Conquest by 2050?!?!


Feb 2, 2002
Hey all, I was just wondering whether anyone has completed a conquest of the world by 2050, and if so, under which map size/conditions? I am currently playing a game and it is the year 2300, and I am still just at the verge of killing off the last nation (so doing this by 2050 would seem very difficult to me...)

Also, I noticed that there are two different conditions for conquest; one is "dominating the world" and the other is "conquering your rivals"... For conquering your rivals, I assume that means killing all the other civs on the map, but what about dominating the world? How does this victory get triggered?

I'd appreciate your comments!
- Windwalker
A domination victory is when your civ's culture covers 2/3 of the land space.

If you have not built new cities where the old civs were, it would explain why you haven't triggered the Domination win.
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