COTM 07: First Spoiler (End of Ancient Age).

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  1. ainwood

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    Oct 5, 2001
    This is the First Spoiler for COTM 07: Austria.

    The qualification for this spoiler is that you have reached the middle ages, have contact with all civs on the starting continent, and have sufficient map details that you have the majority of the coastline, and as a minimum you have the location of the capital cities of each civ on the starting continent.

    The game is a little different as it is quite crowded (in terms of having 12 civs on a standard map). How did you adjust to this? Did it hinder you, make you change your play style, and were you able to turn this to an advantage?

    In terms of the gameplan as a whole, what were your strategies? Do you have a victory goal in mind, and what strategic decisions did you make to support this goal?
  2. StanNP

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    Jul 7, 2004
    Worker headed North and Settler headed West. I noticed the desert on the other side of the Mountains to the north and sent the worker north again hoping to find a floodplain. This showed me the game/forest tile to the West (NNW of start) so I sent the Settler north and settled across the river SW of the game. Settler moved 3 times to get to that location, but it turned out to be the closest food bonus in the area.

    Gameplan was to get to Mil Tradition quickly then push back against the local civs.

    France got the Iron, horses, dye and gems to the Southwest, but I did manage to settle on the hill with two cows directly north of the starting location. This settler factory was the 3rd or 4th city I founded. I also got one of the silks from Germany to the East of the starting location.

    At then end of the QSC I only had a few cities (7?) but did manage to get a Philosophy slingshot to Monarchy. I did not have Polytheism or Code of Laws when I researched Philosophy but I managed to trade for Poly inter-turn so my bonus tech choice was Monarchy. I think this ended up being a good choice with all the warfare which occurred later in the game.

    Russia and Germany had a war for most of the Ancient age that left them both weak on infrastructure. They finally made peace just before I my Philosopy slingshot. I then built embassies with all the known civs (Russia, Germany, France, Otto, Rome) and started a war with both Rome and Otto and then got Russia, Germany and France to declare against them both.

    This went well for a little while. Germany and Rome went at it in the East and France and Russia sent a few units down to fight the Ottomans but with little effect.

    Then France stabbed me in the back. :mad: I think that was the end of the Ancient age.

  3. eldar

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    Apr 19, 2004
    Mechanicsburg, PA
    I had a fun AA. Reached MA in 70BC:

    3950 Vienna founded on hill to N, nothing more interesting around.
    3450 Contact France, up Alphabet, down WC, no trade.
    3350 Contact Germany, up BW, down Masonry, no trade.
    2710 Grr. Germany somehow manage to get Alphabet the turn I do. Salzburg founded.
    2670 Contact Ottomans. Down lots.
    2430 Contact Russia. Sell Alphabet for BW+24g.
    2310 IBT: Spain knocks, will sell Pottery.
    2270 Buy The Wheel for seems a good price, only get Pottery+17g for it though.
    1870 Innsbruck founded.
    1475 Graz founded.
    1300 Krems founded. Snagged silks away from the French :)
    1100 Writing comes in. Nobody has CoL, Spain even gives me Mysticism for it - so not wasted, then. 3-fer presents itself, Poly from Ottomans for 160g+11gpt, get IW and Maths. Rome, Ottomans up Construction. I'd like to research Philosophy, but I'll be beaten to it, I fear.
    1000 Landeck founded. The Germans are looking aggressive. There's not much more room around.
    975 Germany and France are fighting!
    950 Philo lost, the free tech taken was MM. Switch research to Monarchy. My, Bismarck is crazy… fighting Rome and Ottomans as well as France!
    900 Lienz founded.
    875 IBT: Russia joins in on the Germans!
    730 Kufstein founded.
    610 IBT: Russia and Germany sign peace.
    510 More trading. In comes CoL, Map Making, Philosophy. Constr too expensive, Monarchy unavailable.
    490 BiscuitBarrel founded.
    450 IBT: Spain declares on Germany.
    430 IBT: Germany and Rome sign peace.
    310 I successfully boot the German forces in my territory. IBT: DoW vs Germany after I move my stack into his territory.
    290 Leipzig razed. IBT: Rome DoW vs Spain.
    270 Eisenerz founded where Leipzig was.
    210 Berlin captured.
    130 First GL: Mack. IBT: Spain and Germany sign peace.
    110 Hamburg auto-razed.
    90 IBT: Rome & Spain and Germany & France sign peace.
    70 Frankurt captured. Thanks, France (for wearing down Frankfurt's defenders then signing peace)! Sign peace with Germany for Construction+1g. Do a deal with Joan for Currency and I enter the MA.

    Neil. :cool:
  4. Bezhukov

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    Dec 8, 2004
    This is my first COTM and first post to these forums. Didn't take detailed notes, but a couple thoughts:

    Wow, great map! Lots of fun resource strategy - really brings out Austria's strengths. Speaking of which, Austria seems uniquely suited to the Feudalism govmint, as does this map (peaceful builders will be outpaced by the surrounding scientific civs...).

    The early contacts let you get enough techs via trade to get into the MA quickly (w/o monarchy or repub), at which point I did a min research on Feud and saved up money to upgrade all my Warriors to Mace. Had enough to get about ten right away, with ten more over the next few turns. Under Feudal govmint, could keep cranking units without any support costs.

