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    Civ has a longstanding tradition of avoiding the inclusion of world leaders who are still alive or passed away within the last 50 years. That being said, there have been some enormously consequential leaders of major civilizations over the past few decades. So, my question is, which recent or contemporary world leaders do you think are worthy of inclusion in the series? Remember to explain your reasoning and be respectful of other forum members, even if you disagree!

    I’ll get the ball rolling.

    Leader: Angela Merkel
    Civ: Germany
    Tenure: 2005-Present
    Reason: The Chancellor has been one of the leading members of the European Union for well over a decade, and has overseen a period of economic and political stability unparalleled in modern German history. With the rise of nationalism in the United States, Merkel is widely seen as the new “leader of the free world” and many Western nations look to Germany to establish precedent before acting on key issues. She is likely the most powerful woman on Earth.
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    This will end well...

    So who will do Trump, Johnson or Putin?
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    Wilhelmina. Done.
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    This is a bit of speculative history, but...

    If Hillary had won, her "legacy" as "queen consort" would have extended as far back as 1992, effectively clocking her influence--assuming she won 2020--at a timespan of 32 years, half of which she would have been in a "reigning" position. That would not only have made her the only woman to "rule" America, but also make her the longest ruling leader of America by any measure, even longer than FDR.

    Food for thought. Sooooooo....Michelle Obama, 2032? :mischief:

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