Conquest 04: First Spoiler

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    Conquest 04: First Spoiler!

    The qualifications for this spoiler is that you have a full-view of the majority of the starting continent: You have located the capital cities of all other civs on the continent (and have contact established), and preferably you can also see the full coastline (except for a few tiles). You must also have reached the middle ages in that you are researching a middle-age tech.

    How did you fare? Presumably you have set-up your settler factory and started your expansion. Did you wage early wars? Have an early Golden Age, or save your Javelin Throwers for use solely in civilizing the barbarians?

    Please do not post any screenshots showing anything other than the starting continent (no offshore details, no suicide galley paths - successful or not).
  2. grs

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    Dec 28, 2003
    Stuttgart, Germany

    I started as I said in the pre-game discussion by moving the worker nw. It revealed another bonus grassland and the river continuing nw. I had two reasons to do so: 1st I did not believe in a river near the wheat - just because nothing indicated it and why should I make a wild guess when the start was already that good? 2nd I was going for a 20k culture win and there was no need for me to irrigate the wheat anyhow. I would not ever build a granary - besides the big one - so +4 food and one more shield was not worse than +5 food, as I need 20 food for growth and it devides by 4 or 5. After that I would be above size 6 anyways.

    Settler went ne and settled on the river. The alternative settling n, would (from what I could see then) make me miss one bg. I wanted forests and hills in my capital - which will serve as the 20k city - so ne was the obvious choice for me.

    My building plans:

    Build some warriors to explore, early temple, one settler from the capital then start on wonders. I aimed for the following ancient age wonders (while building all 3 cultural improvements of course): The Pyramids, The Oracle, The Mausoleum of Mausolos, The Great Library, The Hanging Gardens.

    My research plans:

    Get the needed techs to build wonders in time while doing an extremely delayed Republic Slingshot. To be specific: ceremonial burial - mysticism - alphabet - writing - code of laws - philosophy - republic - literature and then, after getting techs from The Great Library, the rest of the ancient age techs.

    How it worked out:

    Research was set to ceremonial burial at max, then mysticism at max. From F10 it would be far more probable to buy alphabet than ceremonial burial or mysticism soon. I built 2 warriors then started the pyramids as pre-build for a temple. After that I slotted in a 3rd warrior, to get growth and production in line for the settler, who was next.

    First contacts were the Aztechs in 3350BC and I got warrior code + 10g for Masonry. I did this mainly for the 10 gold, I needed to keep research at max after having the temple drain maintenance. In 3250BC I met the Americans who already had ceremonial burial, which I learned myself two turns later. Spain was met in 2630BC. Spain had alphabet but would not trade for anything I had until I learned mysticism in 2270BC. I traded mysticism, pottery, masonry for alphabet + 10 gold to Spain. This may seem a horrible trade, but all I wanted was alphabet and as much gold as I can get. As I had a hard time getting barb huts (only two in the whole game) I needed the gold, so I could keep research up.

    I then researched writing, code of laws and philophy at max and completed the Republic Slingshot in 1025BC, then started on literature after which research was switched off. I did not revolt immediately, because I still was in my golden age from building The Pyramids. I meanwhile met the Iroquis in 1575BC. I revolted in 800BC and became a republic in 690BC.

    I had a short war for land with the Aztechs, because they placed a city two turns before my settler was in postion. There was only 1 reg warrior which was killed by one of my javelin throwers. I killed two more units and made straight peace in 850BC. I got bronze working, the wheel, iron working, horseback riding, polytheism and monarchy from the Great Library in 350BC, researched costruction and currency and entered the middle ages in 170BC.


    After exploring I planned for an inital core of 7 cities, claiming silks, spices, horses and iron. I razed the Aztech town next to the horses without knowing it and rushed a settler for the iron once it appeared on the map. I completed my "expansion" phase in 250BC.


    I used the 3 initial warriors to explore the land and built about a dozen suicide curraghs to meet civs on another continent. I was successfull around 250BC and stoped building ships from then on. All other curraghs were sunk by barbs later on, but the one that successfully crossed and which I upgraded over time was kept till the end of the game.

    Culture buildings in Chichén Itza:

    Palace 3950BC
    Temple 3050BC
    Pyramids 1450BC
    Oracle 1075BC
    Mausoleum 825BC
    Great Library 370BC
    Library 310BC
    Colosseum 250BC

    I missed the Hanging Gardens which were surprisingly completed by the Americans in 390BC. They had to switch their Temple of Artemis build after another civ completed that. I am quite sure some AI got that tech from a hut, but who knows the ways of the AI. I started the Great Wall instead and finished it a few turns into the middle ages.

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  3. Roland Ehnström

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    Jun 29, 2004
    Norrtälje, Sweden

    In short: A good start for me! The only bad thing was that the Americans beat me to the nice grassland+river location NE of Chichén Itza, when my Settler was going that way (2190 BC). At the end of the Ancient Times I am leading in tech, territory and population, and have a decent military. We've hooked up the Spices and the Silks, and we have both Horses and Iron. It's looking very good for the future!

    *** Ancient Times ***

    4000 BC - Worker W to Wheat. Sees coast further W. Settler NE.

    3950 BC - Settler founds Chichén Itza. Our scientists start researching Alphabet at 20% (50 turns).

    3800 BC - Worker starts Road.

    3650 BC - Our first Warrior meet the Atztecs. We trade our knowledge of Masonry for Warrior Code and 10 Gold with them.

    3450 BC - We meet the Americans, who wander in from the north. They have Alphabet, but won't trade it for Warrior Code and 45 Gold. But they do accept to trade Ceremonial Burial for Warrior Code.