    Underestimated my strength or I would have taken out France first (tried to wage a culture war on that border, which, with AI build advantage, I lost). Instead easily took out Rome with French help, but only got one decent city. Would have build more mil, less culture if I had to do it again, but the Feudalism from Despo worked well.

    Weird stuff: Germany took out Russia's second city, so I had a couple barb uprisings coming from the north that drained a good bit of the treasury. Despite this, Russia came back strong and a late MA sneak from them was my biggest setback. Currently headed for Domination around 1600ish (I'm still a builder at heart - not used to non-commercial civs and all the corruption).
  5. Birdjaguar

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    Dec 24, 2001
    Albuquerque, NM
    Welcome Bezhukov. :)

    I don't usually play above Monarch, so this one was a little stretch.
    My plan was to expand as quickly as I could, but keeping troops in towns to deter any quick strikes by the expected close neighbors. I moved my settler west to the river and built there.

    At 1000 BC
    5 cities with 11 population
    156 in territory
    178 points

    I controlled:
    2 iron
    1 incense
    1 gems

    I had built:
    1 barracks
    1 temple
    1 granary

    I had a brief war with France that helped me secure their iron. I was behind in tech then and have continued to be ever since. As my neighbors grew and outpaced me I made it my goal to work settlers into any nook or crany that opened up. War began in earnest across the entire continent: Russia vs Germany; spain vs Germany; Ottomans vs Russia; France vs spain etc. Lots of multiple alliances. I freely offered rights of passage to everyone and stayed out of over 1500 years of warfare. When ever space opened up I built a city.

    It's now 1280 AD, I'm researching Invention (no one will trade techs to me). The first RR appeared in Ottoman land at 1180 AD and the Our continent is populated by Germany, Ottomans, Spain and Austia. The wars ended as rifleman appeared in AI cities. I have pikeman and horseman. I am building all the cultural stuff I can to save myself from losing too many more cities to flipping (I've lost 2 so far) out of 24. I expect that the end is near. I pay all tribute asked and still have right of passage agreements with everyone. They all need my land to get to their cities which are spread all around the continent.

    My goal is to lose via space race or UN victory. But, at some point, someone will jump me and the dogpile will begin. It's been great fun.
  6. eldar

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    Apr 19, 2004
    Mechanicsburg, PA
    It's a tough game, with all the crowding. At one point I had AI units crawling all over my territory to get to Germany. That's not something I've really experienced before (I've not played the recent Deity game yet), it needed a lot of holding of breath, and patience. My patience was rewarded because Germany didn't crack, didn't lose a single city, but militarily was stuffed by the time I walked in and steamrollered them down to 1 city.

    Neil. :cool:
  7. Doc Tsiolkovski

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    May 4, 2003
    Köln, Cologne, Colonia. Finally.
    Predator, SG rules.

    Moved around a bit, but after not seeing anything great I settled at the non-bonus Grass 2 NW form the original start - and upon founding see the Game in reach after culture expansion. Nice :).
    With Japan not in the game, but almost any Civ starting with Pottery, I begin The Wheel at full speed (this game should be all about Horses).
    Found the 2nd city on the Incense Hill W (2310BC).
    Scout around and find Germans, France, Russia, Rome soon; no tech swapping possible, tough; everyone knows my techs.
    Not the first to The Wheel, but can still get several techs. Minimum on Writing, while having gpt deals with several neighbors to keep them off my back - but they were all pretty busy fighting anyway:
    France, Germany, Russia vs. Rome
    Russia, Ottomans vs. France

    The nice thing here was that they always razed the cities, so I could found 2 nice cities (Silks and Cows) towards Rome in the rubble, and one towards France and Russia.

    Prebuilt the GLib (min on Lit), and prepared a decent stack of AA combined arms. Declared on France, signed in Rome (they had just made peace with Joan, and without Iron, the French Swords always went for them), Ottomans were at war with France until the end anyway, and grabbed all French cities except two in the S (Ottomans).
    310AD I built the GLib (and did indeed need it...), and enter the Middle Ages.

    What worried me a bit was the tech status of the American Civs; no contacts at that time, but judging from the Wonders they built, and the size of their cities, they should be way ahead of us Euros...
  8. Offa

    Offa Bretwalda

    Feb 3, 2002
    Charles V was in a belligerent mood. He had trudged westwards for hundreds of years in search of fine lands and apart from a river and some venison had found nothing good. His advisor offa, a shadowy figure, had convinced him that the way forward was to crush his enemies and extract learning from them without delay, even though he hadn’t met anyone yet. A mythical seer called SirPleb had apparently said that rash violence was foolish, but what did he know? So Charles made his plans. A gleaming new barracks was constructed and an army of archers steadily built up. He sent them off with stirring words and pride in their hearts.

