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  • Tayschrenn

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  • Longzi Tian

    Votes: 7 21.2%
  • Chyorny Monakh

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  • Brigit the Shining

    Votes: 11 33.3%
  • James Marquembert

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  • Bernado Juvenal

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  • Ameron the Illuminated Cimmerian

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Sep 21, 2008
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Votes closed!

The following leaders will be added:
  1. Brigit the Shining (as part of a new summonable civilization, so might take longer than the others); was proposed by thomas.berubeg!
  2. Longzi Tian (I plan some things for her too); was proposed by icarussc!
  3. Bernado Juvenal; was proposed by Jabie!

Tayschrenn was proposed by Tayschrenn!
Chyorny Monakh was proposed by Mercutio46!
James Marquembert was proposed by A Golden Dragon!
Ameron the Illuminated Cimmerian was proposed by sputnik323!

Spoiler :
I based him on one of my favorite characters from Steven Eriksons Malazan Book of the Fallen. He is one of the greatest sorcerers of his generation (arguably his age). He has helped build up an empire in a century. He is the Imperial High Mage of the Malazan Empire.

Civilization: Amurites (He’s a mage)
Backstory: Not much is known about Tayschrenn, save that he is of Kylorins Blood, and, after two years of study in the magic arts, he became an archmage. After five more years, he rose to the position of Caswallawn. He is the fifth Caswallawn after Dain, middle of the 5th century after the beginning of the Age of Rebirth
Fluff: It was not more than two years after his accession to his position, that Dains first child, then unnamed - as per Amurite tradition until his first birthday – was abducted. Without a trace, this great mans child had dissapeared. A tragedy, only deepening the thoughtfull dim demeanours, of this already troubled man.
-Sigsen (the Naïve), Amurite Sage, end of the 4th century AoR

Mystery shrouded this man, this enigma. He could sink in meditations of multiple days, discovering the nature of things, by ever more reasoning. Thoughtfull was to soft an expression, as he could ponder endlessly. Yet he was a visonary, his precautions and security measures unimaginable, his reasoning thought through from every perspective, his understanding of magic bordering the absolute. As a leader he was neither beloved, nor charismatic, no he was respected. His power as a wizard was unequalled in his day, and maybe is still, in any case, power was never his objective. This is best characterised in a question to one of his colleagues, a mage and chanter named Aconit.

Tayschrenn asked: “Do you know the final attainment of absolute power, Aconit ?”
To which Aconit said “The final what of what?”
Taschrenn answered “Powerlessness, Aconit. Absolute power diffuses into powerlessness.”

In any case, Tayschrenn was always looking for answers on the questions of how to best lead his nation. A thing in which we cannot underestimate his succes, forging the Amurite Empire into the great power it has become. Ending the strife and conflict with the Doviello Queen (which kept him quite busy on a more personal level too), he was able to maintain peace in the north, which enabled new solutions to war and strife on other fronts and levels.
-Biographies of the Caswallawns, part XXXIV 433-489(retirement) AoR
Introduction: Tayschrenn, the road to grandeur by thought; Paragraph 2: The Person
Baruk the unrelenting

Name: Tayschrenn

Arcane – Racial
Visionary - +20 % hammers, +2 XP, -50 % hurry cost.
The more forthough you give something, the better you can prepare.
Gnostic - -10% hammers, +30 % war unrest, +10 % research.
If you go down the road of thought too long, it might claim you.

It’s not really what he looks like, but it got a good feel to it


+2 towards leaders with the arcane trait (his colleagues)
+5 towards Mahalla (they ended centuries of strife between their peoples, while becoming more friendly towards each other as well.)

-Favorite Civic: Magocracy
-Diplomatic modifiers: -2 against users of entropy and chaos mana
-Gender modifier: +1 towards women (just neat and polite)
-Alignment: Neutral
-Favorite Tech : Sorcery
-Favorite Unit : Wizard
-Favorite Wonder : Nexus
-Hated Civic : Republic (Bunch of hypocrits claiming to serve the needs of the people, while only helping the rich few)
-Defeat Quote : Every garden I have ever tended is either dead or wild.
-Religious Weights :
Order – 0
Empyrean – 50
Runes of Kilmorph – 40
Fellowship of Leafs – 20
Octopus Overlords - -50
Council of Esus - -50
Ashen Veil - -100

-Diplo Soundtrack
I suggest one of the following by Two steps from Hell
Infinite Legends http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoEw2m_fMv8
Hypnotica http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtBll0rh4nM
Moving Mountains http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtBll0rh4nM
Undying Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtBll0rh4nM

-Diplomatic Texts
Friendly or pleased welcome – Hello, my friend
Neutral welcome – I will speak with you
Gruff welcome – So. Your message ?

Agreeing on treaty – This seems a fair bargain to me.
Not agreeing on trade/ treaty – This I cannot tolerate.

Declaring War
I do not interfere in succession. My forbearance I thought unassailable. But this! ThisI cannot allow.

