Cool Pictures from the Mind of a Machine: AI Generated Pictures

Spoiler Not the Ayatollah :




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Adolf Hitler but not Adolf Hitler, and the AI ends up making something like you'd expect to see at an art museum (not necessarily a compliment :cringe:)

What constitutes "AI-generated" art in this thread?
If I use evolutionary strategies or other algorithms based on "artificial life" to create a picture of a person (or something else) using hydrodynamic singularities, does that qualify as AI art?

What if I use an arrangement of hulls like this as a kind of paintbrush that an AI algorithm I write uses to create a picture?
ll4wein.gif just underwent a drastic change so now instead of being a platform to run SD online it's just an ultrageneric glorified filter site. Worst of all, all of my generations have disappeared. 1000s of them, gone just like that
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