    Who knows what really happened then? Maybe the men were dispirited when they heard that the people in Vienna had rioted on 2 occasions. It is rumoured that they had spent too much time playing football when they were supposed to be training. The annals do recall that one archer regiment fell in the assault of Orleans, which was burnt to the ground. Before the French could play for this defiance with appropriate reparations, Paris was captured by the Russians and the French nation disappeared. A second archer cohort shamefully died in a barbarian raid. Then 4 more died in an attack against the Russian defenders of Paris, killing not a single spearman.

    After this debacle Charles called angrily for his advisor. What was he to do now with no army, only 2 miserable towns and hopelessly behind in science? But offa was not to be seen. Rumour has it that he had taken on a part time management job for the Russians himself in an ethereal otherworld called sgotm. The poor Austrians had to fend for themselves in a treacherous world.
  9. dmanakho

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    May 5, 2004
    US, NC
    That's good one Offa!!! :)
    I have had quite few laughs reading it.... but what happened to Austrian's next???
    Will we hear from Charles and his shady advisor Offa again in the next spoiler?
    or was that the end of Austrian nation?
  10. MiniMe

    MiniMe For Glory

    Jul 29, 2004
    Oslo, Norway
    Ancient Age strategy was to build whatever cities I could and at the same time build up an army to rule my neighbours as soon as possible. In my last games my early army has normally consisted of swords, while horses havent played a role until a little later. Reason being that warriors cost 1/3 of a horseman and upgrade very nicely for 60g to a swordsman. So I have kinda taken a liking to the little hairy fellows. So on to the game:

    Opening moves
    I moved my worker north. Seems like river to north west is the best direction so move settler that way. Move worker north again to the mountain and notice the game. I have found my site. I settle in 3850BC just south of the game. I irrigate one of the plains first then move to chop the game. The game chop finishes right after second warrior is ready. I start granary. First city created in 2390BC to the north next to two cows.

    Research and exploration
    I start with zero research. Want to meet some of my neighbours first to see what they have to offer.
    By 3100BC we have met in order of appearance France, Russia, Germany and Rome. We trade to established tech parity. We have all the first level tech.
    We start writing on minimum.

    3350BC - trade with French for pottery giving warrior code.

    3200BC - trade with Germans for bronze working giving potery. We get 10g.

    3050BC - trade with Romans for alphabet giving masonry and pottery. We get 5g.
    trade with Russians for ceremonial burial giving alphabet. We get 20g.
    trade with Germans for the wheel giving masonry, alphabet, ceremonial burial and 10g.

    In 2590BC we meet the Ottomans.
    In 2550BC we meet the Spanish.

    2270BC - trade with French for mysticism giving 116g and 1gpt. Trade it around for some cash.

    1950BC - trade with French for writing giving 180g and 1gpt.
    trade with Germans for iron working giving writing. We get 8g.
    trade with Romans giving writing. We get 118g.

    1625BC - trade with Spanish for mathematics giving writing and 8g.
    I set max research on philosophy, skipping the republic slingshot as code of laws would take a long time and someone would for sure beat me to philo.

    1450BC - discover philosophy and get code of laws as free tech. Next is republic on min.

    1300BC - trade with French for mapmaking and horseback riding giving code of laws.
    trade mapmaking and code of laws for around 300g.

    1150BC - trade with Ottomans for construction giving philosophy, mapmaking, code of laws, 188g and 8gpt.
    Its a monopoly price but once they trade it around I will have no techs to offer. And republic
    is still 38 turns away.

    1025BC - trade with Russia giving Construction. We get 236g.

    825BC - trade with Spanish for polytheism giving construction.
    710BC - trade with Romans for currency giving polytheism, philosophy, construction, 4gpt and 7g.

    We enter the Middle Ages in 710BC!

    QSC stats:
    7 cities with 17 citizens
    1 settler
    7 workers
    6 vet swordsmen
    15 vet warriors
    271 gold
    4 barracks
    1 granary

    We have 246 points in world ranking.
    Missing Currency, Polytheism, Literature and Republic (32 turns)

    Until 1000BC I always caved in to threats but from then on I took on a harsher policy. Ottomans demanded gold in 975BC and I say no. They declare. This one should be defensive only. I already saw a couple of turns earlier that they were also fighting Romans so hopefully they are busy. I give Ottomans peace in 750 and also get 161g.

    First French War (975-850)
    Our fantastic swordsmen take Orleans in 925BC and with it horses and dyes. In 850BC I move in my swordsmen towards Lyon, and I make peace for 3 cities (inc Lyon) leaving French with 2 cities. 4 cities for 1 dead swordsman is not too bad. I feel I have pruned them sufficiently and gotten 2 cities that with some time will be productive. I move my forces north to hopefully do the same to the Germans.
  11. SirPleb

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    Jan 1, 2002
    Nanaimo BC Canada

    Going for a 20K victory.

    What an interesting map! The crowded start and lack of bonus tiles made this map at emperor level feel tougher to me than GOTM37 felt at deity.

    Opening Moves

    I began by looking for more food. I moved the worker north and then the settler west. Next turn the settler and worker both moved west, still finding nothing. Next the settler moved north to leave the hilly region and saw the deer forest. I decided he'd settle there, waiting for border expansion to claim the deer. The worker went northwest to begin by mining the tile northeast of the city.