Longzi Tian
Spoiler :
Name: Longzi Tian

Picture: http://admemento.cgsociety.org/gallery/706282/

Civ: Kuriotates

Back story: Kuriotates were involved in a protracted war with Perpentach. At the height of the conflict, the gold dragon Eurabates emerged from his long slumber and turned the tide of the war. He died heroically, defending Naggarond from an army of Eidolons that the Balseraphs had raised to destroy the city. The Kuriotates rallied and drove off the invaders, but Eurabates was gone – his divine essence had returned to the vault of the gods. Worse, the Kuriotates’ leader, Cardith Lorda, had suddenly and mysteriously disappeared as well. The Senate took over the government of the nation, trying to keep it together during the turbulence of rebuilding after the war and of finding a successor to the boy king. Many public figures attempted to gather a following to themselves in order to seize power, but day by day more citizens rallied to a complete unknown: a woman calling herself the Voice of the Dragon. She seemed to have sprang out of the earth; no-one could discover anything about her family, background, or history. Indeed, she seemed not to have such things, nor did she herself speak of them. Instead, she passionately proclaimed allegiance to Eurabates himself, whom she claimed still lived and spoke to her in her dreams, and who had chosen her to lead his people out of darkness by following the divine Dragon, even in their worship of the other gods. The priestly class was divided in their support for her, since she urged worshippers of all the gods to unite in following the wisdom of the Dragon without forsaking their devotion to the other divinities. Such was the strength of her conviction and her sway over the commoners that even her greatest political opponents began to doubt whether she might not truly be the dragon’s representative, or even Lorda reborn. Within three years, the Voice of the Dragon was proclaimed Protector of the Kuriotates and was given the support of the Senate. She took a new name upon her ascension: Longzi Tian, the Heavenly Dragon.

Traits: Charismatic, Ecumenical, Voice of the Dragon

Details on new trait:

>Voice of the Dragon (possibly available to Kuriotate, Matzl, Illian, or Sheaim leaders as well?): All Disciple units begin with the Cult promotion. Disciple units are immune to fear and to Roar. Disciple units gain the Roar spell at level 15. 0.5% chance each turn that Eurabates will appear in the capitol city (goes to 0% if the player builds him). If Eurabates dies, the Charismatic trait is lost.

>Ecumenical (available to any other leader that does not have the Intolerant, Agnostic, or Zealous traits): Disciple units begin with City Garrison I. Disciple units do not abandon you when you change your state religion or religious civics. Blocks access to the Inquisitor promotion, the Purge the Unfaithful wonder, and the Theocracy civic.

Leader Relations: +4 to any Sheaim, Matzl, or Illian leaders: “You also hear the voice of the dragon.” -2 to Grigori: “Your people blaspheme against the draconic majesty.”

Favorite Civic: God King

Favorite Religion: Cult of the Dragon (so none)

Compassion: +1 for high compassion civics, -1 for low compassion civics.

Alignment: Good (voice of the *gold* dragon, after all)

Favored Tech: Mysticism

Favored unitcombat: Disciple

Favorite Wonder: Wyrmhold

Hated civic: none

Defeat quote: You may have silenced us, but your victory is only temporary. The dragon can never truly die. Soon, he will find a new voice, and you will find that he neither forgives nor forgets.

Religious weights: +35 to Leaves, Kilmorph, and Empyrean; +20 to Order; -25 to Overlords and Esus; -50 to AV; -100 to Cult

“It is your move, Captain,” said Longzi Tian softly, breaking into Gilcrass’ reflections. He looked up, startled, into the wide knowing eyes of the Lady. She tapped one finger meaningfully on the marble chessboard in front of them.

“Your pardon, Lady,” mumbled Captain Gilcrass. He scowled at the pieces on the table and stroked his white moustache. He was looking for a way out, and he wasn’t going to find it. Gilcrass was a good player – he’d taken it up after the disappearance of Cardith Lorda, half in memory of the vanished boy king and half to keep himself from going mad during the endless political games played by the Senate in those troubled times. He found a pleasing symmetry in the way that his chess skills had evolved in concert with his growing ability to stay out of the power plays within the capitol. And now he was enjoying the fruits of his labor: he was captain of Her Lady’s palace guard, secure in his old age, and had a reputation as a cutthroat chess master. It was a reputation that Longzi Tian enjoyed upsetting.

It would be difficult to imagine a greater contrast than the one between Longzi Tian and the former king. Lorda had been pleasant, industrious, and cunning, and his disinterest in anything unrelated to the welfare of the empire was legendary. The Lady, by contrast, was distant with those around her, and often spent all night in the palace observatory watching the stars. Sometimes she would go into trances and lose touch with the outside world for hours at a time, hearing only the inner voice of the Dragon. And while Lorda lived for thirty years in the body of a young boy, Longzi Tian was a breathtaking and exotic woman. She had no consort – took no lovers – but her she was almost shockingly beautiful, and even the grandfatherly Gilcrass felt self-conscious and a little tongue-tied when she looked directly at him. It was impossible to lie to her; she had a way of fixing people with her deep green eyes and gazing right down into their souls until they just started babbling the truth. He’d seen a Balseraph diplomat break down and confess that his master’s offer of peace was a mere feint, and then beg to be taken into Her Lady’s service.

“Are you in need of a suggestion, Captain Gilcrass?” said the Lady. The corner of her mouth twitched into a small smile.

Gilcrass shook his head. “No, my Lady,” he said, seizing a knight and moving it decisively forward to bait a trap for his mistress.

Longzi Tian’s eyes narrowed and she studied the board for a moment. On her shoulders and upper arms, which were always left bare, were a pair of dragons – green on the left and red on the right. Many people mistook them for ordinary tattoos, but Gilcrass knew better. She extended her arm, her delicate fingers hovering over her pieces. The tail of the red dragon swirled down from her collarbone and wrapped itself around her index finger. Her hand glinted with the polish of gold-tinged scales.

Captain Gilcrass looked up sharply and his hand went to his sword hilt – he thought for an instant he had heard a distant roar echoing through the palace halls. When his gaze returned to the Lady, he saw that her eyes were searching his face. He tried for a moment to hold her gaze, but he could not endure it. He looked down and rubbed his eyes with his palm.

