Conquest Victory Chess Game


Dec 14, 2019
Inspired by this video, I remembered that the conquest victory video has a chess game in it and wanted to see if it also featured a real chess game.

I setup the game on; black has a massive advantage and is basically guaranteed to win unless they do something incredibly stupid

Black is only down 1 knight, while white is down their queen, both bishops, and a pawn.

It would take 14 turns to get to black's position, as it would take 12 moves for black to get to this position (the black king+queen are not on the squares they start on, it would take 3 moves to get to opposite squares) and 2 more for the black knight to F6 -> G4 in order to get captured by the white pawn.

In reality it would take many more turns. The only convoluted way I can explain white losing their pieces is that the black queen captured the D2 pawn, moved onto the bottom row and captured both the white queen and both bishops with white purposely not capturing back, and then going back to E8

Unfortunately, the actual game in the video doesn't follow the board shown at the beginning; the first clip shows a bishop that white doesn't have capture a black queen, the next clip shows a white pawn capturing a black rook even though both black rooks are still in the corners, the next clip shows a black bishop capturing a white pawn where the surrounding pieces are in different spots, etc. At least white resigning at the end is accurate. :crazyeye:
May 14, 2021
You could ask on if the position is legal and tge fastest way to get there; these types of things are occassionally asked there.


Rock N Roller
Sep 17, 2010
In these times with the World Championship going on, maybe drop a question about it on one of the chess streams or other coverage. With some luck, maybe they'll pick it up.

Or if you have the number to Magnus Carlsen, give him a ring :D
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