    3000 BC - Copán founded. We trade Ceremonial Burial for Bronze Working with the Aztecs.

    2590 BC - Chichén Itza completes Granary, opens 4-6 Settler factory (or perhaps it's called 4-5, as the town never reaches size 6 for a full turn). Settlers are pumping out every 4 turns from now on, with some micro-management).

    2350 BC - We discover Alphabet.

    2230 BC - Spain drops in from the north. We have exactly the same techs, so no trade is possible. Palenque founded on the coast.

    2190 BC - Damn, the Americans found a town where our fourth Settler was going! Aztecs have The Wheel, but we won't trade Alphabet to them just yet.

    2070 BC - The Spaniards have Iron Working, but we have nothing to offer them.

    2030 BC - Our fourth Settler founds Tikal. Our fifth Settler founds Yaxchilán.

    1990 BC - The Carib tribe teaches us Mysticism! The Aztecs will not accept Mysticism and 49 Gold for The Wheel. Neither do the Spaniards for Iron Working.

    - After the first 2000 years we are in the lead in score. We also lead in population (18% of total world population). We have 5 Towns, a total of 11 Pop, 2 Workers and 4 Warriors. Not surprisingy, our military is "weak" compared to the others we have met, but we are technologically advanced. Writing is due in 9 turns.

    1950 BC - Chichén Itza completes our sixth Settler and now starts some 2-turn Workers.

    1910 BC - Copán completes Granary, starts Warrior.

    1830 BC - Palenque completes our firsth Curragh, which heads north along the east coast. Our sixth Settler founds Bonampak in the Desert south of the Spices.

    1750 BC - We get Iron Working and 20 Gold from the Spaniards for Mysticism. Then we get The Wheel for Iron Working, Mysticism and 11 Gold from the Aztecs. We have Horses secured under Palenque, nice! There is Iron 3 tiles W, NW of Copán. We'll send our next Settler that way.

    1725 BC - We've hooked up the Spices. Yaxchilán completes it's Curragh, which moves north along the west coast. Yaxchilán starts Javelin Thrower, to keep an eye on the Barbarian Camp south of the town.

    1675 BC - We discover Writing. Start Code of Laws (14 turns).

    1625 BC - The Americans start building The Oracle.

    1575 BC - Lagartero founded next to the Iron.

    1500 BC - Our Curragh on the west coast is sunk by a Barbarian Galley. We meet the Iroquois - they are backwards.

    1400 BC - The Iron is hooked up.

    1375 BC - We discover Code of Laws. Philosophy is 6 turns away. We found Quiriguá and Calakmul in the north, trying to cut the Americans and Spaniards off the north-western peninsula. Of course, I doubt that they'll care about not walking on our soil to get there...

    1225 BC - We discover Philosophy, and get The Republic as a bonus. Our Civilization is descending into Anarchy. We trade Philosophy for Mathematics and 108 Gold with the Spaniards.

    1200 BC - Lazapa founded to the north-east, wedging in to the American land.

    1175 BC - Kaminaljuyú founded in the middle of the north-western peninsula. Our Curragh takes the plunge towards promising seas, but disappointingly finds no land on the other side.

    1150 BC - Our Curragh lives, and returns to shore.

    1125 BC - The Aztecs kill the Barbarians in "our" Camp!

    1100 BC - After a 5-turn Anarchy, we are a Republic. Piedras Negras founded on the west coast. We are currently researching Currency, which is due in 7 turns.

    1075 BC - We get Horseback Riding and 33 Gold from America for Philosophy. We still have a monopoly on Code of Laws.

    1000 BC - Uaxactún founded W of our capital.

    QSC stats:

    13 Towns
    39 Pop

    1 Settler
    6 Workers (yes, too few, but Chichén Itza is now pumping out Workers every 2 turns)
    7 Warriors
    2 Javelin Throwers
    1 Curragh

    3 Barracks
    2 Temples
    2 Granaries

    All Ancient age techs except Currency (due in 3 turns), Construction, Map Making, Polytheism, Literature and Monarchy

    Republic Goverment
    4 contacts (Aztecs, America, Spain and Iroquois)
    92 Gold

    950 BC - Currency discovered. We are now Code of Laws, Currency and The Republic ahead of everyone else on the continent, and even Philosophy ahead of Iroquois and Aztecs.

    900 BC - Cuello founded down in the south west. Our people want to build Forbidden Palace. Copán is already building a little pre-build for this, and switches.

    825 BC - We give the Aztecs Philosophy, Code of Laws and a little gold for Map Making.

    730 BC - The Americans complete The Oracle in Washington.

    650 BC - We discover Construction and start researching Polytheism. The Iroquois demand Philosophy as a tribute. We think hard about it, and finally decide to give it to them. We have no interest in fighting the Iroquios at this moment (our sights are secretly set on America, for now), and Philosophy isn't worth much now anyway.

    630 BC - Iroquios complete Mausoleum of Mausollos in Salamanca.

    570 BC - The annoying Aztecs demand Currency as a tribute. We're already sending our main military north east to invade America, so we have to give in to Montezuma's demands. We'll get them for this... Oh yes, we'll get them for this... We sell Currency to the other civs for whatever they can pay (otherwise, Aztecs would surely do it, and we don't want them to make money from OUR tech!). By hiring a bunch of scientists, we get Polytheism down to 1 turn.

    550 BC - Copán completes Forbidden Palace. WE DISCOVER POLYTHEISM AND ENTER THE MIDDLE AGES!

    An even more detailed version of the log up until 1000 BC is attached to this post.