    My worker mined the northeast grass, then roaded it, then moved NE to irrigate the plains (necessary to bring water to the deer), then moved to the deer forest, chopped it, and irrigated it.

    In the meantime Vienna built warrior (3500), warrior (3300), granary (2750), settler (2510). A slow start.

    Exploration and Contacts

    A French warrior came near my capital in 3700BC before I'd even built my first warrior.

    Next Russia wandered past in 3300BC.

    Then Germany showed up in 3100BC. It was starting to feel like a very crowded world. Each rival had arrived near my capital from a different direction. It seemed that Austria was in a central position between a few other Civs.

    In 3000BC one of my exploring warriors found the Ottomans. Before they found me for a change :)

    In 2950BC a Roman passed the capital. Vienna was starting to feel like Grand Central station. At least there was little reason to be concerned about barbarians - any that popped up were likely to be smacked immediately by a visiting rival.

    I thought that was it for local rivals but of course kept exploring. Not terribly well it turned out - a Spanish unit discovered my territory in 1475BC.

    Five Civs who discovered me, one which I discovered. Feels like a record of some sort :)

    I'd have liked to get some boats out exploring. But haven't built a single one by the end of Ancient Times. I have only two coastal cities so far and other needs have seemed more urgent - I haven't felt that I could afford to divert production to boats yet.


    The capital, with its granary, would need the irrigated deer only every other turn to grow every four turns. So my second city went north of the deer to share them. That city, Salzburg, built a worker and then a granary. It took a long time before that was running but eventually, in 1400BC, I had Vienna and Salzburg both growing every four turns.

    I chose the hills NW of the gems for my third city. It would become my cultural center. That location had good production potential - 2 BGs, 2 hills, 4 mountains, and 5 forest tiles which might have BGs underneath.

    The land quickly became crowded of course. I decided to push my neighbors' borders. I built cities near them on a few fronts and rushed culture, figuring I could at least keep even with their culture at emperor level and perhaps even push them.

    When I entered the Middle Ages at 230BC my world looked like this:


    I began by researching Pottery at maximum to be sure I'd be able to build a granary.

    After learning Pottery in 3200BC I ran at zero research for a while - I'd already met two rivals and expected to do some trading soon.

    In 3000BC I already knew four rivals and was able to trade not only for Alphabet, but also for Ceremonial Burial, Bronze Working, and some gold. I then started research of Writing at the maximum rate.

    I learned Writing in 1575BC. Russia learned it at the same time. The other Civs were progressing so quickly that it seemed pointless to try for a Republic slingshot. So I traded Writing to get Mathematics, Iron Working, Mysticism, and The Wheel, then set my research to Philosophy.

    In 1250BC I learned Philosophy, took Code Of Laws as my free tech, and started researching Republic. I'd have preferred to hold back Philosophy but very much wanted gold. Extortion had depleted my treasury and I wanted to have enough funds to satisfy further demands if necessary. So I traded Philosophy for about 280g.

    In 590BC I learned Republic and flipped to it immediately. I got a nice four turn anarchy.

    In 510BC my first warrior (still exploring) saw a pack of barbarian horsemen. Clearly an uprising, and that meant that two or more of my rivals were in the Middle Ages.

    In 430BC I learned Literature and flipped my prebuild to Great Library. It was near completion so I stopped researching.

    In 250BC I completed the Great Library and in 230BC it gave me Currency, Monarchy, Construction, Feudalism, and Monotheism, bringing me into the Middle Ages.


    I don't know of any warfare so far in my world.

    I've given in to a lot of extortion though: Germany, Ottomans, and Russia have each extorted gold once; Rome and Russia have each extorted tech once.

    If ever I've been tempted to refuse early game extortion it was when Russia demanded Republic from me in 510BC. I really wanted to hold that back for a while, both to slow the AIs' progress and to keep it as a bargaining chip for later. But refusing them would have been silly I think - they'd almost certainly have declared and war would have been more expensive than giving up Republic.

    Culture Squeezing

    I've been pushing my settlements against the other Civs.

    One reason is land. The start region is cramped. If I can push my neighbors culturally then I can gain a bit of land peacefully. Perhaps I can even convince some cities to flip to me.

    A second reason is luxuries. By settling aggressively close to my rivals I gained gems early on, wines from Germany near the end of ancient times, and I'm still fighting with France for dyes. I had squeezed the dyes from her before I switched to Republic but during my anarchy France gained enough in the culture race to reclaim them. I expect to be pushing them back soon.

    I haven't had a culture flip yet but remain hopeful. My culture is about 3 times that of Russia and Rome, 2 times that of France, even with Germany, and will be accelerating soon with the addition of libraries.

    Going for 20K

    Innsbruck, my third city, is my cultural center.

    First it produced a temple with the assistance of three forestry operations.

    Next it worked on a wonder prebuild. To keep its production up I had it use the remaining forests - I'd grow it by adding workers from other towns. It hasn't been producing at a very high rate yet though. I'm also trying for high score and the tough start has meant that workers have been in high demand throughout my lands. I haven't felt that I could afford to join many to Innsbruck yet.

    I have completed the Great Library in 250BC. I expect that's the only ancient wonder I'll be getting. Still, it is an especially nice wonder for the 20K goal.

