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Corporation - Kazakh Inc.

Discussion in 'Team Kazakhstan' started by Sommerswerd, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. Sommerswerd

    Sommerswerd I never yielded

    Oct 10, 2007
    Wakanda Forever
    We should start thinking about which Corporation or Corporation{s} we will try to get. This requires a lot of planning ahead because we will need specific combinations of techs AND a specific great person AND certain resources AND the Wall Street Wonder (to maximize corporate profit/ minimize corporate losses).

    Here is a nice article on Corporations in Civ for anyone wanting to read up on them...

    Corporations: The Power of Sushi

    Anyway... Our Choices are:

    Creative Constructions
    Great Person: Engineer
    Tech: Combustion
    Uses - Stone, Marble, Iron, Copper, Aluminum, :gold:
    Gives - :hammers:, :culture:

    Mining Inc.
    Great Person: Engineer
    Tech: Railroad
    Uses - Iron, Coal, Copper, Gold, Silver, :gold:
    Gives - :hammers:

    Sid's Sushi
    Great Person: Merchant
    Tech: Medicine
    Uses - Fish, Clam, Crab, Rice, :gold:
    Gives - :food:, :culture:

    Civilized Jewellers
    Great Person: Artist
    Tech: Mass Media
    Uses - Silver, Gold, Gems, :gold:
    Gives - :culture:, :gold:

    Aluminium Co.
    Great Person: Scientist
    Tech: Rocketry
    Uses - Coal, :gold:
    Gives - Aluminum, :science:

    Cereal Mills
    Great Person: Merchant
    Tech: Refrigeration
    Uses - Wheat, Corn, Rice, :gold:
    Gives - :food:

    Standard Ethanol
    Great Person: Scientist
    Tech: Plastics
    Uses - Corn, Rice, Sugar, :gold:
    Gives - Oil, :science:
  2. Sommerswerd

    Sommerswerd I never yielded

    Oct 10, 2007
    Wakanda Forever
    Here is the conversation so far (for reference)

    Spoiler :

    Speaking of JewelCo, BTW... I just Checked the Corporation Screen... If we had JewelCo, in just our cities alone we would be making at least 40 :gold:PT while @ 100% tech.
    2:gold:PT for each city + 5:gold:PT to HQ for each city = 77 :gold:PT
    Total Corporation payments = 62:gold:PT
    Assuming the Corporation is in a city with a Bank we would get another 38:gold:PT from the Bank
    Assuming we get Wall Street in our Corporation city we would get another 77:gold:PT from Wall Street. So... 77 - 62 + 38 + 77 = 130:gold:PT

    We are losing 89:gold:PT right now at 100% tech... so 130 - 89 = We make 41:gold:PT @ 100% tech if we had JewelCo in every city (with Bank and Wall Street... more $$ with Shrines Market and Grocer).

    In other words, if we had JewelCo in all of our cities, we could tech @ 100% without needing any :gold: from allies... Which means we could :backstab: at any time without any loss of tech rate.
  3. mikotian

    mikotian Warlord

    Dec 15, 2008
    If we are going to seriously talk about this, we need a full resource count to start.

    Typically, a food corporation is stronger than jewelers is because food = more cottages worked; more specialists. This usually generates more $$ than straight up cash from jewelers. And food = more flexibility as well because we can control which specialists we are running and what tiles we are working. Lastly, more food = bigger pop = bonus to trade and much easier to slave.

    I've had late game single player games where I've gotten like +25 food from Sushi or Cereal. It's insane. In those cities you can slave every piece of infrastructure possible in 30 turns.

    And also, there are usually more food resources on the map than silver/gold etc. Lastly, a food corporation can co-exist with mining/construction in the same city, whereas jewelers can't because they share resources.

    Cereal + mining = teh win
  4. damnrunner

    damnrunner Emperor

    Oct 19, 2005
    Mik is right. A food resource corp is the most important we can pick up. Also they are easy to get as market+grocer lets us run 4 merchants. Following that would be a production corp. However, if we are lacking key resources (oil, aluminum) one of those corps might be better.

    I would avoid jewelers because we already can use Prophets to boost gold production. If we get confu and Judasim shrines in Pavlo each will likely have spread to at least 20 cities. That is 40 base gold and with 215% worth of multipliers that is 126 gpt. Also it is easier to spread religion to other civs in the late game as few will be running theo - however some civs will probably run communism which will block our corporations.

    Lastly, running artist specialists (to pop a GA) does not help the GP farm city much whereas running merchants and engineers is more useful.
  5. Sommerswerd

    Sommerswerd I never yielded

    Oct 10, 2007
    Wakanda Forever
    Here is our current resource count:
    Spoiler :
    1 Whale
    4 Corn
    3 Gold
    2 Fish
    2 Wheat
    1 Clam
    1 Iron
    1 Copper (From TKO w/border pop)
    2 Cow (1 from TKO w/border pop)
    1 Fur
    1 Wine
    1 Horse
    1 Deer
    1 Sheep

    Here are our current resource trades:
    Spoiler :
    From MS:
    Incense, Ivory, Gems, Pig
    MS is also still susidizing us with 75:gold:PT which I did not realize when I did the above calculations... So we need $$$ even more than I previously thought.

    To MS:
    Gold, Fur

    From Cavalieros:
    Incense, Ivory, Spices

    To Cavalieros:
    2 Corn? (Not sure why), Gold

    Current Corporation Payments for Corporation in every city (These change as new resources become available):
    Spoiler :
    Cereal: 62:gold:PT
    Jewel: 62:gold:PT
    Mining: 62:gold:PT
    Construct: 50:gold:PT
    Sushi: 72:gold:PT
    Aluminum #s are not available without Coal

    I think everyone agrees/knows that food Corporations are generally a must have. When playing the AI, I rank the Corporations this way:
    1. SushiCo.
    2. CerealCo.
    3. ConstructaCon.
    4. Jewel Inc.
    5. MiningInc.
    6. AluminumInc.
    7. Ethanol

    However, I try to get the maximum # of Corps in my Wall street city for max profit from spreading the corps every where. I like to call it the Wall-mart (Yes I thought of that myself).:)

    The Wall-Mart(4 Corps in one city) is 1.Sushi(or Cereal) plus 2.ConstructaCon, 3.Jewels, and 4.Aluminum. You can get all 4 corps in one city without any competition between them.

    Constructacon DOES NOT compete with Jewels which is why I like it. The big M is an awsome corp for :hammers: but it competes with basically everything, which is why I usually pass on it. Against the AI, you can make up the difference by getting all the Stone and Marble for Constructacon.

    Ethanol competes with food so I never get it. Plus, Ethanol come too late in the game (w/Plastics).

    Since we are playing humans, we won't be able to spam our Corps, so we need another way to make them cash positive. Generally, Jewel Co is the best way to do this.

    I agree that we need a food corp, I just think we ALSO need to get JewelCo to subsidize the Corporation payments of the other Corps.

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