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Corporations - Some Like Em Some Don't


Jul 3, 2006
So, I just played a game as the HRE and had a very interesting reaction from two different neighbors when I sent the Creative Constructions executive into each of their territory.

First, let me back up and say that I've played a few games in BTS so far (just bought it on Friday) and I've noticed that except for maybe Civilized Jewelers, you don't really want to spam these corps across your own empire because of the ridiculous maintenance costs. This seemed like a good rule of thumb, but with HRE every single corp turns a profit... Some more than others, but I'm thinking this has something to do with their unique building the Rathaus? Is that true? If that's the case, then HRE just became my new fav civ. I was turning such a huge profit even while running science at 100% and with my own corps spread across my empire that it made the Financial trait look like child's play.

Anyways, back to neighbor civs:

- America (George Washington) - I sent the Creative Constructions executive into his territory starting with Washington, the capital city. The moment my exec entered his territory (literally the exact turn), he swapped to Mercantalism. A few turns later he went State Property. Ok... so, SOL with spreading any corps to America. :sad: I guess I could try to turn him Free Market or something more agreeable with Espionage as has been suggested in other threads, but not much else I can do with that.

- Rome (Julius Caesar) - After the shut out with my American friends, I turned to Roman cities where Caesar was sensible enough to be running Free Market. Well, I thought I'd have to hit each city with its own exec, but no! I targeted one city and Caesar took care of the rest. He spread Creative Con to all of his cities. :clap: My treasury has been thanking him for it ever since! :king:

I don't understand why America would shut me out and Rome would welcome me with open arms. I should mention that America was the civ with the largest amount of territory in the game and they appeared to be struggling to keep up tech-wise, so maybe that played a part in it. It's definitely part of the reason why he went State Prop. What factors would make a civ totally embrace my corporations though? I'd love to see more civs spread my corps around. I figure Creative Corps is also a "safe" corp to be spreading since it won't give access to oil or aluminum or anything that could be used against me in a theater of war. :thumbsup: Anyone else seen anything like this?
with HRE every single corp turns a profit... Some more than others, but I'm thinking this has something to do with their unique building the Rathaus? Is that true?

Yes. Corporate upkeep falls under the category of city maintenance, so courthouses (and thus the Rauthaus) will lower it.
I love corporations! :love:

I no longer switch to State Property because of them! Even though that's a disadvantage.

Mining Inc boosts production massively and placing Cereal Mills makes my starving, desert and arctic cities get more food in. The added food and production is worth the added maintenance costs as it helps those cities in need and boosts my own.

I don't spread it to others, because I don't want those other dirty Civs gaining benefits from them! I mean, they might not have as much resources as my empire does, but I don't want to give them any benefits. Why else do you think I disable tech trading? I'm the superior person!

Although, I do play this on Settler....
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