She reached forward across the board and laid her hand on Gilcrass’s arm; her grip was surprisingly strong. “Don’t be afraid, Captain,” she said. There was kindness in her voice. “You are a Kurios. For you, there is wisdom, guidance, and protection. The roar is only for our foes. And if you cannot stand before me in battle, who can?”

Then Longzi Tian lightly grasped a small pawn near the back of the board, pushed it forward, and turned his trap against him.

#You refused to hear the voice of the dragon. Now you will feel his claws and teeth. Now you will be scorched by his breath.

#Should we turn away from the draconic divinity and pay homage to you? We should not.
#The great wyrm has spoken. We are to follow yow. Lead us, O chosen one, that we may be led by him.
#We are the Kuriotates, the People of the Dragon. I am Longzi Tian, the Voice of the Dragon. Quiet your mind, and you too will hear him speak.
#The Dragon has forbidden me to speak with you. Now go.
#You are wise. The chaos of war often drowns out the Dragon’s voice.
#You will soon learn the folly of your ways. The draconic essence is not so lightly blasphemed.
#Welcome, my sibling. Have you come to sit in silence and gaze upon the stars with me? Two together may hear what one alone misses.
#You stand before the Voice of the Dragon. What do you wish to know of his wisdom?

#You stand before the Voice of the Dragon. What do you wish to know of his wisdom?

#You stand before the Voice of the Dragon. What do you wish to know of his wisdom?

#Were I not commanded by the draconic majesty to speak with you, I would bar my doors to prevent your entering.
#The Dragon smiles upon us both.

#So it must be. The Dragon has decreed it.

#No, my sibling. It is not the will of the Dragon.

#The Dragon refuses you, and my heart burns with his fires.

#Take freely from our store of wealth, my sibling.

#It is in accord with the will of the Dragon, and thus I obey.

#I do as I am bidden [leadername], but not by you.
#I would have said yes, my sibling, but the Dragon refuses, and I am his Voice.

#The Dragon refuses. Therefore, I refuse.

#Do you think it sport to try the patience of the draconic eminence? He refuses.
#I have heard the Dragon speak to me of wisdom. Would this not be wisdom?
#The clash of weapons and the screams of the dying threaten to drown the voice of the Dragon. Let us return to a listening silence again.

#The [civilization] are an affront to the Dragon and must be destroyed. Even if you do not listen for his voice, you must see the threat that they bring to all of us.
#No? Perhaps you fear that your own people would flock to our banner if they once beheld the draconic majesty.


#I would have said yes, my sibling, but the Dragon refuses, and I am his Voice.

Do you think it sport to try the patience of the draconic eminence? He refuses.
#The People of the Dragon are grateful.


#Behold the Dragon, [leadername]: wise, divine, and unparalleled in strength. Such greatness deserves an offering.


#The mighty Dragon requires an offering from you in recognition of his greatness.

#The Dragon speaks through me, his humble vessel. He commands you to give him this offering. Do not refuse him.

#Hah! Do my ears deceive me, or are you actually treading on the tail of the holy Dragon? I advise you to take your demands to someone who is less likely to eat you for making them.


#Your demands would be foolish even if you threatened only the people of Kurios. But you also insult the divine Dragon. Beware, [leadername], that your threats do not destroy you.


#Behold the shadow of the Dragon behind my throne, [leadername]. You do not know who it is you are threatening.

Chyorny Monakh
Spoiler :


Chyorny Monakh (means 'The Black Monk')– an Abbot who has lost his faith in what the Elohim hold dear. He feels betrayed by his God and, as he reaches the end of his life, has persuaded his people that he has seen a vision of the future where the Elohim are not the guardians of Erebus, but the supreme rulers.

“It had all been such a futile waste
Monakh moved slowly, step by painful step, up the spiral staircase: the rhythmic tapping of his staff echoing in the silence.
Time past. Step after step. Tap after tap.
After an age of agonising movement, he paused, rested his hand against the stone wall, and tried to breathe deeply. The crackling rattle as air entered his lungs reinforced the importance of his mission.
He didn’t have long left.
With a lurch, he resumed his deliberate progress towards the battlements.
It was all pointless; he saw that now: all those years of caring. All those meaningless years of guiding and supporting people who barely acknowledged their existence. Why should you listen to the old monks when there were riches to be had, land to be farmed, wars to be waged?
To begin with, he had been concerned by their indifference – believing that his inability to spread his God’s message was, somehow, a failure in him. Every time he preached tolerance and they responded with scorn, he searched his own soul for the flaw. Was he letting the God down? How many years had he wasted in doubt?
He laughed – the laugh turning into a wracking cough that brought him to his knees.
Not enough time.
Certainly not enough for reminiscing.
Step after step. Tap after tap.
The doorway to the battlements was in front of him. He rested his head against the cool wood and felt a pang of uncertainty. Was this really the only way? His hear hardened. He had explored every other avenue – he had preached his message long and hard and no-one had heeded.
It was time for a change of approach.
Pushing open the door, he felt the cleansing breeze on his face. Stepping forward, his black hood slid off his head, his grey hair spilling untidily forward. As he reached the edge of the battlements, he could see the crowds of people gathered below him – monks, soldiers, tradesmen: the whole city had been summoned.
The hubbub of voices stopped as they saw the black-cowled figure appear above them. It has been years since anyone of them had last seen Abbot Monakh. One day he had simply sealed up the doors to the Keep and refused to leave: for the first few weeks, villages had left food at the doors, but when the meat rotted in the baskets and flies laid their eggs in the fruit, they had soon stopped. Many had even forgotten that within the disused fort lived the man that had been their spiritual leader.
He stood above them now – hair wild and streaming in the wind, arms outstretched in supplication. Despite the distance, they could all hear his voice, cracking with age, as it boomed across the courtyard.
“The gods have sent me a vision. A prophecy of what is to come”
He spoke for hours, feeling the audience’s shock, disgust, then, gradually, their interest in the future he outlined in his revelations. He had them.
He paused to survey the scene beneath him.
He had them. Now all he needed was the time to make his vision a reality . . .”

