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Conjecture: Communists have more flips


Oct 7, 2001
Jovian System
I've been playing the Mahatma lately. Being a religious Civ, and being at peace, I decided to spend a few minutes experimenting with Communism. Of course, my cities went from We love the Mahatma Day to being merely contented. But not having ever played Communism before, I was surprised to see cities flipping that wouldn't "normally" flip, and didn't flip on the replay while in Republic.

Combine pop-rush despotism with blitz conquest and razing and I can see why some Communist dictators have trouble keeping their Empires together.
i dont think there is any direct modifiers that happen under communist but losing WeLoveTheKing days will have a indirect effect.... try reloading your game and test to see if those citys would have flipped under your republic, then do the same under communist, then do the same under communist with your luxeries set high so u get those WLTK days ..... and if the flips still occur then that would be due to communism ... if u could be botherd that is ;)
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