    -- Roland

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  4. Sandman2003

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    Sep 25, 2003

    Early moves, as per pre-game spoiler, were settler NE, worker road then irrigate where he stood, and then on to the wheat. The early builds were warrior, worker, warrior, granary, settler. There was an obvious 4-turn settler pump up for grabs which I did not see any point in deviating from. At some point during the expansion phase, I missed reallocating the forest tile after an expansion, resulting in a drop of pop to the three level. I think this may have changed the settler pump into a five turn factory from that point, but I wasn't overly concerned.

    Tech wise, we started min research on alphabet which we ended up trading for, and then writing, code of laws and philosophy at max to get the slingshot to republic. We met the starting continent tribes fairly quickly, and contacted America, then the Aztecs, the Spainish and finally the Iroquois in that order.

    By 1000BC.
    12 cities
    1 settler
    6 workers
    9 warriors
    4 horsemen
    6 javelin throwers
    2 curragh (one suicide lost)

    4 barracks
    1 granary

    One turn of anarchy remaining until republic (we drew 4 turn anarchy)
    Tech missing construction, currency, map making, literature, polytheism and monarchy from AA.

    By about this time, it was clear that we were running out of expansion space, and it was time to resort to the sword, or in this case, rather the horse. The real question was who to attack first. I decided that the Americans had most encroached on Mayan territory with their settlements, and so in 800BC declared war. We had about a dozen horses and a half dozen javelin throwers at this time. The javelin throwers were there only to make a cameo to trigger a golden age, and this happened in 750BC. In 570BC we gave the Americans peace for all but their last two cities.

    We spent the next few turns repositioning forces, so that in 490BC we could declare on the Aztecs.

    The only AA wonder we decided to try and build was the great lighthouse, to help our non-seafaring civ in locationg the other continent. As it turned out, we actually didn't start on this work soon enough, and lost out to the Germans early in the MA.

    430BC saw us learn polytheism and enter the MA. Our world at the time:

    Our military 25 horses, 12 javelins, 9 warriors, 1 galley.
  5. Birdjaguar

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    Dec 24, 2001
    Albuquerque, NM
    It's now 440 AD:
    I'm researching engineering (know Fuedalism too)
    Tech lead among known civs
    In my golden age
    Republican Government
    I have 1743 in culture (GL is my only wonder, built in 370 AD)
    30 cities including 4 captured American ones
    Just ended my first war (against America) while allied with Iroquois and Spain

    I control:
    2 horses (1 in Aztec land)
    2 iron (1 in Aztec land)
    3 spices (2 in Aztec land)

    Have contacted Byzantines
    Maya 736
    Aztec 658
    America 544
    Iroquois 543
    Byzantium 530
    Spain 368

    My strategy has been to expand without war through the AA. I control the entire center of the continent, splitting America, iroquois and Spain. I have two cities controling the Aztec horses and iron and three more cities on the north end of their western pennisula. The Aztec capital is right on their northern border. The Aztecs will be my next target since they do not have either iron or horses. The recent war pretty much put America out of contention she's down to about 6 cities and still fighting Spain and Iroquois.
  6. MiniMe

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    Jul 29, 2004
    Oslo, Norway
    Opening moves: worker roads grassland where he started, then irrigates it to be able to irrigate the wheat. Settler moves NE and founds Cichen Itza. Builds Warrior - Warrior - Granary.

    3600BC - Meet Aztec. Trade Masonry for Warrior Code + 10g.

    3550BC - Wheat is irrigated and 2 turns to culture expansion.

    3350BC - Meet America. I give them Warrior Code for 35g

    2800BC - Granary done.

    2630BC - First Settler ready.

    1910BC - Meet Iroquois. Trade Masonry and Warrior Code for Alphabet and Bronze Working.

    1100BC - Discover Philosphy (after Code of Laws). Get Republic as free tech. I start transition right away. 4 turns anarchy.

    1000BC - Republic.

    12 cities (31 pop)
    1 settler
    11 native workers
    16 warriors
    1 spearman
    7 chariots
    1 granary
    4 barracks

    Missing: Construction, Currency, Literacy (10 turns), MapMaking, Polytheism, Horseback Riding, Monarchy

    950BC - Trade for MapMaking (Aztec) and Polytheism (Amercicans).

    700BC - Discover Currency

    410BC - Discover Construction. Trade for Horseback Riding. Enter Middle Ages!
  7. klarius

    klarius ... !

    May 30, 2004

    Settled NE as planned.
    Initial builds were 2 warriors, worker, granary then settlers.
    Science alphabet 100%
    3600 meet Aztecs and trade WC+10g for masonry.
    3100 meet Americans. No techs.
    2590 meet Spain. Get alpha,CB and BW. Start writing 100%
    2550 Copan founded on silks
    2390 found Palenque near spices
    2270 Trade TW from Aztecs. Gift everyoone to tech parity.
    2190 Tikla founded on coast. Builds curragh
    1950 Buy IW from spain
    1870 writing completes->Col
    1830 meet Iroquois, trade-gift them to tech parity
    1625 trade writing around for myst and some gold
    1525 Col completes -> philo. Trade HBR from Spain.
    1375 slingshot philo->republic, revolt for 3-turn anarchy
    1200 literature researched->poly , trade math from Iroquois, gift republic to Americans and declare war (I want their gems). Ally the others for republic.
    1125 iron connected
    1075 poly researched->currency
    1025 two combat settlements towards the american gems. I will get them even if I fail on Washington. Trade MM from Aztecs.
    1000 autrazed Atlanta, the american horse town
    900 gems connected, still no luck with Washington. Currency complete->construction
    775 start golden age with the only JT I will build in the whole game.
    Bad RNG at Washington. Lost several horsies and WW kicks in.
    730 Construction completes. We are in MA.