    QSC Status

    At 1000BC I had:
    8 towns, 18 population
    7 workers, 5 warriors
    2 granaries, 2 temples
    263g in treasury
  12. Flambeaux

    Flambeaux Chieftain

    Dec 1, 2004
    I don't understand how anyone survived to the Middle Ages. I spent just over an hour of real time before I was wiped off the map -- circa 600 BC, IIRC. It was my first COTM, and the first time I'd played above Regent. Usually, I'm a happy builder in Chieftan -- so this was well out of my league.

    My hat is off to those of you who not only managed to survive, but thrive it that very hostile world. Reading the spoiler thread is more enjoyable than playing at that level, for me.

    Thanks for setting this up. I'm headed back to lurking, and playing in my sandbox. :)
  13. klarius

    klarius ... !

    May 30, 2004

    Started with worker n, settler w. Finally settled in 3850 adjacent to game.
    Science 100% the wheel hoping to get a trade bait.
    2 warriors first, then barracks.
    This changed to granary after a big trade round in 3300.
    We acquired pottery, alphabet, CB and BW, but used our whole economy for that.
    France, Russia and Germany are the currently known trade partners.
    But we continue full research on loans, hoping the best ;) .
    Meet Romans in 2950. They can only give 4g for pottery, but we need every coin currently.
    Meet Ottomans in 2800. No trades.
    2590 we discover the wheel and can trade mysticism and some badly needed gold -> writing
    2310 Salzburg founded on hill by the cattle.
    2110 trade for writing and IW. This leaves us only halfway broke this time. -> CoL
    1870 trade for HBR and can make some coins by trading it around.
    1790 Innsbruck settled on incense.
    1725 finally meet spain. No trades.
    1575 Buy math and trade it around.
    1400 settle Graz. Will try to culture attack a german wine.
    1375 settle Krems. Stealing the french gems.
    CoL completes. Trade for MM and polytheism. Recall curraghs for upgrade. ->philosophy
    1250 France beats me to philo by 4 turns. Buy it and trade it around. ->literature
    1225 settle Landeck in the south.
    1050 settle Lienz north of cowtown Salzburg. It's getting really crowded.

    In 1000 BC I have
    6 cities
    15 pop
    2 granaries
    2 barracks
    6 warriors, 2 archers, 2 galleys
    1 settler, 5 workers, 1 slave
    researching literature, missing currency, construction and the governments

    975 settle Kufstein. Stealing french iron.
    925 discover literature->republic. Others have construction already, but cannot afford it.
    800 ottomans declare after rebuffed extortion. Ally the backwards romans. French are in MA.
    750 settle Bischofshofen towards the russians. Suicide galley finds new land.
    Cathy declares the next IBT. Ally France against Russia and Ottomans.
    650 Raze first russian city. Reliefs pressure on Bischofshofen.
    550 Can trade for construction on the other continent (I held back until I had two contacts there), raze another russian city.
    470 discover republic and revolt for 3 turns of anarchy.
    450 trade for currency on the other continent and enter MA

    Our tiny empire at the beginning of the MA:

    We are still at war with Russia and Ottomans (phony). Still in anarchy.
    The plan is to end the russian war soon and then continue with Germany.
    The Great Library in Berlin shall allow us to save some money for upgrades.
    We are second in culture on our continent behind France.
    So we will try to capture the other nations first and keep their cities.
    This will take quite some time.
    With the pyramids on the other continent, I won't get a lot of population.
    So I don't expect a really high score.
    I will go for conquest or maybe domination if I get bored before.
  14. denyd

    denyd Emperor

    Oct 31, 2001
    Chino Hills, CA
    Mursilis sat reviewing the telemetry of the soon to be colonized world. “This looks like a challenging world, maybe one that calls for a unique leader” he thought. As his eyes scanned the data of this new planet, his mind was sifting through the potential commanders, when a radical idea popped into is choices. He tapped the intercom “Theodora, would you bring me the file for Charles of the Austrians and get me a status of his current location and availability”.

    Charles was pleased to be selected for such a challenging assignment. As he sat in the control seat of the stasis chamber, he studied the landing site. It was nothing special, lots of mountains to the west and a river with a few hills to the east. “Might as well take advantage of the river,” he thought.

    The village of Vienna had sent forth it’s first warrior-scout to the north and was in the process of building a barracks when the first other tribe was met. The Russian people had accomplished little more that the Austrians and were only willing to trade Bronze Working once the second warrior-scout had met the French to the west. Adding the Romans to the mix, made a deal with France for Alphabet possible. Soon the Spanish, Germans & Ottoman Empire would be added to the list of tribes sharing the island with Charles’ people. The scientific advance of Horseback Riding allowed Charles to dictate trades with the other nations from a position of strength for the first time and he did not waste the opportunity to regain technological parity with the world. Mathematics, Writing, Ceremonial Burial, Pottery, Mysticism and Iron Working were all acquired and the Austrian treasury had an ample supply of gold for the first time.

