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De la Boucle
Jan 28, 2004
Utrecht, Netherlands
I've taken the effort of Making a new scenario based upon the WW2 scenario from Civilization2. I made some small changes but most is the same as it used to be. The only big change is that it's a C3C scenario now :D . I'm trying to upload the file, if it works correctly you should be able to find it somewhere below.
Here's your screenshot.


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I downloaded, but then realized this isn't any kind of file, it's nothing.

I think perhaps you attached a file that was too big (over 100k). Use the "Upload File" feature, always found at the bottom of the page. The limit is 3Mb there. :)

Then again, maybe it was just me. Try to download it yourself and see what hapens.
That's the fault indeed. If someone could give some advice please, doesn't seem to work :confused:
This will work.


First version removed after 1569 downloads.

v1.1 is an improvement of the first version, biggest problem solved is the obsolete units and buildings that were still being build.

v2.0 is one more step into getting as close to the original as possible, so I removed all strategic resources. You won't need strategic resources to build anything (including the Iron-works, sorry for that one)

You will need to download either one of the scenario files and the main files map.

main files

the two scenario files:


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Dont meant to nit-pick but, why is Paris so close to Germany? Its right oin where Belgium is supposed to be, I'll still play though.
It's been a REALLY long time since I played the Civ 2 scenario, but I do remember Paris getting conquered in the first turn.

Same thing happened here, except this time the Germans burned it to the ground. :mad: Damn 'no raze' option.

Another difference is that the troops in the forts, tend to move on out. :( That's just the nature of civ 3.

Other than that, this is just like the good old CivII version. :)
@ $h4dE
It was on the same spot as in the civII scenario, can't help that.
@ Mr Black
The scenario is a bit more difficult :D
Ironic, I tried that myself in Civ2. Must come naturally to a few.

except I did it on Prince level, and with many variations in the rules.

2 I can think up on the top of my head was 5 production rows (1 half build time, IE XL production), and I changed terrain/resources a bit.

I also added 50% to the attack rating of all ships, and effectively quartered the cost of settlers and engineers.

You have to sell everything in your other cities, except Amsterdam which is taken on the first turn, and you have to bum the Allies for as much tech as possible. If you can hold the nazis off long enough, try and airlift your population units to Tehran asap. Use all excess $$ for building as often as possible so the Nazis won't take much of it when they capture budapest or stockholm. Then it was an eternal struggle to hold off the Soviets.

I have been trying to convert this many times.
Thank you very much :goodjob:
Will try tomorrow:D
Ive been looking for this convert forever and thanks to you im happier than a pig in mud. Great convertion, Ive been playing it for a few hours now and im hooked. It doesnt take an hour to load like some scenarios that are out. Since I have no patients for waiting that long to play, its a bonus. In the end, this is a good scenario and a must for World War II nuts like myself

MiChello thanks for a great scenario and keep up the good work.

Thanx, I'm allready working on a new scenario, it's going to be completely diferent from most scenario's...
Are you sure you put both files that are in the main folder (MiChello's WWII.biq and MiChello's in the scenario's folder? You should place them there without the main folder itself. If so, it ought to work correctly. You shouldn't change the name of any file either.
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