[BTS] Constant back to desktop


Oct 18, 2013
Hello, whenever I launch Civ 4 BTS the game goes constanly back to desktop. The inital cinematic and all the intro is replaced by a black screen. When I reach the main menu I barely have enough time to click on something before I get a back to desktop. I have tried to install directX and reinstall the game several times with ad without the 3.19 update but nothing changes. I've also tried the traditional stuff like admin mode, compatibility mode without success.

I would like to add that I played the game without any problem 9 days earlier. I've already tried to search on the web to find a solution but so far nothing has worked.
I don't really now what could had done this except maybe the last windows update.
Does any one has an idea how to solve my problem ?
I'm going to try removing the last windows update and see what it changes.
Thanks for your help.

EDIT: Tried to put the last update windows update and instead the game didn't launched and I had just the initial loading bar wihtout having the game launched.
I removed the update from 24th July and now it works.
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