COTM 02: Spoiler 2: End of Middle ages

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  1. Rallonian

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    Aug 12, 2003
    Open Class

    I didn't keep a turn log or realy too much track of dates but here's what I can remember.

    I entered the middle ages a couple of hundred years before Christ, several techs in front of my nearest rivals. I was aiming for a conquest victory in this game but after seeing the amount of one tile islands around the place I decided to try for domination. This decision was also influenced greatly by the fact that I captured the Temple of Artimus in Cuzco, enabling me to easily fill in the spaces on that continent.

    I started by researching engineering, fuedalism and then invention, hoping to get to Leo's nice and early. The research with this worked well, each taking about 4 turns (I was in my golden age) but I realised that I should have commenced my pre-build much earlyer. I didn't get Leo's until I was several turns off military tradition and I didn't realy have the cash to upgrade too many horseman to knights before this. After getting those first three techs I went for theology and then chivalry hoping to upgrade my horsies but was kind of hampered 'see above^^^'. The bee-line to military tradition then went smoothly, researching it a while before my rivals even had knights. Research then stopped for all time.

    I started on spain with about 10 knights and managed to take them out rather quickly. France was easy but hordes of incas were swarming upon me from the north, attacking me by suprise and putting the worlds inevitable demise back several years. During the attack on France I researched Gunpowder and was distraught at the lack of saltpeter! I went on a hunt while continuing my conquest with little ol' knights and eventualy found some on english lands. When I was about half way through the Inca I sent two knights accross the water and took the town that resided near it easily and rushed a harbour. My knights, who were now becoming extremely battle weary after fighting for over 500 years were stripped of their armour and handed guns. They seemed to take to these well and within app. 5 turns the entire left continent was mine (except for London. I wanted to keep this as if it was taken the english capital would move to Newcastle, a city on a one tile island. With conquest still in mind at this point I went and took the islands I could from the english and then sued for peace, taking Newcastle in the deal. London was then swiftly despatched of.)
    I then moved my cavalry to the Zulu lands. It took several turns as I was using galleys, not wanting to research education to negate the effects of the Temple of Artemis, caravels were out of my reach. The galleys did have 5 movement however because of seafering trait and Great Lighthouse so this wasnt too bad.
    The Zulu impi fell quickly to my cavalry (I learnt from the mistakes of the Brittish) and I rushed temples and/or libraries in the cities to fill in the gaps. Egypt was nearly dead from earlyer Zulu wars and I took their cities as they came in view. Maya was basicaly left untouched appart from several southern cities that helped the domination limit along nicely.
    Towards the end I was getting easily about 5 percent of the world land area a turn, resulting in a domination victory in 860AD. I beleive this date could have been much earlyer had I a) Begun the pre-build on Leo's much earlyer, b) Been aiming for domination all along and c) Secured the saltpeter earlyer (I kinda forgot to check after I got gunpowder for a few turns as my head was filled with 'Cavarly are comming soon. Cavarly are comming soon. Cavarly are comming soon.')

    Firaxis Score: 6443
    Jason Score : 9903 (just missed 10000 :(...Again!)
  2. DaveMcW

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    Oct 8, 2002
    Great job Kemal! :goodjob:

    It looks like your strategy of irrigating everywhere put you ahead of me in growth and research.

    Re: governors. I absolutely hate micromanaging my empire every turn. I'll run a couple settler/worker factories, but I refuse to check every city. So every city that I'm not watching gets a governor. They almost always pick the optimal tiles; if they don't I turn them off.

    I usually check cities when they grow or when a worker improves tiles in their radius.
  3. klarius

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    May 30, 2004
    I want to chime in a warning for lousy empire builders like me. Dave can use the governor because his cities are well placed. He has even given up his quite strong but not ideally positioned first capital. I would probably never think its the right time to do that, just to get a more regular and nicely spaced empire. So for the mortals it's probably back to the tedious MM.
  4. Abegweit

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    Aug 6, 2003
    One step ahead of the authorities

    Regarding the Great Lighthouse and trading across sea squares, this has been around for a long time. I have to believe it was in the game from the beginning.

    I definitely remember benefiting from this in one of the early GOTMs. I forget what number it was, or even what civ we played. I believe it was the first one with volcanoes. In any case, the situation was this.