Disillusioned – a halfway-house towards Agnosticism; this trait allows religions to spread in lands, but the bonuses are -50%. This is to try to reflect a people that are inclined towards religion, but cannot be wholly swayed as their leader is preaching against formal doctrine.

Leader Relations
to Bassium – 6 (to reflect Monakh’s rejection of the typical Elohim doctrine)

Personality – the idea here is to create someone utterly conflicted by his past and what he sees as his future. Thus classically ‘good’ things but an attraction to ‘bad’ things.

Favourite Civic – Theology

Favourite Religion – Council of Esus

Attitude to Death Mana – Likes it

Attitude to compassion – lost faith in the point of being compassionate – feels scorn to those that are.

Attitude to gender – has no issues.

Alignment – Good (at least in his own head)

Favourite tech – Priesthood

Favourite combat unit – Monks

Favourite Wonder – Temple of Temporance

A Hated Civic – Slavery (that’s what he thinks he has been living in)

A defeat quote – “Could I have been mistaken? Was this not my destiny? Was I corrupted away from the true path?”

Religious Weight – Will not adopt any other religion than Esus (100)

Brigit the Shining
This is one is a bit special as we could create a whole new "summoned civ" with Brigit as leader;
Spoiler :
Civilization: Clan of Embers. (though when she comes in, possibly rename them to the redeemed?)
Backstory: obvious, but i'll elaborate. when Brigit is freed, she finds Bhall's people and tries to redeem Bhall. if this is choosen, i'll of course write something longer for the pedia.
Mechanic: When Brigit is freed (at, probably a lower level than currently in game, a New Clan of Embers Civilization appears in the empty parts of the map, or using a barb city. this has Brigit as Leader)
name: Brigit the shining
Traits: Aggressive, Philosophical.
New Trait: Passionate: all cities generate a certain amount of food per turn, and units get ``passionate`` promotion, which gives +10% strength. (the food is to balance the potential starting on ice or tundra)
Leader relation: Hatred of the evil, especially Sheim, infernal, and Illian. Likeing of Sabathiel and Basium
(recommended) Create her/him a unique personality:
Civic: Enlightenment;
Religion: Order;
Bad Mana Use: Entropy is bad. So is death Mana
Alignment: Good
a favorite tech: Fanaticism
favorite unitcombat: Meele
a favorite wonder: Mercurian Gate
Hated Civic: Slavery
Defeat Quote: I will save her despite your meddling, Servant of Agares
Religious Weights:
Spoiler :
Empyreum: 90
Runes of Kilmorph: 50
FOL: 10
OO: -50
Ashen Viel: -50

Picture for Brigit
maybe... :\

maybe (though I think she should be a redhead)

music for Brigit

Love dance, from KA (cirque du soleil) it's already being used for the Bannor theme. But I think the begining could work for Brigit. it's the same theme, but I feel it's sadder, more reflective of Brigit
James Marquembert
Spoiler :

It was night; darkness covered the small town near Udenarat. But the town center was covered in light, a bright fire lit up the surrounding houses and the faces of the people who were watching the annual ceremony.

The ceremony consisted of a series of tests to determine magical potential in the children of the town. One of the tests was to walk over glowing coals, a test not taken by many of the children, but a few of the bravest and most confident of their skill. But this year a young twelve year old boy takes the test. The boy is James Marquembert, son of two of the most influential mages in this part of the amurite realm. His parents are proud of their status and rank within the realm, a rank they obtained for their extreme talent in magic; however James does not show any talent for magic at all.

His parent’s however refused to accept their son’s incapability, and think that all he needs is a push to unleash his power. But so far, he has failed all the trials and only one remains, the test of walking on fire. James doesn’t want to take the test, and tries to run. But his mother notices, and drags him bag to the town center.

“James, honey, what’s wrong? “
“I’m sorry mom, I can’t, I just can’t”
“Nonsense! You can, I know you can!”
“I really don’t think I can, mom”
“Of course you can, all you need is a little push!”
“But what if?”
“Just go and make your father proud”

James slowly walked to the pit, filled with glowing coals. As he approached, the entire town became silent. For everyone knew James had never used magic before, and walking over the coals would hurt like hell, if he failed to control the fire.

As James stood their shaking, and unable to fully control himself, he turned around just to see his father’s dark eyes, watching. Suddenly James felt confident he would try, and if he failed he would endure the pain.
James placed his feet up on the coal. He felt calm. He placed his other feet upon the coals. Another step. He felt no pain. Another one. The fire started to grow. But yet he felt no pain. Another step. He stood in the center of the pit. The flames reached higher and higher. James was confident, he felt triumphant. The people started to applaud. He had passed the test. He turned to see his father. But he was nowhere to be seen. He turned his head to where his mother had been. But she was gone as well. James started thinking, where could they be? Did they think James had no chance of passing the test? Where they too ashamed of their son to watch him fail?
The calm within was replaced with rage, the fire around him raged with him, his power grew and so did the flames. His rage pulled him in to darkness, and the flames became more intense. He filled up with hate, why had they left; he left his body and became the flames…. The flames expanded, the entire town was engulfed in flames. James watched as he killed fathers, mothers, and children alike. Houses burned to the ground, Temples where consumed in fire, library’s collapsed. James returned to his body, and he sank to his knees, and cried.

