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COTM 121 Ottomans Demigod - 1st Spoiler - End of ancient times

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of the Month' started by Più Freddo, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    This thread is for your reports of events and progress in COTM 121 Ottomans Demigod up to the date where you are able to research a Medieval tech.

    There was no pre-game discussion, so I hope someone downloaded this game at all. How was the starting location? Were you able to expand properly?

    Do not read or post in this thread until you meet this condition. You may reveal Medieval bonus techs from the end of the last Ancient turn and discuss your plans for continuing the game.

    Please do not post information here relating to later dates, and please only post maps of your home area and no minimaps.
  2. Kuningas

    Kuningas Deity

    Aug 15, 2003
    4000bc Istanbul
    2670bc Edrine
    2430bc Bursa
    2310bc Iznik
    2070bc Uskudar
    2030bc Izmit
    1830bc Aydin
    1700bc Antalya
    1575bc Konya
    1450bc Sinop
    1375bc Kafa, Ankara
    1275bc Salonika
    1250bc Mugla
    1175bc Denizli, Bolu
    1075bc Urfa

    4000bc Masonry, BW
    3300bc Pottery
    3050bc Alphabet
    2550bc The Wheel, WC
    2030bc IW
    1910bc Mathematics, Writing, CB
    1625bc Philosophy, Literature
    1450bc Map Making, Mysticism
    1375bc CoL
    1200bc HBR

    3050bc Romans
    2550bc Mayans

    2270bc Horses
    2070bc Incense
    1910bc Wines
    1225bc Gems
    ????bc Iron

    QSC Stats:
    16 towns, 1 city
    47 pops
    47 gold
    All AA techs except Poly, Mona, Repu, Cur, Cons.
    1 settler
    31 workers
    3 warriors
    4 Granarys
    3 Libraries
    1 Barracks

    1000bc screenshot:

    975bc Mayans learn The Republic :mad:
    875bc The Republic
    710bc Learn Construction from Romans
    630bc Currency, Polytheism
    Free AA tech is Engineering.

    I'm thinking to go fast for Sipahis. Meanwhile conquer Romans and Mayans with horsemans. Oversea contacts may need Navigation/Magnetism. Luckily Mayans built MoM and Pyramids, if I capture those I can trigger my GA with any great wonder. Possible victory condition I don't know yet.

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  3. Memento

    Memento The World is mine

    Apr 2, 2003
    Fastest COTM ever for me. My Easter eggs: Barbs from Hut by culture, Barbs from the NW.
    Stop playing 2800bc
  4. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    Barbarians can emerge when a Goody Hut is popped by cultural expansion if you possess at least one military unit and is not expansionist by nature. At Demigod, chances are they will.

    The only exception to this rule is when founding a new city next to a Goody Hut. Then no Barbarians can emerge.

    Sorry about your bad luck! The real Easter Egg can be opened only in the beginning of the Industrial Age.
  5. Memento

    Memento The World is mine

    Apr 2, 2003
    NP, s h i t happens.
  6. hth

    hth Warlord

    Oct 13, 2009
    According to the table in this topic, chances are 75%. Damn, it is unfair dangerous!

    May be GOTM designers should avoid to place huts close than 3 tiles of starting point?

    PS Can anybody supply a similiar table for latest PTW?
  7. templar_x

    templar_x usually walks his talks

    Jun 15, 2008
    on a learning curve

    Worker on cow, don´t see anything. Settle in place.
    Interesting. Wheat appears. Coast turns out to be a lake in the SW.

    First build a rax, so that a settler stays possible.
    3550 expansion givs maps.
    See 2nd city position with another cow
    3350 found 2nd town 2w1SW
    2750 meet Rome, get Alpha
    2550 granary in Istanbul, 4-6 SF prepared
    2310 found 1E2NE (not the wisest choice as i learn immediately)
    2190 granary in Edrine, 5-6 WF prepared
    2110 2NW3W
    1990 worker who desovered more cattle in the west is destroyed by barbs
    Found 1N2NW
    1830 2 curraghs finish
    Writing in
    1750 3SE
    Lots of barbs approach my WF :eek:
    1700 settle by the wines
    One curragh sunk
    1675 improvements pillaged by barbs, one town sacked
    1650 wines connected
    1625 Rome knows Writing
    First rax built
    1575 meet Maya who still lack Alpha. Trade for 1st tier techs. Find horses already connected.
    1550 found 1S4SE
    1475 CoL in
    1425 connect gems as 2nd lux
    1400 f…ing lose my colony again. Grr.
    1350 Philo in… and… REPUBLIC!!! Yes! Not the greatest slingshot date for sure, but it sufficed.
    1325 reestablish the colony. Revolt for 7 turns anarchy 
    1275 build incense colony
    1125 after losing half their invasion force to a vulcano eruption, the Romans still declare on me or no reason… and take a lightly defended border town.
    1050 recapture border town with a bit of luck, see first legion.
    1000 stats:
    45 pop, 3 cities, 8 towns
    1 settler, 11 workers, 2 slaves
    A few troops
    Republic+Lit, only lacking the Maths-path
    3 luxes, horses+iron
    Contacts+embassies with Maya+Rome, otherwise again no suicide ship made it through.
    107 land