    It was an archipelago map. You start out on a small island with several other islands to the east, one of which belongs to the Egyptians. All the other civs are far far away. There was one lux on the home island and two more on others. I built the Great Lighthouse and do know I had all three luxes once I built cities on the other islands.
  5. Capt Buttkick

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    Mar 6, 2003
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    I thought twice about posting in the second spoiler cause my MA were boooring. I don't want to put you to sleep :cool: After a fairly quick AA (entered MA around 800 BC), I didn't have any help from the AI in the MA :mad:

    I did two major mistakes w/r to teching (left my usual sci pattern completely, don't know why...): researched bottom half of the tree and I waited too long with Chivalry and/or MT.
    When I got to metallurgy I went to the top end w/o researching Mil trad. The AI were way too far behind to research it anyway and didn't get MT before a couple of turns were left of my IA. So the first half of my MA wars (against the Spanish and the French) was slow due to fighting with Longbows and MIs.

    After I got knights I steamrolled the Inca with their pathetic spear defenses and went pretty quickly for the English saltpeter city (both of them declared on me while I was recouperating from my Spanish/French war; the Inca a turn before I got knights :lol: ), taking it and sealing the western continent's fate by mass upgrading to Cavs (Leo's really helped me this game).

    I secured the western continent, filled in the culture gaps and tried to speed up research, seeing I had to do it all alone...

    Entered IA around 1050 AD.
  6. DJMGator13

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    Jan 20, 2004
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    Link to AA Ramblings

    Since I am pursuing a Diplo victory I have been trying to keep a fast tech pace going.

    450BC found MIDDELBURG
    410BC FRA & INCA in MA also so I gift/trade everyone else to MA also
    150BC build Great Lighthouse
    130BC found DELFT
    IBT to 110BC ENG learned Feudalism
    110BC learned MONOT set to THEO in 29

    70BC TRADE: MONO to INCA for FEUD / sell MONO to ZUL for 83gold
    30BC found BREDA & LEIDEN
    90AD found DEN HELDER
    130AD trade for LIT

    230AD ENG declares war on me with 1 warrior – kicking off my GA
    270AD TRADE THEO to ZUL for CHIV and 40 gold / sell THEO around except to ENG & EGY
    280AD found HARLINGEN
    400AD learn Music Theory / sign Peace w/ ENG / TRADE Education to ENG for PPress 56gpt & 280gold

    440AD found ENSCHEDE
    460AD learned ASTRONOMY
    520AD learned BANKING
    560AD trade for ENGIN

    Forgot to write down the years on learning – but I’ve hit a stride and I am learning techs in 4-6 turns

    750AD CHEM
    810AD Physics
    860AD Theory of Gravity
    940AD Metallurgy – Entered IND AGE - traded for Free Artistry & Navigation

    I’m a little behind schedule but I think I should be able to catch up using the ToE swing.
  7. Drazek

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    Mar 12, 2003
    Well done! I replayed and got only 440CE Domination even with additional knowledge.

    BTW, I got leaders called Matrix and Ruud van Nistelrooy!
  8. samildanach

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    Mar 27, 2003
    South of Heaven
    My game started quite well. I found the 4 turn settler spot founded Amsterdam and everything went smoothly. I found the islands with the resources, got out to them quick and when the Spanish built the SoZ I was primed to mash them - they fell quickly.

    At this point I realised I didn't have gun powder, I also wanted to start bleeding the Incas. I opened up two fronts one against the english and a land war on the other side vs inca. The english fell easily and i got the saltpeter. On the other side I kept a strong defensive position killing about 30 inca horsemen with next to no losses. The incas were also engaged with the French and managed to destroy them and taking their resources.

    Understandbly, you might think, I had high hopes of conquering the Incas fairly easily given the attrition they had suffered. But not a bit of it, I sent in 50 knights against the incans and lost them all. I managed to take all of one city from them. This city I subsequently lost in a flip taking a knight army with it. :)

    This game should have been over in 600 AD with a comfortable domination victory. But no I found myself still playing a game that should have been over. I found myself asking God why had he forsaken me? I found myself drop kicking the neighbours dog back over the fence when he desecrated my lawn when normally I just reprimand him "bad dog!" I found myself cancelling direct debits to various charities - those free-loading African orphans - its about time they stood on their own feet!!

