parents won't decide to come visit you very often. In practical terms, not less than two and not more than five hours from home.

Of course, you may choose to live further away if you really can't stand your parents, or closer if (for some strange reason) you actually want to go home more often.

When I was choosing a college, I got a very generous scholarship offer from the University of Connecticut. This place was about 15 minutes from my parents' home. I often went to their library to do research for high school projects. My response to the scholarship offer was, "if they'd move the University of Connecticut to Massachusetts or New York, I'd accept it". I wound up choosing a school in upstate New York, about 2.5 hours from home. Worked out very well.
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