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Cornmaster is acting as a tyrant, and it must stop!

Feb 6, 2001
Looking for da man
This is a grave crisis for our nation, my friends.
The voted persident has vanished, and a usurper has taken the reigns of power and ignored the will of the people!

The acting President is behaving far to unilaterally, and should get the people involved IMMEDIATELY!

The people agreed that Leo's would upgrade defense, not that production and time wasted doing it manually unit by unit, a horrible waste of time and effort!

The caravans were to be stock-piled for future wonders, not converted to defensive units, a criminal waste of high production units (50 shilds each wasted! :o )

The Diplo-minister must be consulted about the Zulu question, and the people's will enacted. (The best course is to build a diplo and bribe the city, it probaly wouldn't cost more then 100 gold)

Greater care should have been taken with the free horse, losing it was an unnessisay blow, I had been keeping it aboard ship at the end of turns.

No vote was taken about additional shipping being produced.

Trade routes overseas to other nations are far more valuable then domestic routes, the trade minister should have been consulted before low value routes were established.

Corn is behaving as a Tyrant (in the anciet greek fashion, ruling by decree and usurping the will of the people), and this is against the spirt of our beloved democracy, and must be stopped! :mad:

The people must have the say, or there is no Democracy!

AoA, now living in retirement in Athenae
Shouldv'e looked here first before I said what I did in the turn thread. I WAS under the impression that there should be some votes - perhaps the cabinet members should start some polling - especially the Diplo situation with the Zulus and Military with the Romans.

While I disagree with AoA on the domestic/international trade routes, I DO agree that there could have been some voting on this as well. As Deputy to Internal Affairs, I would have liked to have seen some discussion on these internal trade routes and possibly some thoughts on settler improvement activity.

I realize that votes on so many things can get tedious - perhaps we can set up some queues to keep things flowing.

But don't forget AoA: Those caravans, settlers and marketplaces were put into production during your "economic stimulus package" and not via voting either. ;)
:soldier: Cease your throne! Cease your throne!

;) Perhaps if enough people rebel against the Pres. we can throw him out of office, and/ or force a rebellion in the game.

Seriously, you ministers and governors, HOLS SOME POLLS. If the main person doesn't, than the deputy must.

I declare MARTIAL LAW! :tank:
Wow AoA i never expected you to make such a clear out criticising report on Cornmaster's ruling.No problem though ,i just never expected 2 important figure's within our nation's politic's and 2 long lasting mod colegue's to having such apperant in-game political dispute and having a public confontation in thread form on this forum over it.
Had i been in youre place my first option would have been to adress this matter by pm rather than going so public on this ,as it may be possible that Corn only acted to his best knowledge to rule efficiantly in a time there was no substantial information colected by the gouverment official's on the specific ruling of our empire.And indeed Cornmaster hadn't got enough information on the specific's on how to rule the empire.
That raises 2 question's:
1) Was it smart of Cornmaster to play further into the game?
2) What was the source of the fact that Cornmaster didn't had enough information?

Question one can raise a tough discussion ,as thus i won't voice an oppinion about it yet ,and will await the general reaction of the public.

I think i can ellaborate question 2 ,and i fear that (with all respect to youre person) it somehow partly backfire's to youre ruling.As in my presidential term there was a tradition of holding poll's for every almost every decission ,and at that time there was always enough information on how to rule the nation.That was mainly achieved through the relative fluently working communication's between gouverment officials and the posting of all screenshot's ,poll's and information.But somehow this tradition has gruaduatly diminished trough youre ruling ,because of the lack of information you left youre gouverment official's with you gruaduatly undermind their efficiant working towards the point that it almost looked as if you had to hold One big poll on how to rule the empire.One thread of you ,the one that you propose a general plan to rule the empire because it was in a "crises situation" was in fact the closest thing to Tyrani i ever seen in this game.Not only did you diminished the participation of the public by holding one ruling poll with only 2 option's to choose from at youre interpretation and no alternative for the general public to choose otherwise ,you also did it at a point there was almost no publi information through screenshot's on the current state of our nation.This may see a bit hard for you but atleast i can say that for a "tyrant" youre where a wise despot ,let's even call you an "enlichtend despot" for that matter.
But the fact still is that the responsibilety for the current state of affair's is in some part due to youre misrulership of the dynamic's of the democracy.
But i don't really blame you for it ,only i have my oppinion of my rating of you as a president.The fact is to WIN as a President (or having a very high rating in the long term) you must actualy "play" the game ,and put youre work in it.Good comunications between gouverment official's is very important.I spend a lot of work typing lot's of lengty pm's to gouverment official's on how to organize the internal beraucracy so that it would be effective ,fleuntly with balance in deviding workload while maintaining the democratic side's of the democracy.I can only say that to accomplish that the president must show his leadership ,And a lot of motivation.He must make everything work ,as he is the all knowing boss of the Democracy.Having the experience of being a president you understand what a powerfull position it is.It make's a motivated and hard working president to be remembered as a defender of the democracy.
Anyway ,i hope you will try to get president again to maybe improve youre score :D ,eventually you don't have to take this serious ,it's only a game and if you want a high score you have to put youre time into it and be inventive ,just like with Civ.In the long run i will try to top my previous score to. :cool:
Ah ,for the moment i'm leading. :p

This is NOT a crisis situation :lol: ,relax ,only the ruling president will have to show his capabilety to rule now ,it will be a test for his leadership.Making sure that everything get's done and is democratic.And trying to beinventive to make reform's that are good and don't deminish the democrace.