    Charles sat with his advisors for this first time with a new atttitude.
    “Gentlemen, most of the available land has been settled. Soon it will be time to for us to expand via the sword. We must make preparations. I believe Russia is the most attractive target. They have a source of dyes and horses and would provide us with a single front campaign. Please make the suitable arrangements to begin this endeavor as soon as possible.

    The Roman ambassador strutted into Charles’ office like a giant red peacock and demanded gold as tribute as the Germans and Russian ambassadors had done in past meetings. Charles simply declined their demand and sent them away. However the Roman Ambassadors rudeness was excessive and culminated with a declaration of war from Rome against the Austrians. Mounted troops meant for Russia were quickly dispatched from the north and began patrolling the southern border with Rome. Meanwhile, war was declared against Russia and the Austrian Swordsmen made quick work of the defenders of Rostov and razed the city. With the capture of Moscow the Russian leader quickly arranged peace with the Austrians giving up Construction & Polytheism and a pair of slaves. In the south the Austrian horsemen waited for the Roman archers & warriors to move from their defensible hills and mountains and then slaughtered them on the plains southeast of Vienna. The acquisition of these new technologies allowed Charles to wheel and deal again and he soon acquired Map Making, Code of Laws, dyes, another pair of slaves and gold, though nearly half of the gold was lost to Ottoman & German blackmail.

    The discovery of literature in 430 BC by the Austrian scientists once again led to Charles entering the trade market and returning with Monarchy, Republic and Currency. This would usher the Austrian people into the Middle Ages along with the French and Ottoman peoples. The future looked brighter than once expected for the Austrian leader. Though currently in anarchy, soon the Austrian Republic would be born and with troops once again assembling in the north, Catherine would soon be losing some more cities to the Austrian blade.
  15. julia

    julia Chieftain

    Mar 17, 2002
    COTM07 open

    my worker and settler moved north. i planned to settle on the hill at the river, but sending the worker another tile north revealed the dear nearby, and i changed my mind and setteled on the plains to get the dear after cultural expansion.

    vienna build three worriors, which i sent exploring and then a settler (if i remember corectly). salzburg was build 3 tiles north, to get both cattle after expansion. salzburg and vienna both build settlers, and grainaries as soon as i could trade for that tech. after that they would build mainly settlers, and barracks/spears in between.

    i started min research on alphabet, but could trade for it before finishing my research. after that i went to writing at min, but two AI could beat me to that by several turns.

    beating and beating me
    i had several setbacks during the ancient age. first of all i could not get one prefered settlement E-E-SE from my capital. leipzigs borders expanded just as my settler reached the place. so landeck was founden in the south, without luxuries nearby. second the russian beat me with Linz. i wanted the spot one north of it, but again, they were one turn faster than my settler. the other setbacks have been in research: i did not make it to phillosophy in time, as two other AIs got the tech just in the same turn as i, denying me my bonustech. the other thing was litrature. i was planning to have a nice prebuild in vienna, build the GL and have lots of cash to upgrade my units and wage war. when i was 4 turns from litrature two other AIs got the tech, with the ToA not beeing build. i decided that there was no chance to escape the cascade and stopped my project.

    due to the lack of the GL i entered the middleages a little late, in 210BC. that was after the first german war (470BC-210BC), which netted me hamburg, leipzig, berlin, frankfurt, heidelberg and MONARCHY. before signing peace with the now weak germans i traded for poly from the ottomans (something like 12gpt & 200g, all other civs had the tech), and pressed monarchy from bismarck. i was able to trade the the tech for all remaining ancient age techs and entered the middle ages.

    my plan for the middle ages is to go straight for cavalery. as i now controll the ToA (in paris) and the oracle (in berlin) the discovery of theology will be delayed as long as i can...

    screenshot from 975BC:
  16. Ambiorix

    Ambiorix Prince

    Jan 2, 2003
    I started with moving the worker north, and on seeing the plains tile, moved my settler NW to get the plains in my initial radius. Reason : the plains tile is 4 turns faster to mine than the hill, so having an extra shield 4 turns earlier makes up for the time lost by moving the settler.

    Without a food bonus, and a potentially very crowded map, I wanted to emphasize production as much as possible. So I went barracks first followed by archers. Eventually 7 archers would be built in sequence before Vienna crancked out a settler in 1675BC (turn 53), but by that time Paris and Rheims were already mine. :)
    A consequence of that strategy is that I didn't do any scouting. I only learned about the existence of Spain, when the AA was nearly over.

    I attacked France in 2110BC (turn 41) with 6 archers (against spearmen), capturing Paris and destroying Orleans. Rheims, gold and techs were obtained in the peace-process after that. I didn't want to eliminate the French completely : they were now a weak opponent (1 city left) from whom I could extort more techs later on.

    While building up more force to attack Germany, Caesar declares war, and a slow-going war starts in which 1 German and 2 Roman towns are destroyed. A great leader rizes in one of those battles, and forms an archer-army later on.

    I hardly did any tech-trading, getting all techs in peace-deals. I held back on Horseback riding for as long as possible, so I could build cheaper chariots, and upgrade them later. The AA lasted until the early AD's for Austria, although the other civs on the other continent got there sooner.

    Initial wars with France, Rome and Germany were archers vs. spearmen.
    Later on that became archer-army and chariots vs. spearmen.
    Ottomans were attacked using horsemen and archers.

