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Contrast Photojournal Portugal All Policies Viable


Oct 15, 2022
I really had a good time and a bad result playing the last Ethiopia photojournal. Let's play again.

The civilisation will be Portugal, an all around strong civ. You will need that as we play against nine AIs, three top civs of each policy. All policies and gamestyles, like tall tradition, trade and CS oriented or faith oriented progress, authority warmongering are encouraged and possible.

As trying something new is nice, the game is on large Milae's Map, and you will need Pineappledan's More Unique Components & Milae's Alternative Difficulty Mod. This should create more challenge, while giving you and AIs more to work with and more flavour.

No ancient ruins, no events, no tech brokering. Beware there's a river to that lake on the spot! Have fun!

Spoiler :


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Spoiler Situation :

Wow the strategic geometry of the local area is as terrible as the immediate start is economically beautiful, truly interesting setup.
I hope that you don't plan to get any conclusion about strength of policies from this contrast photo-journal? Both of these mods mods changes balance of the game.
I hope that you don't plan to get any conclusion about strength of policies from this contrast photo-journal? Both of these mods mods changes balance of the game.
I think the 4UC is overall okay for policy balance. But this map is just extremely favorable to war
I hope that you don't plan to get any conclusion about strength of policies from this contrast photo-journal? Both of these mods mods changes balance of the game.
Sure man, I play many more games than this. I usually don't play with 34UC, I do with alternative diff mod, just cause it makes the game harder. I'm not a deity level player, I now dabble in it, though usually I get my ass handed over to me. Weird, immortal seems a tad too easy, deity beats me 80 or 90% of the time. Actually it's a fun spot with a lot to learn.

Probably most guys play VP with tons of modmods and they make vast majority, I remember a thread of a guy who had like 30 mods after VP. I with just VP and Alt. diff. on standard maps, am an exception rather than standard.

Anyway, not to many conclusions to draw, as no one participating, other than that I suck at this game:sheep:.
Started playing this and it is fun if really quite hard. This could spiral out of control so easily.
Got past the dying part but I'm not sure if I can catch up.
Wow, man, can you share some screenshots? I was sure the photojournal died cause it's pretty much a dying spot. There's so much RNG involved in this start. One time Russian settler walk over my warrior and I was able to not only block the Russian like I anyway intended but also ruin their early production and get a free worker but Songhai ravaged my city built north to get the Petra. Another time Songhai was friendly towards me and denounced Russia and Polynesia, but Russia screwed my burgeoning progress start, one time with triremes, another LOTS of warriors, archers and spearmen.
Up to T29

Spoiler image :

Went Pyramids first as the cap was pretty good and I could get it early. the plan was to settle on he silver towards Russia but that didn't work out too well. Opened Authority as we are super clsoe to two players with little good land.

Up to T32

Spoiler image :

Then this happened. Narrowly missing both inland spots. Russia was annoying but settling the Songhai city place might have been pretty risky anyway. I just settled on the coast north of my capital as that is the only spot left. Only need two cities early on with the plan being to expand onto island because I can't really doa nything else.

Up to T84

Spoiler image :

Bit of a gap here unfortunately.

I focused on getting up trade units as fast as possible +6s8g (roughly) was a huge amount early game and so much better than anything else I could possibly do. Russia pillaged one when I got sneak attacked but my cities were high enough production that I could rebuild them. The other was internal to my capital for food which is fine but I really wish there was stone somewhere so I could run a more useful internal route. Later on I had near CS allies so this was less of an issue.

I cut it a bit tight with Russia but even on low land my capital can take a few hits. I took god of all creation as religion seemed unlikely and it helped me really churn out units and wall to defend. God of the sea would have been fine too but there was rather few fish for having all coastal cities.

Connected up my lux and that plus trade routes means I have loads of gold, not much to build though. I will spend quite a while low on science and culture but not dying is the important thing first.

Up to T118

Spoiler image :

I dragged out the war with Russia before peacing and and nicely Songhai waited his turn. Even with just archers he couldn't really do much to me, the CS north of my 2nd city was more annoying. I pre-built a lot of arches to upgrade as I now had infinite money. Lots of selling lux for 10 and buying others back for 2-3 off various AI. having a bigger maps means there are lots of trades to be hand.

My science and culture is still rubbish but I don't feel in any danger and there is a nice big open area where I can poke at Songhai. they are at war with Polynesia wich helps a lot in splitting their focus, there is even a CS quest for the city closest to me!

I'm starting to ramp up my CS collection I have a lot of gold to spend on getting them and they provide a lot of extra defence in various areas.



I think literally any start is still possible to win. I spend a lot of this game a good ten techs behind but as long as you don't die you can recover.

That said I did cut corners a few times, leaving me very close to dying, possible doesn't meant it can't go wrong. At one point Russia was attacking my capital with two arches before I had archers or walls which was probably a mistake some where.
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