Cool Pictures 14: no , it wasn't me who painted Mona Lisa


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Nov 10, 2008
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once trying to start a serial thread and it was a lot of copy paste stuff .

and a picture required . Naturally all my pictures tend to be stuff and the number automatically forces that F-14 thing ...


but people might not like it . Enough to shoot me down ! Perhaps add some history ?


too dreary and obviously retouched , so , not authentic ? Sci-fi then , it needs NO proof or anything !

16-05-2023c evgeny-kazantsev-ua-ships-7.jpg

gaah , nobody cares ! Yeah , the only solution :


cat pictures never fail . Have a different picture of him/her somewhere . No idea about the name , but ı remember the Tumblr poster called that something like cute little murder machine ...
Cuddly cats are never wrong. :thumbsup:
Needs a post in the old thread...

The Reichstag
Spoiler Also :
have no picture of Turkish families barbecuing meat on such greenery , even in front of that very building ... Which used to drive Germans mad ... So , like another capital .

That picture reminds me a bit of The Aristocats, and Thomas O'Malley.

cats DO have an attitude against those who challenge their authority ...
ı have a folder of possible pictures to post and have to finish them or whatever . Life is a dog or a woman of negative attitude or whatever .


oh , this one seems to be famous ... anyone who knows its name ?


but in case there are complaints we have serious stuff , too ...

Spoiler :


Moderator Action: We have a cats thread and this is not it.
the sudden stock of cat pictures arise from the possibility of going really head on with the new CFC , that they are wasted without the implied mockery should have been a relief .

as new to CFC it is only natural to have missed the joke . ı regularly get accused of stuff , things ı didn't . Sometimes things are like actually impressive ...
of course nobody HAS to post but it would be of a negative thing for CFC if this thread was to stay like this , lonely and stuff , until the thermal death of the universe in a supposedly popular saying of the times ... Like might be handicapped in some figure of speech ...


but a random check on a previous item says there should be 5 posts a day on average for this to end someday ... Like once again , this thread does not compare to Apollo Programme or something ...



but like whatever . But there should be 16 years between the two expeditions ?


but trust Americans to be spoilsports ...

Spoiler :


AI-generated image?

There are too many details that look a little off for this to be a real photo, from the reflections to the buzzard flying upside-down...
Yeah, it looked a bit weird to me, too. I like parts of it and the colors. It gives me an idea or two about my ongoing King's Heir novel project (one of the characters enjoys taking solitary boat rides off in the wild places).

It's just something I found on Pinterest; I'm not the one who told the AI what to do.

Here's something better:


This is a cute photoshop of a scene in the 3rd season episode of Merlin when we first meet Gwaine. He's newly-arrived in Camelot, is exploring the town, and he's flirting with Gwen.

He's actually trying to give her a flower, but whoever created this picture substituted a newly-hatched Aithusa to make it look like he's holding a baby dragon.
24-05-2023 .jpg

the complaints about the poor quality of service provided by the Khitai merchants lodge Velibaba continue . With reports that even the nobles suffer . In a recent case that embrassed the magicweb operator Merlin himself , an order for a lightsaber was misinterpreted a light sword and a wooden toy was dispatched . Arthur Pendragon was not amused . He was not happy with the regular sword he got with the re-order as well . Embattled with revelations that he was involved in an incestious affair with his sister , Pendragon wants to distract by proving his bragging that he can behead 1000 men at one go ; they have tied people down already but still no lightsabers ... Rumours have it that a Crusade might be in order , to Khitai .
Just gotta hope the taxi doesn't decide to dive underwater or fly away before the trip is done...

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