Upon the hills a hunter watched while the village burned. For 3 days and 3 nights the village was a flaming tower, and then all of the sudden, the flames collapsed. The hunter approached the village, or what was left of it, and in the center he saw the boy. The boy was scarred, his left side scarred, black as ash, but crossed with blazing lines, like he was still on fire.

“How, why has this happened? How come you are alive?”
“ I did this! I am so sorry.” James cried
“I don…don’t know, please sir, help me” The boy trembled.
“I will, what’s your name boy?”
“James, sir”
“You are James Marquembert?”
“Ye…. yes, sir”
“My Lord, please don’t call me sir, it’s Morrim for you, sir.
“Please I want to go ho…ome”
“I will take you to your parent’s”

Morrim picked up the boy, and lifted him upon his shoulders. He carried him all the way up the hill, to the marquembert mansion. He knocked on the door, and one of the butlers opened the door. “Take me to lord marquembert, I found his son. “ The butler nodded and brought Morrim and James to the study. As they entered the room, James’s mother looked up and then turned her head with a small scream. His father stood up and quickly walked towards morrim and took his son out of the hands of morrim.

“Thank you, hunter. What is your name?
“Morrim, my lord”
“Thank you Morrim, for bringing back my son.”
“Of course my lord”
“Please wait in the hall”
“Yes my lord”
Lord marquembert turned to his son.
“Wake up! Wake up!”
James opened his eyes
“Father, I’m so sorry”
“What happened? “
“I killed them, I killed them all”
“The flames, I controlled them”
“You used magic?” The eyes of James’s father seems to glance enthusiastically.
James appearance changed, his eyes seemed to turn reddish.
“I murdered an entire village, an all you care about is I used magic?” He asked furiously
“No, no of course not!”
“Why, Why’d you have to leave?” he screamed
“James, I… I”
James entire body seemed to flare up. Fire ignited from the scars on his body
“Are you proud now!?!?” He screamed.
The fire was unleashed, the boy raged. The fire grew in strength with every passing second. His father tried to raise a shield, but it fell within no time. The fire pulsed with every heartbeat of the boy. Lord and Lady marquembert where consumed in the fire. James fell to his knees.

As he awoke, he found himself in a strange hut. Morrim and a man like him, but darker, and clothed in black sat beside the bed he was laying in.
“Where am I, he asked?”
Morrim answered: “We are at my brother’s house, he will help you to control your mind, and he is a skilled mage in mind magic. We believe you are schizoid, and one of your halves, which will be referred to as your darker half, isn’t able to control himself, and when he loses control, well you know what happens”
The darker man answered: “I however do believe your lighter half is able to control you darker half. You will be able to stay in charge of your body the entire time, unless you prefer not to. If we fail in training you, you will be taken to court. Like we should have, if we followed the law, we however believed you deserve a fair chance at a normal life. You will have to obey me now, put on some clothes boy, then we will start training right away”

For the next 2 years, James studied mind magic, bit by bit starting to maintain control his darker side. However during those years James had burned several houses and fields. At the end of the 2 year Morrim and his brother send James to the magic academy of Cevedes. James had a rough time the first few months of his school period. People where scarred of him because of his scars. But after that, James’s personality started to win his fellow students trust. He became popular, and he excelled at most classes, becoming a favorite student amongst most of the teachers.

He especially managed to shine at fire magic; he seemed to have an extreme talent, unmatched by any seen before. And he finished the entire study that should have lasted at least 5 years in less than one. Once he reached the third year of the academy, he started teaching in fire magic. In the fourth year he started showing political interests, and he quickly gathered a group of loyal followers. He dreamed of a world in which everybody would have magical potential, a world where no one would have to go through what he had been through.

2 Years later James finished his magical study, and remained at the academy to teach fire magic, he also entered politics and debated with people like Dain the Caswallawn and Govannon. Discussing subjects like the government, war, and magical education. He also met several leaders of foreign nations, and all seemed to like him, at least the side he choose to show them. His split personality was an advantage in diplomacy. 3 years after finishing his study, war broke out and James joined the army, in battle James was known as the twilight mage, for the flames coming from his left hand where always much darker, near to black then the ones coming from his left, which where bright. James quickly made his way through the line of command, being a great commander, and a fearless and merciless fighter. A year the war lasted, and James made many friends in the army, and got even more followers who agreed with his way of thinking. After the war James Re-entered politics in an attempt to imprint his vision on the entire amurite nation.

James Marquembert (Amurite)


Traits: Charismatic, Schizophrenic, Arsonist

Positive relation modifier against evil and good leaders, lost when choosing either order or ashen veil

Arsonist (trait)
10% of units created receive arsonist promotion

Arsonist (promotion)
Unit receives +1 fire strength, +1 affinity for fire mana. If unit stays in the same enemy tile for 1 turn improvements are destroyed. If unit captures a city, the city is automatically razed.