    925 early e vics give no MGL, now first legion at the front.
    875 i trigger their GA, gift them techs for WWs, and make peace with Rome.
    610 see that Rome gets cocky again. Gift a border town to yet to them unknown Maya. Take the Mayan Mona monopoly tech in a fake PD, break the deal and take a couple of their towns with a RoP-rape. That was already in preperation, but Rome made me take up speed here. The Mayans seem especially weak, given their strong city positions. Obviously they suffered hard under barbarians. They can muster hardly any units! And even core cities are not connected!
    I manage to take 5 towns in the first turn, 2 of them undefended! Unfortunately fail to take the capital by a margin… but it builds a wonder anyway.

    Pyramids and MoM standing in the Mayan capital makes it a no 1 target, so that any own wonder build will start my own GA!

    However, even though the Romans now even stand in Mayan lands!, they still do not show them so that i could ally them against them
    590 grrr. Now Rome got Monarchy from Maya. Still ally them against them, for gpt. Let´s see what happens.
    Take Chichen Itza
    530 war with Rome still seems inevitable… connect 4th lux.
    4 new ships again try to find a path over the seas.
    IBT: 3 out of 4 ships sink 
    Of course the darn Romans declare 
    490 galley sees land on the horizon for the first time!
    470 galley sunk 
    Out of anger i forgot to make notes for a few turns now. Somewhen entered MA. Drew Eng.

  8. greatbeyond

    greatbeyond King

    Jan 7, 2002
    Just starting to get serious about getting back into the GOTM. My continuing thanks to Piu Freddo for doing the bulk of the work on keeping it going.

    Ottomans on demi-god seemed like it might be doable. However, ...add me to the list of people unhappy with the goody hut near the capitol. I suppose if I had left my Warrior in the capitol he might have stood a chance against the three barb warriors. As it was he was far enough away he couldn't get back to intervene. Result, settler 3 or so turns from production destroyed, population went from 3 to 1. As Memento did, I almost stopped playing at that point, especially after meeting Rome before this and the prospect of war against Legionaries. But I persevered, only to lose the race to Republic very early to the Maya who also were building a lot of cities and wonders. Restless barbs on demi-god are like raging barbs on lower levels. Just after the settler debacle, a barb camp popped up near the capitol and presto, the 16 or so horsemen of doom showed up.

    I did my best to curry Rome's favor and it seemed to work. I blocked them off near the choke point and have not had to fight them off. If only it was the same story with the Maya who moved on me with a lot of units just as I was finishing up filling up my part of the continent. If I had not taken the time to pick up Iron Working, it would have been all over. As it was I lost many swordsmen to Javelin Throwers on the Mountains, but I couldn't afford to let them get near the capitol for better attack odds on hills, or grassland. I got peace for 2 gpt, and then just as the 20 turns was up guess who shows up with an even bigger stack of units including Mi which he must have just completed. Luckily I had filled up the mountains with spearmen and swordsmen and was able to hold them off. In the meantime I bribed Rome with Currency and open borders. The huge Roman stacks only made it to the battleground before the Maya took peace with Rome. Approximately 10 turns of Roman non-support for Currency, I feel like I was robbed. As it was the Maya decided they would take peace with me and actually paid a small amount of lump sum gold and a few gpt. Why they did so, I don't know. In my experiences this is unusual given their power rating vs mine.

    Now I am behind, even though I did build the Great Library, and subsequently met all the AIs. The real beast in this game seems to be the Portuguese who are way ahead in techs of everyone and when I met them had almost 5000 gold in the bank.
  9. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    I'm sorry you had such problems with the Goody Hut. The idea is that since it is quite visible, you adapt your play to it and wait a few turns with building the first military unit. Then a better result is guaranteed.

    Regarding the slingshot, it is never easy on Demigod.

    Keep going, remember the Easter Egg in the early Industrial Age!
  10. greatbeyond

    greatbeyond King

    Jan 7, 2002
    I learn something every day. I was not aware the lack of having a military unit influenced the result of popping a goody hut.

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