    Anyway I changed my plan of attack after the Incans over ran my English possesions along with the twenty cavs i had rushed over there to try and hold them. And decided to go for the zulus and Egyptians. The zulus fell easily- the Egyptians less so. But still pretty easily.

    i'm in the industrial age now and at war with the Mayans. I probably will not submit. I just played 20 turns tonight so I could read this spoiler.
  9. Dianthus

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    Mar 26, 2003
    Woking, UK

    Spoiler 1: Ancient Age (4000BC-590BC)

    Spoiler 2: Middle Ages (590BC-1255AD)

    I've got some time, and want to start CGOTM03, but I can't. I haven't written up my final spoiler for CGOTM02 (y'all know about that rule, right?). So here goes, though this is going to be a little brief ;). [Edit: Was intending to be brief. Turned out OK after all :)]

    My un-editted 590BC minimap is as follows:

    I completed the change to The Republic in 530BC and continued researching towards Military Tradition. It's pretty obvious what I was planning. It took me a while to realise the location of the only reachable saltpeter prior to Navigation though. I could have learnt Military Tradition in 490AD, but since I couldn't get saltpeter yet I had a change of plan. I was intending to upgrade lots of Horsemen to Cavalry and start with Spain and work my way up. Instead I upgraded lots of Horsemen to Knights and ferried them across to take the Incan city of Nottingham. Hang on, Nottingham-Incan? At this point I think I ought to show what happened to the English.

    Here's a minimap at 620AD just after I've taken Nottingham:

    I was deperate to hold on to Nottingham, and didn't want to lose it to flips, so I worked out how many Garrison troops were needed (this was before I added the Flipping tab to CRpMapStat). At this point it was 137! By 680AD I had got rid of the resistors, stopped the riotting, lost a couple of population, and it was down to a more managable 28. From this point I made sure I had the required number Garrisoned to ensure 0% flip probability. In 680AD I started attacking the rest of the Incan cities, initially quite slowly as it took a while to upgrad my Knights/Horsemen.

    From this point on it was just a succession of short wars. The Incans were finished off in 840AD:

    The French by 920AD (ironically I wiped them off the other continent in 900AD, but had trouble removing their last city from my own continent!) :

    The Spanish were wiped out in 1000AD.

    Next were the Zulus. At this point I was still thinking I might go for Conquest rather than Domination. I had used ROPs to explore the Zulu/Maya/Egypt continent, and wasn't worried about my reputation any more, so did a sneak attack against the Zulus. Unfortunately I hadn't realised that the 1 tile island I was planning to extort for peace was size 4, and it became their capital before I stopped for peace :(. I didn't have much time left at this point, so just settled for yet another Domination. In 1130AD I captured the penultimate Zulu town, and started straight on the Egyptians:

    The main Eyptian towns were captured by 1190AD:

    I took a bit of time at this point to heal the troops and quell the resistors, then finished off by taking 7 Mayan towns in 1 turn to cross the domination limit for an score of 4617 (8259 Jason) in 1255AD:

    Highdesert will be interested to know that I had quite a few flips:
    800AD : Machu Picchu flipped to Incans. Had 2.8% chance of flipping.
    800AD : Vitcos flipped to Incans. Had 2.9% chance of flipping.
    810AD : Huamanga flipped to Incans (0.6%).
    820AD : Corihuayrachina flipped to Incans (6.0%).
    1150AD : Alexandria flipped to Egypt (7.3%)
    1200AD : El-Amarna flipped to Egypt (2.1%).
    1220AD : Ulundi flipped to Zulus (0.85%).

    Here's a graph showing my horse-based units.

    I've just realised I didn't mention armies! I got 7 MGLs, 1 used to rush my Forbidden Palace, the rest for Cavalry Armies. All of these were on the Inca/France/Spain continent, so I only populated them with 2 Cavalry, then added the 3rd just before the Zulu sneak attack. My GA was from 810AD to 1010AD, though that's not too obvious from this graph as I was losing a fair number against the Incans and French.

    Here's a graph of my Naval units.

    It can be seen pretty clearly that not many of my Curraghs survived to get upgraded :).

    And just for completeness here's a graph of my non-military units:

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