Favorite Civic: Magocracy
Favorite Religion: None
Attitude vs Improvement:

+ 40 for fire mana

Alignment: neutral

Favorite Wonder: Catacomb Libralus

Hated Civic: None

Defeated quote:
The Twilight Flame will burn no more…

Religious weights
Ashen Veil: -80
Octopus overlords: 0
Fellowship of Leaves: - 40
Runes of Kilmorph: 0
The Empyrean: 0
The Order: - 80
Cult of the Dragon: -100

Diplosoundtrack: Requiem for a dream by Clint Mansell

Bernado Juvenal
Spoiler :

When the spires of Patria cast their shadow across all of Erebus, and flags of all nations fluttered beneath our banner, I served the Imperial Court as a puppeteer for the Emperor's entertainment. I would watch and I would listen. Quickly I learnt all the tongues of men, not merely the lines that the actors speak, but the secret language of the body, that betrays the heart and spirit. I sensed the space between the sentences, heard the true intention behind the phrase. Soon, I had an intuitive feel for a person’s character and I put this talent to good use identifying the attributes that marked out each individual as unique.

Before long I was the talk of all Patria. In times of joy, I was always the first guest to any feast. In times of sorrow, I sold laughter for teardrops. Before the Emperor would I dangle my dolls, those silken fops and foolish bureaucrats, all their petty failings exposed. More than once a courtier was relocated to the furthest portion of the Empire following one of my shows. I would perform in the places of learning and the temples of the Gods. I was the Mouth of the Emperor, praising all that he extolled, and chastising all he considered foolish.

My favourite shows were those on Market Day. The backdrop wrought the best from me. I was surrounded by actors, the merchants who claimed to sell the best produce, the guardsman pretending to be nonchalant, the customers who pleaded poverty. The ballet of the barter. Come-in, go-out, no-wait, why-thanks. The crowds would gather and I would show them news from within and without our Empire. Oh, what an audience...Oh, how they would laugh at my satires. At the end of my performance, how the coins would rain against the flagstones. Yet better was the adulation. I would watch and I would listen and I would bathe in the glory.

But proud I grew and so did the names of my enemies. The sleighted, the jilted, the ridiculed, the jealous. Each line I wrote was another paragraph of my obituary. Each twitch of my puppets raised another arm against me. Every song bred a chorus of displeasure. My puppet strings, a noose of my own devising, my barbed satire, the grooves that etched the epitaph across my gravestone.

It was my habit late in the evening to practice my puppetry in the courtyard. By the smooth marble walls, the shadows of my puppets were cast against a faded red tint, as the horizon swallowed the sun. Yet that fateful evening, a new silhouette enjoined our scene. I did not turn to see my new audience, for too embroiled was I in my art. The poisoned dagger slid through my robes and into my back so swiftly. I crumpled to the ground, my hand aloft, my fingers grasping at the fading sun, as my blood blackened and breath grew shallow. The final words that escaped my lips, a curse. Never again would my muse bring joy to Patria. If they would not laugh at my comedies, let them weep for my tragedies.

When the Emperor called me home, it was not to fulfil my old role. Instead I was appointed Scriptorium Regis, the Imperial Secretary. The papers had gathered and required cataloguing. Great shelves hung pendulous, straining to contain our census records, whilst mildew spoilt the songs of our finest poets. Scrolls and letters were bundled together. Deadly incantions and imperial edicts lay hidden amongst dusty banks of tax statements and marriage contracts. Maps of our former glory competed in cubbyholes with crumpled invitations to join trade alliances. Designs and diagrams of weapons from our keenest minds were discarded as if they were childish drawings. All the secrets of the Empire were here, curled into endless rolls of papyrus.

As I had learnt the art of puppetry so did I learn the art of politics, and soon I found there to be no difference between the two. The Emperor is merely a large doll, his courtiers the strings that bear him aloft, his palace the framework that holds everything in place. The advisors called upon for instruction and advice, the authors who write the speeches, the lawyers who quantify the edicts, the sages who keep him abreast of the latest development, the shadowy spies who whisper in darkness what the envoys will say in sunlight the next day. Sooner or later, they all need the help of the Scriptorium Regis.

I watched and I listened.

In the hands of the skilled, it does not take much. The Sargasso of bureaucracy needs a keen navigator. A key word omitted here can completely change the intent of a law. An extra recommendation can ensure that an ally is rewarded or an enemy humiliated. Reports can be lost, outcomes delayed. Messages can be delivered to the wrong correspondent, with names that are misheard or misspelt. In the past I told lies to illuminate truths, now I use truths to hide lies. Subtle tweaks and imperceptible twists. Only a puppeteer could plot with such elan.

Perhaps the Emperor knows my schemes. Perhaps this is some subtle revenge. Is this yet another trap? Am I destined to repeat the failings of my past? A convenient scapegoat who will fall upon a poisoned dagger at the click of the Emperor’s fingers. All this and more, I wonder, for wondering is all I can do.

For this is no longer my own dance. I did not choreograph the steps, nor orchestrate the music. When I was called for rebirth, my muse returned with me. In the trauma of the second womb, I lost control... or maybe I surrendered it willingly. Now I move with the grace of a marionette. My arms jangle to the pull of unseen threads. My legs sway to another beat. I speak words I never uttered, a silent spectator watching a play without end. Sat behind an empty skull, a captive audience in every sense, I watch and I listen.


The best I could come up with was http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_MPvswO6lxOY/RxuegJFxGzI/AAAAAAAABgQ/ymDcJxY7QRI/s400/puppeteer.jpg You may do better.

TRAITS: Creative, Organised.

Opera's note: (I've hidden some interesting things that could spoil the interest of playing the leader)


Religion: If the Past, Present and Future event has occurred, the Scions of Patria receive a +4 towards and from all followers of Esus and a -2 malus towards all other religions.
If the Past, Present and Future event hasn’t occurred, they are neutral in religious affairs.
Diplomacy: -7 towards Mechanos. (The future will only be found in the seeds of the past.)
Alignment: Evil (Optionally Neutral until PPF event)

Sometimes the PPF event will not occur in games, in which case, the player won’t learn the truth behind Bernado.