    By that time I had also sent out some suicide-galleys to make contact, and I was wondering on how to get troops over there eventually, without needing to research the upper tech-tree during the MA. That question was answered when Spain built the Lighthouse, but that's for the next spoiler.
  17. horragoth

    horragoth Chieftain

    Aug 18, 2004
    Worker North to look out, then follow Settler
    Settler West, West, settled in 3900 BC.
    Research Pottery (100%), build Pyramids initially, switch to Granary as soon as getting Pottery in 3000 BC, further build Warrior, then Settler

    Next research goal was 50 turn Writing, then fast Republic slingshot if it can be managed. I was unsuccesfull so I stay despot a little longer, which was probably good due to wars that occurred.

    Since the food was scarce, I postponed building further settlers quite a bit in my first cities, generally producing them at city sizes 4+, to maintain high production. Meanwhile the cities built Barracks and units

    1425 Romans DOW, ended 1125, we got Pompeii
    1300-1200 War with France (Archers), destroyed Tours, captured Paris, got Marseilles.
    1225 Osmans demanded tribute, War, 1025 BC we paid 20 GP to consolidate

    QSC status
    Dianthus QSC: 5438
    Score: 228
    Culture: 174 + 6 cpt
    Gold: 443
    12 techs known
    8 cities, 23 citizens, 110 tiles
    5 workers, 1 slave
    3 Warriors, 6 Archers, 4 Spearmen
    2 Barracks, 2 Granaries, 2 Temples
  18. Karl_t_great

    Karl_t_great Chieftain

    Jan 15, 2002
    The Plan:
    Crowded continents mean You need to first fight for owership of Your continent. On the other hand You do not have to invest in expansion so much. I planned building military early, taking the nerest enemies with a sword rush (hoping to have iron nearby this time).

    My intention is to play the "spartan" code:
    - target victory: domination
    - at emperor and so many civ's I'll only do early science and later concentrate on the second hand market.
    - lean cities pop <6, mostly barraks,walls + temple (mainly for border expansioin) and maybe marketplaces in the core.
    - forget the GW's, let the enemy build them.
    - whipping govt (depo/feodal), whip units only outside the core
    - offesive army, first swords then knights/Hussars, plus some artillery

    I hope to get the domination before the hussars get outdated (ie. before AI gets infantry).

    The story about AA:
    - the starting loc does not look too good, no bonus, no lux, setteled on the hill to N, decided to build granary in the capital.
    - went for the Philosofy slinshot, succeeded, allthough I had very little benefit thereof.
    - Austria's cental location was very good for the early tech trading, While building warriors I managed to save some cash for the upgrade.
    - Hooked up iron in the south, the frensh took the on in the west (actually two), the germans were about to get the one in the north. Except for the spanish rest of the civ's on the continet were out of iron ar 1000 BC.
    - Sent my swords to germany, to my pity the super resource city in between iron and horses was trashed, and I had to build another setteler (my last one -- brought the total to 5). I took leipzig in the east, and setteled for 2 other cities at 900 BC.
    - The romans seemed vulnerable without iron, so my swords went to south all way to rome. The romans were able to build some legionaries, but were again whitout iron by 300 BC. Meanwhile a suprise iron popped rigth next to vienna - I now controlled 3 iron, and decided to play resource denial.
    - The germans built the artemis,so I went back to NE with my 30+ swords, and took the remaining german cities.

    Status at the end of AA:
    - controlled the NE of the continent, with 16 cities, 40 swords, 10 catapults, doing 10% science, 10 entertaiment with very lean cities (1-2 improvments max) making 35 gpt.
    - My map only extended a little past my borders, the frensh have 2 iron very close to my border (my next target), the germans have been terminated, romans are very weak, russians suffer a lack of iron as well, i suppose the ottomans are bying their iron from the frensh.

    I do not know about the AI agression setting, but the AI seems lame (and peacefull), allowing me to attack them one by one. I think that AI does not adjust to crowdedness, but keeps building settelers far too long.
  19. Kuningas

    Kuningas Deity

    Aug 15, 2003

    I had worst early game ever in C/GOTM series. In 1000BC I had two cities. As my goal is
    20k, most of the resources were concentrated to build culture in Vienna.

    3850BC: Found Vienna 2 tiles N and 1 NW of start. Worker irrigate plains NE of Vienna
    then chop and irrigate deer.

    Production in Vienna:
    3650BC: Warrior.
    3450BC: Warrior.
    2710BC: Granary prebuilt with the Pyramids.
    2470BC: Settler.
    1990BC: Temple.
    1750BC: Join two foreign workers to Vienna.
    IBT 1325BC: Barb horse kill one worker. I'm down to one worker.
    1000BC: The Pyramids. Vienna size 10.
    530BC: The Great Wall. Wonder triggers despotic GA. There isn't other wonders available. Despotic GA isn't
    total waste in GA capital produces 30 spt.
    430BC: Colosseum.
    IBT 130BC: GA ends.
    130BC: The Great Library.
    110BC: Enter in the Middle Ages. 716 culture in Vienna.

