Connection details


Dec 12, 2006
Athens, Greece
This thread will be used only for connection details and possible connection issues.

Connection details:
Hamachi network: CFC vc Civplayers
Hamachi pass: teamer
game pass: none

Civstats pass for registering leader: 1

I assume you all know what hamachi is...

All players should a password to protect their civ and should PM their password to the other turn players.
Can someone see if I am still logged in to Hamachi? Last time I went to bring it up, it treated me as a new user. Then when I tried to enter network, it told me "network seems to be full" and denied me access. I have re-installed Hamachi and still not getting anywhere....

Perhaps I need to be kicked out of Hamachi so I can re-enter?? If that's not the solution, then one of you may need to play my turns until this is resolved.
I don't seem to be able to log into the game, ie on bts ip connection screen, I attempt to connect to IP: but get a "connection attempt to the host timeout" or similar. I seem to be connected to the Hamachi VPN, and yet don't show up in the list of 10 names. Is someone else perhaps in my "slot" or perhaps a hangover from my last login? Being a noob in this respect, I don't know how to troubleshoot. Any ideas?
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