Cothon not healing naval units?


Jan 17, 2006
Las Vegas, NV
My understanding is that Phoenicia's Cothon is supposed to fully heal any Phoenician naval unit that heals within the city's borders. However, I was playing around in a Hot Seat game against myself (testing some competing strategies), and noticed that my Biremes are not fully healing. Only the normal +20 HP heal for being in friendly territory is being applied, even though the city has a Cothon.

Am I misunderstanding something about the ability? Does the unit need to be in the city center tile? Or does it need to heal on the Cothon tile? The Cothon description does not seem to imply that either should be required, and that it should be sufficient for the naval unit to perform the heal in any tile that is owned by a city that has a Cothon.

Is this a problem unique to hot seat? Or is the Cothon heal not working? I haven't been able to test it in single player yet, since none of the A.I.s are bothering to build naval units in my current SP game. Is this ability working correctly for anyone else?

As a somewhat tangential side question: Is the Cothon intended to only heal Phoenician units? Or will it also heal other friendly / allied civ and city state units? I can't exactly test this either, if the heal isn't working to begin with... :/

Sorry, forgot to include the patch number in title. Hopefully a moderator can update the title?
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