    Still a lot black coastline. These damn barb galleys sunk 3 curraghs and 2 galleys.
    I will soon make peace with America, then a little bit more peaceful expansion, before the real wars begin.
    I thought of going for a peaceful builder game (maybe 100k) after conquering the home continent.
    But the pyramids were already completed somewhere else.
    That was a :smoke: move of that civ. I will destroy them and go for domination or conquest. :devil2:
  8. valamas

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    Dec 10, 2003
    Sydney, Australia

    I moved worker W and settler NW. I roaded the worker back to the city, irrigated back to the wheat and returned the middle tile back to mines. :) So I stuffed around with that then, maybe it was not the best way to start, as i usually just mine everything at the start.

    My capital became the settler / worker factory. I was careful not to stunt my growth and make sure i had enough workers to join up roads and mine tiles as they were needed.

    Each city i built became a javelin thrower pump. I found my silk and spice and horses and iron. I defended from the barbarians from the north and started a war for an early GA with America. I gained about 10 slaves while decimating America to one city to the far east where i blocked that city in, they will need to build a ship to escape. Peace with them gained me a tech and some money. I will not destroy them until the 20 turns of peace are up.

    The aztec while growing in power in the south are polite, they could flood across my borders. I am defending those cities with a small force. The usefulness of my javelins is waining, so I will attack the weaker civs to extend them. I am after more slaves. The spanish are next!

    I am happy with my expansion and soon will build infrastructure and stronger units to give my continient the final death nail as I dominate it.

    Every now and then i would hand over 25 gold to my biggest rivals. While they are polite still, I am hoping that they will not start war with me. I had stretched my javelin forces and hope that war with the Aztecs will not come yet. I have lots of money, about 900 now.

    My tech lead is strong. I think i need to find out just how big my world is, time for the Maya to get sea sick :D

    So far the game has been greatly entertaining and i love starting the ancient wars and solving the logistics problems associated with them. Using some workers, defended by some units to road my war path to the enemy helped.

    Print screen coming soon!
  9. LuuCkyJaa

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    Aug 5, 2004
    Brooklyn, NY

    This my first GOTM/COTM. I started hanging around this site in July and was considering the August COTM until I saw that it was to be at Demigod level. I decided instead to commit myself to my first victory at Monarch level. I achieved a domination victory playing as the Americans on a small map. Obviously, this is a very different scenario. In fact, it is my first time playing on large map (and as an agricultural civ).

    Until visiting this site, I let the city governors manage citizen moods. Whenever I tried it myself, I was quickly dealing with civil disorder. I am very inexperienced at micromanaging, which you will see from my timeline below. However, my biggest weakness is early warmongering. I have found the previous posts very instructive.

    3950 BC - Founded Chichén Itza (1) NE of start location. Started researching Alphabet and building a Warrior.

    3750 BC - Completed 1st Warrior and started building a 2nd.
    OOPS! - Realized three turns later that I had 1 citizen working a tile with no shields

    3300 BC - Met Americans, and not a Scout but a Warrior. No trade possible.
    PANICKED! Became convinced that those expansionist Americans would grab everything before I got my first settler out the door
    Chichén Itza expanded to population 3.

    3250 BC - OOPS! Apparently those three citizens are not happy with having no military presence in the city. Civil disorder

    3200 BC - Order restored in Chichén Itza

    2900 BC - Pop rushed Granary (1 citizen for last 18 shields)

    2850 BC - Got Ceremonial Burial from goody hut! Look to trade, but America already has that and Bronze Working, plus two cities. MORE PANIC!

    2670 BC - Finished building 1st Settler, and decided to send him NW towards mountains at the end of the river and Americans. I am most concerned about not having Iron and/or Coal (like in my last game, but that’s another story)

    2510 BC - Founded Copán. Had already decided that this would be a “military factory.” Started building a Barracks

    2310 BC - Finished researching Alphabet. America doesn’t need this either

    2230 BC - Met Aztecs, who already had 4 cities. Traded Alphabet for Bronze Working + 26 gold.
    MORE PANIC! Not only do they have twice as many cities as me, but they have a high aggression level. Pop rushed Barracks in Copán (1 citizen for last 15 shields)

    1990 BC - Founded Palenque (3). At some point, I had finished 3rd Settler and sent him towards river/coast tile NE of Chichén Itza. After two moves, I saw the Americans heading towards the same location (I thought). I changed direction of Settler to SE

    1950 BC - Met Iroquois, who already had 5 cities. Traded Masonry for The Wheel + 10 gold.
    MORE PANIC! Not only do the Aztecs now have 5 cities and the Americans 3, but they both have Warrior Code and I do not have anything to trade for it

    1870 BC - Founded Tikal (4)

    1725 BC - Realized settler factory is humming along with minimal micromanagement. Shifted scientific research back to 100%

    1700 BC - Known civs/cities/score:

    1675 BC - Met Spain; no trade possible

    1600 BC - Founded Yaxchilán (5)

    1550 BC - Finished researching Writing. I was so far back in tech research, I considered changing from Philosophy/Republic slingshot to Literature/Great Library.
    After examining all the potential trades, I traded Spain Writing for Iron Working, Mysticism, Warrior Code + 31 gold.
    Then traded Aztecs Mysticism for 75 gold (which I thought was a rip-off, but I wanted to keep them “polite”)
    With the gold I received, I was able to establish embassies in Tenochtitlan, Washington and Salamanca.
    I started researching Code of Laws, and was feeling confident for the first time in the game.

