Humor is a Good Thing! Glad you didn't take my post harshly, I really didn't mean it that way (I regretted using the all caps part as soon as I sent it, oh well).

Still disagree with ya about how GREAT corruption is!!! I am glad corruption is IN the game, true for many a conquered city it makes sense, but IF you build up the culture and bring in lots of luxuries, most people will be happy to work with ya ... and if you KILL OFF THE CORRUPT PEOPLE the others get the message ... leave the Kings stuff ALONE. SO I do not feel like the TOTAL CORRUPTION HATERS but I do think its a bit excessive.

Keep enjoying the game and the Forum.
I don't know if killing off the corrupted people would solve corruptionn in the real world, wouldn't that just cause a revolution among the people over their oppressive Monarch?
How to Manage Corruption 102.

There's a little-discussed option in the Editor which specifically targets the level of corruption (gold) AND waste (shields).

Find the tab for "Governments". On that page theres a little box with "Corruption and Waste" with 6 levels to choose from for each type of government. Eg. Anarchy has "catastrophic" corruption/waste, Democracy has "minimal". You don't have to be using LWC mod to make use of this.

While the effect of distance from the capital city will still be there, I suspect the level you choose in this tab sets the general severity of the effect. I'm not absolutely sure how it applies to cities on different islands, but I think it will change the corruption no matter where the city is. Maybe somebody will be kind enough to have a look at this and drop us a note about it in this much-loved thread?

Cheers to all.

Originally posted by Immortal
I don't know if killing off the corrupted people would solve corruptionn in the real world, wouldn't that just cause a revolution among the people over their oppressive Monarch?

Depends on how the King went about it. If he was stupidly arrogant, perhaps a revolution does occur, particualy in a more "advanced" society. But if done cleverly, I don't think so. Just be sure to reveal the "treachery" of the corrupt, how they Stlole from the People their Luxury's, how the cost of corruption was weakening the Glourous Nation to the Threat of the EVIL Neighhboring civs ... works every time. History is full of this sort of thing for many many years. The key is making the corruption costly to not just the King or the nation, but to the people as well (eg their Luxury's, or their safety).

The only time this sort of thing DOESN't work is in more modern, open, educated societys. AND even then it sometimes does (eg, Hitler and modern Germany, and Joe McCarthy in the US in the 50's).

But you do have a point in that excessive Whipping (pop rushing) would generate problems eventually. And now with 1.17 they show that. But what I was thinking mostly was that one built up the culture and especially the luxury's to get around the corruption, and the bit about repression (killing the corrupt) was a bit on the dramatic side, and really meant to imply (and perhaps I should have directly said) Stern Justice for the corrupt- build courthouses and Police Stations as well as the culture and the luxury. A few Public Excutions occasionally would stress the point. (And if a few were innoncents, well, its for the greater good of the nation, right? {KIDDING} THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE A PROMOTION OF CAPITOL PUNISHEMENT).

But anyway, historically, repression has worked for long periods of time, and across many cultures, up until fairly modern times, say the last 200 years of so, out of roughly 6000. You are right that it could be taken too far, which is why I have the temption to drag the conccopt of pop rushing into it. But the level of repression to reduce corruption is I think of a lower level then that used in pop rushing, which I more equate to slavery, like say the construction of the Pyrmids (in classic imagination, the workers pulling the stone blocks up the inclines, driopping like flies in the heat, etc etc). Harsh justice, even with capital punishment,would actually kill far fewer then pop rushing implies.

Enough! I must return to rebuilding after the successful war against the Greeks. The Iroquios are a Clear Threat to our Survival as A Great Nation! The People must Sacrafice for the Greater Good! WE MUST complete the next Great Wonder before they do! So we need more shields produced in our City!

etc etc!
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