And we will rate him on it.

As with all the thing's in life ,you cant accomplish something where you can be proud of by doing nothing.


Being a president in the democracy game is a test of leadership.
Originally posted by Kev
But don't forget AoA: Those caravans, settlers and marketplaces were put into production during your "economic stimulus package" and not via voting either. ;)
Not quite true, I polled the public first before taking any action, and if they had refused, I would not have enacted those initiatives.

My final turns were simply carring out what had been voted.

This thread was started in the spirt of Athenian Democracy (with, by a co-incedence, I was reading about last night ;) ), which, believe it or not, our game is similar to by accident, not intent.
For those people, the worst calamity was a leader acting without the people's approval, and even accused their greatest leader, Pericles, of being a Tyrant at one time.
Corn took a little to much on his own, and undid years of planning, without the people's mandate (which I had), a political crime, and a shame for the game.
Ok, whether we have a crisis or not, I don't want to discuss. I'll do my part by polling the production of the cities of Phobos. Then Cornmaster will watch the results, which will point my decision.

I never CHANGED the caravans to pikeman. Once they were completed, I decided to build up our defence. Which is horrible, by the way.

1 obsolete phalanx per city. That's outragious. We need at least two top of the line defenders to fell comfortable. And that's what I did AFTER the other build orders were completed.

I won't not presume to step on a former presidents toes...and that's what I didn't do.

Also, now that we have enemies ON OUR ISLAND, we must act. Leo's is useless if our civilization is in ruins! Strong defence is a necessity. Of course...if the people vote not to continue our production....I will carry out the orders. I made this decision because of lack of polls about the cities. Mainly due to CP Leader/Governor changes. This president is NOT above the law. And I'm not actually the president.....just acting president.
The people must be ever vigilant, lest a tyrant steals our freedoms... :satan:


I feel I did nothing wrong. I mean for gods sake...Bush derailed like all of Clintons plans.....

Dumbass Bush....

But I just changed production once your plan was complete.....

I plan to play another turn Friday night.... Just an FYI.

May I suggest to you, Mr. President, that you PM the governors and Cabinet Members, and tell them to get their SORRY @$$es off the couch and MAKE SOME POLLS.

Ecept for ACM, he seems quite responsible. I am glad I reelected him, too bad we have term limits :mad:

C'mon! I swear, I am going to run for something next election... when are they anyway?
I suggest our President speak softly and carry a big cattle prod, err, stick, and poke the other officials in the back to wake them up and get them making some polls! :splat:
I support our leader! all hail CornMaster!!!

I even made him a cool, music related, sig


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I think CM is doing OK so far, considering our present technical circumstances - a Prez who can't play Civ2 on his comp. And MiA leaders. Do they even know they'd been elected?

Hope our Resident Sadist fixes his problem soon. :o
Hope our Resident Sadist fixes his problem soon

I hope he comes back soon to ,he's a very valued member of the game and i don't want him to feel uncomfortable now he can't serve his role.He always did a very good job in the past ,and was always receptive towards new idea's and aproaches.

I must insist you read the results of my poll "WHat to do" once it is over, because I really think we should elect some deputries for the MIA high brass.

Pellaken wishes to be deputy governor of Deimos and Luna for the time being, he would be a good choice because he can't screw up thhere...;) :lol: :p

But Pellaken, if you don't make polls or do governor stuff, you will be overthrown.
Thanks for the compliments. I had little time to plan the polls because of tomorrow's exam, so suggestions are welcome. Anyway, just doing my job.
Originally posted by Duck of Flanders:
No problem though, I just never expected 2 important figures within our nation's politics and 2 long lasting mod colleagues to have such apparent in-game political dispute and having a public confontation in thread form on this forum over it.
Had I been in your place my first option would have been to address this matter by pm rather than going so public on this, as it may be possible that Corn only acted to his best knowledge to rule efficiently in a time there was no substantial information collected by the government officials on the specific ruling of our empire.

Erm, I think you're missing the point here Ducky. This is a role-playing game as much as it is a game of civ, and I would be very surprised if anyone considered AoA's comments on anything other than with regard to their personae in this game. There wasn't anything personal there - it's just a part of the game! It is a particularly difficult time for our growing civilisation, with our ruler indisposed through technical ill-health and a regent appointed until the return to health we all hope for, and maybe this regent deserves some criticism for the speed in which he has put his personal policies into action, but we must appreciate his willingness to take control of our affairs. For future decisions we hope that the regent takes more account of the thoughts of his people regarding the state of their nation, and emergency elections ought to be held so that we can fill some of the yawning gaps in our administration.
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