    1525 BC - Founded Bonampak (6)

    1475 BC - Founded Lagartero (7)

    1275 BC - Founded Quiriguá (8)

    1200 BC - Finished researching Code of Laws.
    Traded Spain Code of Laws +13 gold for Mathematics + Horse Riding
    Traded Iroquois Mysticism for 50 gold (a total rip-off, but I felt I needed the cash)

    1100 BC - Founded Calakmul (9)

    1075 BC - Founded Lazapa (10)

    1050 BC - Founded Kaminaljuyú (11)
    Finished researching Philosophy, got Republic for free. Decided to finish several building projects, e.g. Marketplaces and Temples, which I felt were necessary before descending into Anarchy.

    1000 BC - Founded Piedras Negras (12)

    975 BC - Forgot to save file when entering the Middle Ages. This is the last map I saved in the Ancient Age:

    900 BC - REVOLUTION! Descended into Anarchy

    875 BC - Founded Uaxactún (13), to prevent the Iroquois from setting up shop here. I intend to abandon this city later. More on that in the next spoiler thread.
    Trade Aztec Philosophy for Map Making

    875 BC - Founded Cuello (14), again to prevent the Iroquois from setting up shop here. I also intend to abandon this city later.

    800 BC - Republic established!

    670 BC - Trade Aztecs Horses for Furs + 147 gold. (I am loathe to give them the horses they need for Mounted Warriors, but I feel I need the Furs and can use the gold.)

    630 BC - Pyramids completed in Washington; Great Lighthouse in Madrid. I NOW KNOW WHERE MY MILITARY AMBITIONS LIE!

    610 BC - Civil disorder in Calakmul! WHERE DID ALL THOSE PEOPLE COME FROM? Oh, that’s right. I put a granary there. Guess large population plus long distance from capital equals problems. Gotta work on that.

    590 BC - Trade Aztecs Currency for Construction
    Spanish establish embassy in Chichén Itza. COOL. I can now establish a ROP with them and save establishing an embassy until I’m ready to attack them and need to know what’s in their capital.
    Trade Spain ROP for 55 gold

    570 BC - Founded Tulúm (15)

    550 BC - Founded Cobá (16)

    490 BC - Must have finished researching Polytheism (I didn’t make a note of it) and entered Middle Ages.

    I just realized as I was putting this together that there are 21 “mandatory” tech advances plus three “optional” advances in the Ancient Age, and I only had to research five of them. I got 14 from other civs and one for free!

    Unfortunately, I did not save the game around the time I entered the MA, but my notes show that I had the most cities/highest score on the continent by that point. I also know I had a decent military but it was focused on defense.

    I’ve read others say that being in the middle of the continent was an advantage, but I was too concerned with having almost all of my cites bordering "enemies" to think about an attack. I’m now well into the MA but still have no clear military strategy, beyond knowing that I need to dominate this continent before warfare with other continents is possible.
  10. LuuCkyJaa

    LuuCkyJaa Chieftain

    Aug 5, 2004
    Brooklyn, NY

    What did I do wrong when posting my timeline? It shows up in my browser much wider (and less easily readable) than the other posts. I hit "post reply" and copied-and-pasted the text from my WP program.
  11. Raggo

    Raggo Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2004
    I am a Warlord player almost Regent and the COTM is Monarch!!!
    Oh well Ill have a crack I thought.


    I followed advice building Chichen Itza NE and started Expansion.
    Silks were quickly within my cultural borders and Spices followed.
    All is well as I am moving along tech pace the same as the AI
    Suddenly America builds a city on the Silks!!
    Nooooooooo I cried for 10 minutes before banging my fist against my noggin.
    The Americans must die I scream
    So I declared war on the Aztecs. Taking a quick city.
    But the war was a stalemate and peace was called.
    I am losing by techs now and culture and even power.
    I have no great wonders and am at fuedalism and they are god knows how far in front.
    I scream and think maybe I will just get to the end of the game and submit a histograph defeat.
    After 100 turns of pressing space bar and tributing gold to others civs I find myself bored out of my noggin.
    Stuff this I declare war on all Civs and my great pikeman see an army of about 70 infantry surrounding my cities.
    I die but hell it was a COTM had to try!!!

    Story submitted by the ever faithful Raggo.
    Stay tuned for more exciting but gay stories by the amazing Raggo
    Check out the Raggo fan/hate club at the Off Topic section of this site.
    See you there :p
  12. MiniMe

    MiniMe For Glory

    Jul 29, 2004
    Oslo, Norway
    LuuCkyJaa :
    As a fellow newcomer, I had exactly same issues for cotm 03. The problem is that the screen shot is too wide. Zagnut had the following help to offer:

  13. WackenOpenAir

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    Sep 16, 2003
    Eindhoven, the Netherlands
    I settled at the river and made a 4 turn settler factory after 2 worriors for scouting.

    As always, my goal is domination/conquerst.
    I chose to avoid using my special unit before being out of despotism. The workers won’t be needed as much since I am industrious.

    I started by alphabet at 10%, but traded it before it was finished. Then I went for the republic slingshot (writing – code – philosophy – rep for free) at max. I researched Republic 1250 BC. After 5 turn anarchy, I got into republic 1125BC.
    I don’t have the exact date, but I must have entered MA around 750BC.

    1000BC I had:
    12 cities (44 total population)
    2 settlers
    10 workers
    11 warriors
    1 spearmen
    4 granaries
    4 barracks
    342 gold
    AA missing: Lit, Map, Poly, Monarch, Construct, Currency due in 1 turn.

    I had a few encounters with barbarians, once needed to rushbuild a spearmen in despotism. Once lost a worker due to my stupidity.