    3650BC: Meet French.
    3400BC: Trade Warrior Code to Russians for Pottery and 20 gold.
    3250BC: Trade Masonry and Pottery to Germans for Bronze working and 10 gold.
    3100BC: Trade Warrior Code and 46 gold to French for Alphabet. Trade Alphabet to Russians for Ceremonial Burial.
    Begin max research on Writing.
    2750BC: Meet Romans.
    2630BC: Meet Ottomans.
    2430BC: Trade Pottery and Masonry to Spains for The Wheel and 26 gold.
    1830BC: Trade Writing to Russians for IW and 25 gold. Trade Writing to Ottomans for Mysticism and 57gold.
    Trade Iron Working to Spains for 75 gold. Trade Writing to Romans for 63 gold. Trade Writing to Germans for 25gold.
    It is uncertain to success in the Republic slingshot. I research directly on Philosophy.
    1750BC: Trade 232 gold to Germans for 2 workers.
    1400BC: Learn Philosophy and get free tech Code Of Laws. Trade Philosophy to Germans for Mathematics. Sale Mathematics to all civs.
    Begin min run on the Republic.
    1325BC: Trade Philosophy and CoL to French for Polytheism.
    1150BC: Trade Code of Laws to Spains for Horseback Riding.
    1125BC: Trade CoL, Philosophy and HBR to Russians for Map Making.
    590BC: Trade for Construction.
    450BC: Trade for Literature.
    110BC: The Great Library gives Currency, AA goverment techs, Monotheism and Feudalism.

    2430BC: Founded Salzburg 3 tiles NW of Vienna.
    1475BC: I refuse to Ottomans demands. They DoW and sign MA with Romans against us.
    1150BC: I give CoL and Philosophy to Ottomans for peace.
    1050BC: Romans sign peace treaty. In both wars I lost one warrior.
    1000BC: Russians DoW us. I immediately upgrade 6 warriors to Swords.
    900BC: Raze Russian city Yekaterinburg.
    850BC: Give Peace to Russians for one city.
    670BC: Founded Innsbruck.
    410BC: I DoW to Germans. 8 Swords enter cultural border.
    370BC: Capture Frankfurt.
    330BC: Capture Hamburg.
    250BC: Capture Graz.
    210BC: Capture Berlin. Give Peace to Germans for Heidelburg and Konigsberg. Germans are down to one city.
    150BC: Dow Ottomans and capture Leipzig. They had conquered Leipzig 1000 years ago from Germans.
    110BC: 11 cities. All culture buildings in Vienna. 4 barracks. 11 Granaries. Pretty weak.

    screenshot is from AD years:
  20. magritte

    magritte Warlord

    Aug 29, 2004
    The ancient era did not go very well for me. I had only six cities at the end of the ancient age and only about 6% of the world's population 430 B.C. Way down in last place in score, barely over 200. I didn't handle the tech tree very well--I was much too indecisive. And as a builder by preference, I didn't start with the archer rush on someone which is probably the winning strategy. In fact, I had no wars at all throughout the era.

    When I started, I was thinking that I should try and get to monarchy quickly, so I researched ceremonial burial. The French and Germans, unfortunately had no interest in trading for it, but I managed to get bronze working from the Russians in return for Masonry. Continuing on the rush to monarchy theory, I researched Mysticism, and I think I picked up alphabet. In view of the fact that nobody had writing yet, and was rewarded with some more techs--the wheel, pottery, horseback riding. I should have tried to slingshot to Monarchy. However my kingdom was so tiny (I built my 3rd city in 1150 BC), I lacked confidence in my ability to grab philosophy first, so I went after philosophy after writing and grabbed Polytheism as my free tech instead. Bad choice...most of the civs already had it. I was able to get Map Making in return for Philosophy + cash, so I did that and picked up Iron Working & Mathematics for map making. I then went for Lit & was able to trade Lit+something for construction, so I went after currency and well...exited the ancient age still in Despotism. Probably should have gone for feudalism, since luxuries were scarce, but I was too stupid and began to research Monarchy while my opponents were already beginning to get the Medieval techs. Yikes!

    I built Vienna on the hill north of the start position and my second city on top of the more northerly silk. City #3 went northwest of Vienna, unfortunately not on the river because France had hemmed me in. Both Salzburg and Innsbruck were only one space away from enemy cities. I probably should have approached this by a military build-up, but instead I tried to fight them off culturally and built temples in both cities immediately. Cities 4, 5 and 6 went north of Vienna on the other side of the mountains by the cows, southeast of the silk city by another cow and finally another city further southeast near the close of the Ancient Age. I was trying to build a 7th city on the coast so I could build galleys, but barbarian invasions were making it difficult to get up there and it didn't get settled to the medieval period. Again my claustrophobia was answered with temples and libraries not troops, so I exited the ancient age with a very weak military. A couple horsemen, four or five spearmen and some warriors. As a result of weakness, I was caving to the demands of the Romans and Ottomans, and just letting everybody wander all over my territory. The Russians were fighting the Ottomans and Germans in my territory most of the time.

    Despite this unpromising start, things have improved drastically in the medieval period and I'm actually pretty confident I can win this game now as of 450 AD.

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