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Discussion in 'Civ4 - Final Frontier Plus' started by Alornal, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Alornal

    Alornal Chieftain

    Jul 30, 2010
    So I've begun work on 8 corporations, with one so far being successfully implemented. Current implementation is to build the HQs as world wonders, which unlocks the option to build 1 office per system. Some offices provide upgrades for ships, but they will provide those upgrades for your opponent as well. This makes spreading the contractors risky, but profitable. Three new resources are included - Silica, Carbon, and Aluminum.

    The only issues so far include a lack of a corporation button on the main screen, and changing the actual wording from "Corporation" to "Contractor", like how they changed "Religion" to "Value". Also, a crap ton of icon work. I do not know how to make those changes. Also, any suggestions/criticism would be lovely.

    I'm also considering a few civic options to change how the corps work - ie no foreign corps, or no corps at all, ect. Something along the lines of Protectionist, Expansionist, ect.

    As planned:
    Numbers after the dash indicate competing corps

    Aluminum ii
    Gold ii
    Crystals ii
    Carbon ii
    Hydrogen ii
    Iron ii
    Oil ii
    Oxygen ii
    Water ii
    Uranium ii
    Silica ii
    Titanium ii
    Corp 1 - CerComp - 3,4,7
    	Enables Reactive Armor
    		Increased Defensive Strength 40%
    		Increased Offensive Strength 10%
    		Increased Missile Interception 20%
    		Reduced Collateral Damage 20%
    Corp 2 - Hydroponic Productions - 4,5,7
    	+.75 Food for each resource consumed
    	+.75 Gold for each resource consumed
    	+1 Hammer for each Oxygen resource
    	+1 Food with Grain
    	+1 Food with Spices
    	+1 Food with Wine
    	+1 Food with Cattle
    	+1 Food witih Seafood
    	+1 Happiness with Cotton
    Corp 3 - Magnus Metallurgy - 1,5,6
    	Produces Carbon
    	+.75 Hammers for each resource consumed
    Corp 4 - Pur - 1,2,8
    	Produces Water
    	+1 Gold for each Water resource
    	+1 Influence for each resource consumed
    Corp 5 - Reactive Solutions - 2,3,6
    	Enables Aftermarket Thrusters
    		Increased Movement +1/Increased Range +1
    		Increased Withdrawl Chance 20%
    		Double Movement in Asteroids
    		Increased Evasion 15%
    	+1 Hammer for each Oil resource
    Corp 6 - Corgrithan Armory - 3,5,8
    	Enables Auxiliary Blasters
    		Increased Offensive Strength 40%
    		Increased Defensive Strength 10%
    		Increased Collateral Damage 25%
    Corp 7 - Central Circuits - 1,2,8
    	Enables Improved Computers
    	+.5 Gold for each resource consumed
    	+.5 Commerce for each resource consumed
    Corp 8 - InterPawn - 4,6,7
    	+.75 Influence for each resource consumed
    	+.75 Gold for each resource consumed
    Corp 1: Implemented but not polished
  2. PsiCorps

    PsiCorps FF: Babylon 5 mod team

    Dec 30, 2007
    I like the ideas you have here. I have a few ideas for Corporations/Contractors of my own for the Babylon 5 Mod. Those I have decided I definitley want in are:-

    ISN - Interstellar News Network
    IPX - Inter Planetary Expeditions
    IPR - Inter Planetary Restaurants - (Spoo, Brivarii, Flarn and Swedish Meatballs all of which featured in B5 episodes)

    If you can get all of your Corporations/Contractors working I'd certainly add some of them into the B5 Mod and give you full credit.
  3. TC01

    TC01 Chieftain

    Jun 28, 2009
    Irregularly Online

    Nice ideas! Sorry for not getting back to you before this.

    Corporations are something I've wanted to add to Final Frontier Plus for a while now. I'm not sure if God-Emperor had anything planned in that regard, though, so this may be the first work towards Final Frontier corporations so far!

    The reason the Corporation button does not appear is that Jon Shafer disabled it in Assets\Python\Screens\CvMainInterface.py. To fix this, search through that file for "Corporation" in an editor. There will be a bunch of changes you'll need to uncomment. (If you don't know how to do this: in Python, a '#' denotes a comment. Removing the #s from the start of lines will uncomment those lines).

    To change "Corporation" to "Contractor" you will need to search in the XML text files- I would look at the ones for vanilla Civ, as I doubt this is a text key Final Frontier Plus is overwriting.

    The icon work, unfortunately, may be rather difficult. To the best of my knowledge you have to edit Assets\Res\Fonts\GameFont.tga and Assets\Res\Fonts\GameFont_75.tga. I would explain this process better if I understood it better- but you may be able to find tutorials and such in the Tutorials forum. If I'm remembering properly, God-Emperor has a method of doing this that is somewhat less painful than others.
  4. L3gk6

    L3gk6 Chieftain

    Aug 29, 2016
    How far have you done for the Corporations/Contractors. Mainly since I want to play a game with these in FF+.

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