    Luckily, horses and iron were both easy to get, there was no competition to it.

    I have been slightly low on workers this game, so that could have been improved a little. There were many wetlands to be cleared. The other cities grew fast because of the agricultural trade, fertile lands and rivers, needing more tiles to be worked.
    The industrial and agricultural traits really combined well here to make a very nice start. I have not made use of Javelin throwers during AA.
  14. LeSphinx

    LeSphinx Bachogwa

    Sep 21, 2001
    Paris, France
    @ Klarius, I see that you are using a graphic Mod pack (snoopy one) with the C3C games. How do you installed it because it 's not working with me?
  15. remconius

    remconius Deity

    Jun 22, 2003
    Amstelveen, NL
    This is the first GOTM I am taking part in. I didnt keep track of the exact timeline/details/screenshots. Will do next month.

    I started northeast as most people did, with the capital. I did not build many wonders, except GL, but focussed on expansion.

    I did a quick archer rush with 2-3 archers taking the Aztec capital. This crippled them for the rest of the game until I destroyed them. I used the Aztec capital as launching platform to explore east. When available I upgraded a few warriors to swordsmen and sent 4 of them to take the american capital. I marched straight to washington and took it. On the way back took another continental city to connect my empire. Made peace with the americans. The americans were unable to make a fist after this crippling.

    By the time rexing was over I had cities all the way to the east coast (iron), as well as west to the mountain range (more iron) near the Iriqouis.
    This was the time the spanish got angry. They started war, which was not very smart of them. I moved in and took them out.

    At around 1000AD it is just me and the Iriqouis on the isle. Time to explore the rest of the world...
  16. Darkness

    Darkness Shadow creature

    Jul 18, 2002
    Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    Pre-game: We’re the Maya and we have a river and a wheat. There’s gotta be a catch somewhere but Ainwood’s probably the only one who knows where. I guess we’ll find it the hard way… I’ll start by moving my worker NW onto the grassland. If I spot anything interesting (like for example a bend in that river, that’ll decide my settler move. If not, settler will go N. Research: as usual -> philosophy slingshot to republic.

    4000BC – Worker NW, nothing. Settler N
    3950BC – Chichen Itza founded. Worker starts roading the BG. Start alphabet at max.
    3850BC – Road completed. Start irrigation for fresh water access to wheat
    3700BC – CI builds warrior, starts worker. Irrigation finished, worker moves to wheat. Warrior starts exploring due N
    3650BC – Warrior N, spots silks, and the edge of what I think is Ainwood’s gift to us, lots of jungle…
    3550BC – Road on wheat completed, worker starts irrigation
    3500BC – CI builds worker, starts warrior.
    3550BC – Cultural expansion reveals an American warrior nearby. Abe already has New York founded. He’s also up WC and he’s got 45 gold. Northern warrior spots American border
    3400BC – Irrigation on wheat finished. Worker moves back to BG and starts mining
    3150BC – An Aztec warrior approaches our northern border. They have WC.
    2950BC – We meet Spain. Isabella has 35 gold CB, BW and Alphabet. There are still 13 turns remaining for us to discover alphabet. We give Isabella Masonry and Pottery for Alphabet BW and 35 gold. This just saved us 13 turns of research in our quest for the Philosophy slingshot. Monty gives us WC and 18 gold for Alphabet. Isabella then gets WC for CB straight up. CB to Abe for 27 gold. I keep Alphabet from Abe (he’s broke anyway) ‘cause he’s the only expansionist of the bunch and I don’t want him popping Writing or even worse, Philosophy from a hut. Start Writing at max.
    2900BC – CI builds settler, starts granary
    2850BC – Copan founded on river SW of the silks. Starts warrior
    2670BC – Copan completes warrior, starts worker
    2630BC – New York spotted. Abe definitely got lucky with an early settler from a GH
    2550BC – Copan builds worker, starts warrior
    2430BC – CI builds granary, starts settler
    2390BC – Copan builds warrior, starts barracks
    2270BC – CI builds settler, starts another
    2230BC – Meet an Iroquois warrior. Sell Hiawatha CB for 10 gold
    2190BC – Palenque founded on eastern coast, on river. Starts curragh
    2150BC – Silks connected
    2110BC – CI builds settler, starts another. Copan builds barracks, starts Javelin Thrower
    1990BC – Palenque builds curragh, starts settler. Tikal founded on hills SE of CI
    1950BC – We discover Writing, start CoL. IC builds settler, starts another
    1870BC – Copan builds JT, starts another
    1790BC – IC builds settler, starts another. Yaxchilan founded SE of spices, starts warrior
    1700BC – Copan builds JT, starts another. Tikal builds worker, starts settler. Bonampak founded E of CI, starts warrior
    1675BC – CI builds settler, starts another. Palenque builds settler, begins construction of Colossus (pre-build for Lighthouse/Pyramids/early MA wonder?)
    1625BC – Lagartero founded, starts curragh. Quirigua founded, starts worker. One of our veteran JT kills a barbarian horseman, losing 2 HP; no slave
    1600BC – Jaxchilan builds warrior, starts settler
    1575BC – CI builds settler, starts another. Copan builds JT, starts another. Bonampak builds warrior, starts worker
    1550BC – CoL discovered, start Philosophy
    1525BC – Spices hooked up
    1500BC – A veteran JT disperses a barbarian camp; no slave
    1475BC – Copan builds JT, starts settler. CI builds settler, starts another. Calakmul founded, starts worker
    1450BC – Bonampak builds worker, starts worker, Quirigua builds worker, starts worker
    1425BC – Lagartero builds curragh, starts settler
    1400BC – We discover Philosophy and get Republic as our free tech. Research set to Literature, followed by an immediate revolt. We draw a 5-turn anarchy…. Writing goes to the Aztecs for IW, Mysticism and 1 gold. Spain gets Writing for The Wheel and 25 gold. America get Writing for HBR and 57 gold. The Iroquois get Writing for 50 gold. Washington completes the Oracle.
    1375BC – Lazapa founded
    1325BC – Veteran JT lost attacking a fortified barbarian warrior. Barbarian camp dispersed by second veteran JT; no slave. Hittite city Hatassus completes Colossus.
    1300BC – Regular warrior lost attacking barbarian warrior
    1275BC – Mayan Republic formed. Embassies established with our four known rivals
    1225BC – CI and Copan build settlers, and start new ones. Tikal builds settler, starts worker
    1200BC – Bonampak builds worker, starts barracks (library pre-build) Quirigua builds worker, starts another. Horses connected
    1175BC – Veteran JT kills a barbarian horseman; no slave
    1150BC – Literature discovered. CI builds settler, starts another. Tikal builds worker, starts library. Bonampak switched to library. CoL and Philosophy traded to America for Polytheism and 17 gold. Spain gives us Mathematics and 25 gold for CoL, Philosophy and HBR. The Aztecs buy Mathematics for 50 gold. The Iroquois build Mysticism for 17 gold. Research set to Currency
    1100BC – Both Copan and Yaxchilan build settler and start worker. Lagartero builds settler and starts another. Kaminaljuyu founded, start worker. Piedras Negras founded, start library. Uaxactun founded, start library
    1075BC – Quiriguabuilds worker, starts library. Calakmul builds worker, starts libray. We lose another veteran JT to a fortified barbarian on plains. This makes it official: Javelin Throwers suck! The Maya have great traits but their UU is worthless. Cuello founded, starts library. Tulum founded, starts worker
    1050BC – One of our exploring curraghs is sunk by barbarians. CI builds settler, starts another. Copan builds worker, starts library
    1025BC – Lazapa builds worker, starts library. Coba founded, starts library. Dzibilchaltun founded, starts worker.
    1000BC – Trade Mathematics to the Iroquois for 45 gold