Gender: Bernado is gay. He will get +1 towards all male leaders, though this won’t necessarily be reciprocated. Esus enjoys the possibilities that this holds for blackmail and is quite happy to play along.
Favoured Wonder: Theatre of Dreams. Bernado loves the theatre, Esus loves watching people lie for a living.
Hated Civic: Humanism.
Favoured tech: Drama
Favoured Unit Combat: Recon line.


Some lines are taken from classical plays and poems to fit.

"To be... or not to be."

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.

No, we will not dance to your tune.

We have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Will you lead us to greater glory?

All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players. They have their entrances... and their exits.

Out! OUT!

Come let us end this struggle and talk of brighter things.

We have taken up arms against our oppressors. I see no reason to lay them down.

The wine flows ever sweeter with the companionship of a good friend and faithful ally.

Welcome to the glory of the court of Patria.

I sensed your arrival. There was something rotten in the state of Patria.

I have revised your script a little. What about...

This war feeds only the mud. Let us lay down our arms and talk of peace instead.

Will you join our merry band of brothers against the <<civ>>?

We must wait in the wings a little. The stage does not beckon our entrance yet.

A fine joke. One day your comedies may yet rival ours. But seriously, what is your real offer?

You would sell us sand for sapphires. Do not fool with us.

We shall live forever, and so will your reputation for generosity.

If you ever wish to be more than a footnote in the annals of history, you would be wise to treat us with greater respect.

We see no reason to accede to your demands.

You have only one life, mortal. Be sure you do not cut is short with arrogant demands.
Ameron the Illuminated Cimmerian
This one is special too because I don't want to make Infernals playable right from the beginning. So maybe his civilization just should be tweaked to, say, Sheaim.
Spoiler :
His picture

Ever wanted to play the Infernal from the beginning of the game? With this leader you can.
Name: Ameron The Illuminated Cimmerian
Civilization: Infernal
Traits: Arcane, Summoner, Magic Resistant, Demonic Enlightenment
New Trait: Demonic Enlightenment - Only the capital city may grow beyond population 1 - When a cities (settlement) population would grow to size 2 the citizens are taken to be sacrificed in worship to Ameron and the Infernal demons. Thus adding research and hammers to the capital for 5 turns. Also Allows capital city to gain fallow citizens when infernal pact is researched. (if too hard to code automatically, a sacrificial unit is spawned that can be taken to the capital to give hammers and research) also gives +10 Sickness in capital. +5 beakers in capital.
Unique buildings:
1. Forbidden Library (replaces library) +1 Beaker +5% more research than vanilla library +2% chance to gain +500 beakers towards current research when a sacrificial unit is consumed.
2. Halls of Pain (replaces mages guild) randomly grants resistances to different forms of damage with most likely chance to gain ONE of the resistances in this order of highest to lowest, Fire, Death, Poison, Air, Earth, Water, Physical, sun - to all units created in this city.

Hearing old Legends has inspired the Sheaim mages to seek after the work of Ameron and speak with the Infernals. Other peoples of Erebus quickly dismiss the Legend as myths used to teach people of the dangers of pride; thinking that no creature was capable of such atrocities just to increase in power. As the story was told and retold over generations from the Age of Ice, the tale became darker and more sinister each time to capture the imagination and warn against a selfish quests. Even in the darkest recesses of their minds they could not conjure up in myth the horrors of the truth.

Ameron was a gifted sorcerer at the end of an era of prosperity before the Age of Ice. He learned magiks of the ancient ways by his mentor Marcos, a sage remembered only in this legend whose life has been completely erased from ancient texts. Under the tutilage of Marcos, Ameron often dabbled with experimental powers which drew sharp rebuke from his mentor. Ameron studied the most destructive and accelerated forces in attempts to bypass the years of discipline and training needed to master what Marcos had learned. Frustrated and impatient, Ameron sought out the guidance of the Murcurians and Infernals.

Leaving his studies Ameron traveled to his home village to enter the temple for guidance. Greeted by friends and kin, his spirits were uplifted and his quest for knowledge of power momentarily faded away. Day after day villagers would gather to see Ameron's "miracles," pressuring him to show grander spectacles each time. His thirst for power once again grew and he remembered his purpose of returning home; to seek an audience from the gods. Spending weeks at the temple meditating trying to gain the attention of angels or demons Ameron once again became frustrated. Not receiving any answers, Ameron became enraged. Losing control of his powers he struck out against the temple with the power of Elements. A great firestorm gathered about the temple as the earth shook. The terrible display of power lasted near a half hour, till all that remained was Ameron sobbing in the midst of charred rubble. Leaving the ruins that was the temple, Ameron headed back towards the village. With his mind focused on his failure, he did not notice the edge of the forest which was beyond where his home stood until he began to climb over a fallen tree. A terrible pain griped his heart as he turned to see only ash in place of his village. Running back he found few charred remains of his kin and friends. With a terrible scream he shot lightning at the sky. This display of inner rage gain him the attention of Aeron the Angel of Strength and Brother of Esus, who had become the Fallen Angel of Rage. Aeron saw in this mortal an inner hatred that would fuel great strength. He appeared to Ameron and taught him hidden cannibalistic body magic rituals to consume the power of others. This power would allow him to gain great strength and required a deep abiding rage in the souls of those who practiced it. However, this power came with a warning of price, leading to a fast deterioration of soul that would dramatically shorten his life. Aeron told him to abandon his name (his birth name has long been lost) and take upon himself the name or Ameron - Meaning consumed of rage.

