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Cordiform Earth

Discussion in 'Yet (not) Another Maps Pack' started by Gedemon, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Gedemon

    Gedemon Modder Moderator

    Oct 4, 2004

    • A conversion of civ5 smellymummy's Cordiform Earth
    • Size : 80x52 (standard)
    • MapName="CordiformEarth"
    • TSL : Vanilla Civilizations and CS only
    • Auto City Naming : no
    • Resources placement: random, fixed
    • Included in Addons
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2017
  2. Gedemon

    Gedemon Modder Moderator

    Oct 4, 2004
    Thanks to user {Access Restricted} on steam, here is the map.xml content updated and with the DLC TSL:

    I'm a bit busy with other mods ATM, I'll update the mod itself when possible

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <!-- ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -->
        <!-- Earth Cordiform map start position -->
        <!-- ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -->
        <!-- Majors -->
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_AMERICA"   X="13" Y="32" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_ARABIA"    X="49" Y="16" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_AZTEC"     X="5" Y="27" />   
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_BRAZIL"    X="19" Y="11" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_CHINA"     X="60" Y="35" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_EGYPT"     X="44" Y="16" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_ENGLAND"   X="34" Y="34" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_FRANCE"    X="33" Y="29" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_GERMANY"   X="39" Y="32" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_GREECE"    X="42" Y="23" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_GREECE"    X="43" Y="25" Leader="LEADER_GORGO" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_INDIA"     X="58" Y="22" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_JAPAN"     X="60" Y="45" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_KONGO"     X="39" Y="8" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_NORWAY"    X="39" Y="38" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_ROME"      X="37" Y="24" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_RUSSIA"    X="45" Y="36" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_SCYTHIA"   X="49" Y="33" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_SPAIN"     X="32" Y="24" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_SUMERIA"   X="50" Y="20" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_POLAND"    X="42" Y="33" />
            <!-- DLC -->
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_AUSTRALIA" X="75" Y="8" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_PERSIA"    X="53" Y="22" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_POLAND"    X="43" Y="35" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_MACEDON"   X="43" Y="24" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_NUBIA"     X="46" Y="13" />
        <!-- Minors -->
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_AMSTERDAM"     X="36" Y="33" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_BRUSSELS"      X="36" Y="32" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_BUENOS_AIRES"  X="18" Y="6" />   
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_CARTHAGE"      X="35" Y="20" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_GENEVA"        X="37" Y="28" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_HATTUSA"       X="47" Y="24" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_HONG_KONG"     X="65" Y="31" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_JAKARTA"       X="71" Y="22" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_JERUSALEM"     X="46" Y="19" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_KABUL"         X="54" Y="25" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_KANDY"         X="61" Y="17" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_KUMASI"        X="32" Y="13" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_LA_VENTA"      X="6" Y="26" />   
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_LISBON"        X="30" Y="24" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_MOHENJO_DARO"  X="54" Y="22" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_NAN_MADOL"     X="74" Y="22" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_PRESLAV"       X="44" Y="27" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_SEOUL"         X="61" Y="40" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_STOCKHOLM"     X="39" Y="38" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_TORONTO"       X="17" Y="36" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_VALLETTA"      X="37" Y="21" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_VILNIUS"       X="41" Y="37" />       
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_YEREVAN"       X="49" Y="27" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_ZANZIBAR"      X="48" Y="8" />
            <!-- DLC -->
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_AUCKLAND"      X="63" Y="5" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_ANTANANARIVO"  X="46" Y="6" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_ARMAGH"        X="30" Y="36" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_GRANADA"       X="32" Y="22" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_MUSCAT"        X="54" Y="18" />
            <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_PALENQUE"      X="8" Y="22" />   
  3. Gedemon

    Gedemon Modder Moderator

    Oct 4, 2004
    From steam:
    <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_INDONESIA"    X="71" Y="22" />
    <Replace MapName="CordiformEarth" Civilization="CIVILIZATION_KHMER"    X="65" Y="23" />

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