    QSC stats:
    17 cities (total population 30)
    1 granary, 1 barracks
    4 contacts, 4 embassies
    1 settler
    13 workers
    5 warriors
    2 Javelin Throwers
    1 curragh
    All AA techs except construction, map making, monarchy and currency (2 turns remaining)
    Treasury: 134 gold

    950BC – Currency discovered. Currency to America for Map Making. Polytheism to Spain for 25 gold. Start Construction. Uxmal founded
    825BC – America tries to extort literature. We say no. They back off
    750BC – We discover Construction and enter the Middle Ages

    The plan is to research Chivalry ASAP, and upgrade to knights (after I build some horsemen) and start conquering…
  17. Roland Ehnström

    Roland Ehnström Prince

    Jun 29, 2004
    Norrtälje, Sweden
    Increadible QSC stats, Darkness, well done! :goodjob:

    -- Roland
  18. Rallonian

    Rallonian Chieftain

    Aug 12, 2003
    I didn't take notes every turn but heres what I got:
    Opening Moves:
    I moved the worker west and then roaded the wheat. Settler went North and settled. Chichen Itza created a few warriors then a settler than proceeded to set up for settler factory.
    Expansion went well, claiming the silks and spices relatively early.
    Full research of alphabet and then successfull republic slingshot. I also researched literacy, map making, currency and construction, trading for the other ancient age techs. The other civs seemed to be researching incredibly slow.
    By the end of the ancient age America lay in ruin and troops were in place for a simultaneouse invasion of both Spain and the Aztecs.

    QCS status: (not 100% accurate though fairly true)
    16 cities
    1 settler
    1 granary
    app. 4 barracks (possibly more)
    4 contacts
    not sure on workers though I had a lot of slaves
    2 curragh
    2 javelin throwers

    Hit middle ages in 570BC by trading for Polythism from Aztecs.
    Next month I think I'll keep a log so I can be a bit more specific :)
  19. NeMeSiS_BE

    NeMeSiS_BE Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2004
    Langdorp - Belgium

    pretty new to the Game of the month - only found this fantastic website last month... should have had it like years ago ;-)

    Normally regent player... hoping to move up reading all strategy articles...

    Anyways here goes my first game :

    Start by moving worker NE - settler N (4 hills in city reach for production later on).

    build 2 warriors - worker and then granary - warrior (Police) then settlers.
    start exploring north with one south with other warrior - encountering americans early - missing silk early on. first city goes north next to the river/coast.
    second settler goes just in time to claim spices ( and horses after expantion).
    Third settler just in time to settle near silks - wanted to settle in a jungle (auto clear) but then the americans would have beaten me to the silks...
    fourth settler settles in between mountains in ENE.

    In between trading all first line techs around (met spain as well). Reseach was full on republic slingshot - but some other civ beat me to philosophy. Encounter Iroqois at the time i went into iron age.

    Iroqois send settler and spear way to near to me - so i declare war. heavy fighting - no gain on either side apart from one iroqois city (size 1) gets destroyed. Then iroqois show up with their mounted warriors - tipping the scale against my (slow) swordman (witholding javelins for golden age).

    Bring in Aztec / Spanish / Americans in alliance against iroqois. Americans go for peace in only 5 turns - the cowards...
    with the steady flow of warriors / horsemen from Aztec - i get a much needed break - and found city next to second horse in the west. Was almost out of swordmen to the ever retreating mounted warriors...