With the new knowledge from the fallen angel, Ameron consumed his village increasing both his strength and magical abilities, as well as darking his soul with shame and rage. With each consumption the need for more power was magnified. He knew a great source of power in his mentor, and returned to the tower that had been his second home. Marcos could tell something had changed in his pupil, he saw in Ameron glowing hatred in his eyes. Ameron said nothing and went to his room. Marcos had trouble sleeping, and contemplated most of the night how to help a man who was like his son. Sleep finally over took him, but never did he wake. Marcos was slain in his sleep, his body defiled in ritual, and his powers were consumed.

Ameron used his great powers to control the nearby lands. Demanding that the citizens be brought in as slaves to be used in sacrifice or in experiments to further his knowledge. The people worshiped him because of his great power and had established the Cult of Aeron. The only thing he began to fear was his deteriorating soul would soon die. Even with his experiments into vampirism did not seem to rejuvenate him. The Infernals saw in Ameron a kinship, and began to whisper to him until he could hear their words. A deal was made that Ameron could enter into the presence of the demons and learn from them and serve them. In return he would be spared from an untimely death. That day Ameron was no longer seen, his legend was passed along from the peoples who served him. Some survived through the Age of Ice to become Sheaim, Calabim, and Balsaraphs.

To save his life, the Infernals made Ameron part demon. His dark deeds during this time are unknown, but he served his masters well. He learned many mysteries from them and was waiting for a time when he could return to peruse knowledge unattainable in the Demonic realms. The Infernals began to be impatient with the slow progress of mortals to hear their voice. Ameron took this opportunity to convince his masters to allow him return to Erubus. "Send me, and I will ensure your coming. Should the mortals fail, I will shall not." Not fully Demon, not fully mortal, the compact still unbroken, Ameron returned to create a new empire to serve him. He could once again seek for power and knowledge, and seek for his ultimate goal of attaining Omniscience.

Diplomacy soundtrack: Batman Dark Knight - Watch the World Burn
Favorite Religion: Ashen Veil
Hated Civ/Leaders: Amurites - Jealousy of their powers
Favorite Civ/Leaders: Infernal, Sheaim, Belsaraphs
Favorite Civic: Slavery
Alignment: Evil
Favorite Wonder: Any of the Magic Tower wonders
Defeat Quote: "Returning me to the demons only slows the inevitable burning"
Diplo bonus: Entropy and death mana +3
Favorite Tech: Omniscience
Religious Weights: Ashen Veil 90 all others 10 - He would only break away from the Infernal religions if they met his goal of pursuing control over other peoples and further his knowledge.
Here, now you can vote ;)

I'll reveal the authors after the contest.
I'm missing "All" option ... /:

so i voted for Longzi Tian ... (( reason: well ... it hasn't nothing in common with gameplay - nice picture and she's girl ... :D ... ((i hope)) ))

My comments:

[*]Longzi Tian: "-100 to Cult": Why -100 ? They are dragon aligned civ ...

[*]Chyorny Monakh: "Alignment: Good (in his own head)": It doesn't matter what she/he thinks. Basically almost all leaders thinks that they are "good" and those who opposes them are "evil" ((with some exceptions like Hyborem)). Alignment should be given by leaders wise-ity, how they treat people, if they're preventing Erebus destruction.

[*]Brigit the Shining: "Passionate": I like this trait ... :)

[*]Bernado Juvenal: "Opera's note: (I've hidden some interesting things that could spoil the interest of playing the leader)": ... i don't understand why - if we don't know all the things, it may decrease chance of that this leader will win. For me that leader sounds boring ((we already have Perpentach)) ... but 3mod maintainer is Opy therefore i have no right to question that decision. Anyway i guess it would have something to do with ""Past, Present and Future event""
Well, it's too long if I add the removed part back. Let's put it here:

Big reveal hidden!

@anw: Well, CotD is not meant to be adopted. Maybe only she could? But that would mean we would have to create some buildings and stuff... Hmm...
@anw: Well, CotD is not meant to be adopted. Maybe only she could? But that would mean we would have to create some buildings and stuff... Hmm...

oh ... it confused me this religion has some religionWeight since I supposed that unadoptable CotD is obvious and i thought this particular case is something more deep (( like aversion vs CotD)) .. :)
I added picture(s) and soundtrack for Brigit as the contestant just sent them :)
I'm sure none of the contestant will protest against that. You'll be able to contact them in a week or so ;)
I like the first, more fiery picture of Brigit the Shining. Even if technically she is blonde, it could be her red hair lit up by the energies (hence it could go for strawberry blonde or even red hair, due to light alterations) also, its really cool and portrays Brigit's power.
@Tasunke: Or some photoshopping could do the trick ;)

@Valkrionn: Maybe. Or maybe a gameoption, changing how Brigit can be freed. Because getting a level 15+ unit is hard, so if the civ should spawn only when this happens... I don't know yet though. I know that I'd like them to be a good fleshed civ though. Like all the ones I plan doing :)
Brigit already has a picture in game. I'd lean towards finding the original version from which that was cropped rather than using a pic that looks like someone else.

It seems to me that the archangel of passion would be an excellent motivator, and thus could use the Charismatic trait. I'm not sure I see a need for a seperate Passionate trait, and I don't see much point in it giving free food. It would make more sense for the Brigit to scorch the Snow and Tundras once she breaks free.

I don't see why she should hate Esus more than OO or AV. OO would the religion of her opposite sphere, so it makes much mroe sense as the most hated religion.
Yeah, I thought about that too. I'm pretty sure I can find it...
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