[C3C] COTM 132 Inca Regent - 1st Spoiler - End of ancient times

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Jan 26, 2005
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This thread is for your reports of events and progress in COTM 132 Inca Regent up to the date where you are able to research a Medieval tech.

Do not read or post in this thread until you meet this condition. You may reveal Medieval bonus techs from the end of the last Ancient Age turn.

Please do not post information here relating to later dates, and please only post maps of your home area and no mini-maps.
Obviously my 1st post ever of this kind.

It's 90BC and Gandhi just came to me and sued for peace(he DoW) so I got Lahore out of the peace treaty, taking my city total to 17. I need more workers!!!

I didn't get any Medieval bonus techs so I'm not sure what I did wrong there.

No clue how to post a map of my home area but according to victory conditions I have a whopping 8% of land area.
I'm not sure if I have time to finish this one, but I am giving it a go without time for note taking.

I settled in place, researched The Wheel, hoping to trade / pop Alpha. The first GH gave a conscript warrior, who set of to explore with the starting scout. I didn't build another scout. I met the Portugese, and traded for Alpha, so after the completion of the Wheel I researched Writing, CoL, Philo and got the Republic slingshot. All other 1st tier techs, and the 2nd tier HBR, Mysticsm, IW I got from popping huts. After the Portugese I made contact with China and then India.

I switched to Republic with maybe 5 or 6 towns, and Portugal tried a sneak attack with just two warriors. I had already hooked up horses, had barracks completed and had a couple of vet horses to dispatch the warriors. After building up a force of vet 6 horses I quickly finished off Portugal.

I then turned my attention to China, who similarly put up little resistance.

On the tech front, I traded for Maths, and researched Poly and Construction. All other techs except Monarchy were obtained from popping huts.

I entered the MA around 850 / 825 BC, I have just started a war against India, but I have kept my forces down to about 12 horses. As I haven't found the other continent yet, there is little point in pumping out horses. So I will probably research directly towards Navigation to try and find the other Continent, but pump out workers and settlers and head for a domination victory. There is still a lot of unsettled territory on my continent.

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