    Just caught up building small army when the americans declare - taking 2 workers on first turn. Check alliances - only 3 turns to go agains alliance vs iroqois. Will hold out here and go for some US ass... :D:D:D

    Quickly got their first town north of the river of my second city - then it's slowly going north - bringing 2 catapults and 5-8 swordmen. Meanwhile i make peace with iroqois and americans retaliate against a city just above the marshes - east of the jungle. barely hold on to the archerattacks there as they came over the mountain - so their defence bonus was costing me units.
    Once i took Washington - their resistance faded - checked for peace options but they never wanted to give up the northern city next to the Volcano!!! and the 2nd Gems. So Americans loose city by city, until they offer me all their gold (21) + last city. Decide something along the lines of : Winner takes all... so i do... Bye Bye Mr Lincoln.

    Meanwhile the war between Iroqois Vs Spanish and Aztec is costing all parties a lot of troops for NO gain in territory - no city gets destroyed on either side. Aztec take peace - spanish continue the war.

    At this time i get republic from Great Library - and go for gov change.
    Also trade republic to spanish for currency - pulling me in Middle Ages.

    Meanwhile i reposition all my troops for a rush against the Iroqois - move all my troops to the western city's. Just as my last troops get to the west- the Aztec declare in their turn - immediately taking a city south of capital and they also take my capital!!! :mad: :mad: ... And i am still 3 turns in anarchy - cannot build or rush anything :mad:

    This is what i call being caught with your pants down... apart from one or 2 spears per city - i have nothing to resist with. Next turn i loose another city (next to the spices/horses) - and Aztec raze the city north of this city.
    Boy are they gonna pay.... army is moving towards them and they ripped the pages containing terms like "Prisoners of war" from their manuals...

    Next game i will try to take better notes... but prob won't submit this time as it'll take alot time to recover - if i recover from this mess anyways...
  20. chunkymonkey

    chunkymonkey Procrastinator

    May 6, 2004
    London, England

    4000BC - 330BC: Founding of the Mayan Empire

    Strategy would be to create working settler pump NE of location and claim land like a wild thing. Research would be usual Rep slingshot.

    3950BC – Chichen Itza founded
    3100BC – Spot Light Blue Borders to N
    2950BC – Spot Green Borders to SE
    2900BC – Meet Aztecs
    2850BC – Meet America
    2670BC – Settler Pump is up and running
    2550BC – Found Copan next to silks
    2510BC – Pop gold from hut
    2390BC – See blue borders NW
    2350BC – Meet Spain
    2310BC – Found Palenque
    2190BC – Meet Iroquois and Trade Masonry + 102gold for Alphabet + Bronze Working. Trade alphabet to the Aztecs for Warrior Code and 10 gold.
    2110BC – Link up silks
    1990BC – Found Tikal
    1950BC – Found Yaxchilan
    1790BC – Two American warriors move inside Copan borders. I ask them to leave, but they declare. :(
    1750BC – Americans capture Copan, which was guarded by warrior and Javelin Thrower. Luckily, JavThrower died so I get to save my GA for later.
    1700BC – Liberate Copan :p
    1675BC – Found Bonampak
    1575BC – Sign Peace Treaty. I have better things to do at the moment.
    1550BC – Research Writing. Found Lagartero
    1475BC – Found Quirigua.
    1225BC – Research Code of Laws
    1200BC – Found Calkmul
    1175BC – Found Lazapa, Found Kaminaljuyu
    1075BC – Succeed in pulling off Republic Slingshot. Trade Writing to Americans for Iron Working and 305 gold. Trade Writing to Spain for Ceremonial Burial, The Wheel and 7 gold. Trade Writing to the Iroquois for Mysticism and Horseback Riding. Sell Ceremonial Burial to the Aztecs for 115 gold.
    1050BC. Iroquois demand Philosophy. I concede. I trade Code of Laws to them for Mathematics and 72 gold.
    1025BC – Enter Anarchy
    975BC – Found Piedras Negras
    900BC – We are a Republic. :D Found Uaxactun.
    850BC – Trade Code of Laws and Philosophy to Spain for Polytheism.
    690BC – Learn Literature.
    570BC – Build Mausoleum of Mallous in Chichen Itza.
    370BC – Link up iron source and mass upgrade warriors. :mischief:

    330BC - 30AD: The Mayan-American War

    The Americans had to pay for their earlier arrogance. Now is a good time, they have no horses or iron and only a few cities. My Javelin Throwers are beying for Abe's blood and I should get some gems at the end of the affair.

    330BC – I demand Boston from the Americans. They capitulate. I demand Chicago. They capitulate once again. They don’t agree to any more demands. I declare war.
    310BC – My Javelin Throwers take their first life and the Golden Age of the Maya begins. :)
    230BC – Build the Great Library in Copan.
    210BC – Research MapMaking
    190BC – Capture Washington and receive Temple of Artemis. :D
    130BC – Give Aztecs 15gpt for some furs.
    90BC - Aztecs demand horses. I can't be in two places at once. I give in.
    70BC – Capture New York.
    50BC – A great leader is born. Create army but leave him empty for now.
    30BC – Built FP in Bonampak near the Aztec border.
    10AD – Sign Peace Treaty with Americans for their two remaining cities (Philadelphia and Seattle) and 189 gold. They have one city remaining in Spanish territory.
    30AD – Research Construction. Move into Middle Ages.

    I am in a good position with my ToA to sweep the rest of the continent with knights or cavalry and work towards a 100K. However, Aztecs look threatening and the Mayan-Aztec border is long. My Swordsmen say war is coming.

    Minimap at 30AD:

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