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Aug 24, 2013

In Conquest of the month 163 you are Tokugawa. You rule over the empire of Japan, who are Militaristic, Religious, and already know The Wheel and Ceremonial Burial.

While worshiping in the Shinto shrine, Tokugawa felt the spirits of the ancestors all around him. He was there before dawn because of a dream he had that felt important but one he couldn't remember. A beam of light surrounded him. He felt knowledge pass to him from the spirits. There were others in this world he hadn't met yet. The ancestors urged him to deal with the people who call themselves German, Chinese, Iroquois, Viking, Zulu, Persian, and Egyptian wisely and cautiously. A small map of the area of the world his people lived in filled his mind.

COTM Japan 163.png

The ancestors whispered "We can help you a little with knowing the world, but the rest is for you to discover. The world is standard size. It has continents with several islands and the world started with 70% ocean. You have normal temperature and climate. The world is 4 billion years old. Barbarians are sedentary." Tokugawa's mind spun with all the information. He graciously thanked the ancestors for their gift. The presence of the ancestors slowly moved away from him. The light around the shrine began to fade. The world around him plunged back into the darkness before dawn. Right before the glow of the shrine faded, he felt one last gift from the ancestors. An image of a warrior unlike any other.


"The Samurai" Tokugawa whispered. He knew he couldn't make the warriors at the moment, but was not discouraged. The ancestors knew what they were doing. He was confident they would help him discover the secrets that would allow him to train such a warrior. Tokugawa thanked the ancestors one last time. The darkness around him faded as dawn arrived. Tokugawa quickly left the shrine, glad that morning had finally come. There was much work to be done with so little time...

Time Plan
  • The game will be released on April 1, 2023
  • Submissions are due June 30, 2023
  • A moderator will add the game release page link shortly
This game was created by me, MrRandomGuy. This map is somewhat of a challenge with expanding your empire, especially with the feisty neighbors you have.

Spoilers and discussions are free. Use your judgement!
Japan is a great civ for either war or culture building. They are a little weak in the research department, but this can be mitigated with successful tech trading. Super rich starting location. I see no reason to move and will settle in place.
20k culture victory comes with it's own set of decisions. The Statue of Zeus will send you into an early GA before you even have the Samurai.
What are people's thoughts on culture flips? I came back to civ 3 to try to experience playing a GOTM, but a 2.2% flip caused me to lose a samurai army and some additional samurai healing inside a city. It's just so demoralizing and I put the game down despite it being technically won.
That’s a bummer. Move units out of captured cities or raze and replace them. Starve them, rush Settlers for ICS. And/or maintain cultural superiority. At a point where you've won a lost army shouldn't be much of a deal?
What are people's thoughts on culture flips? I came back to civ 3 to try to experience playing a GOTM, but a 2.2% flip caused me to lose a samurai army and some additional samurai healing inside a city. It's just so demoralizing and I put the game down despite it being technically won.

Most of the time flips happen in my favor. When they don't - depending on the situation - I'll raze and replace. Don't quit the game though! The city won't be well defended prior to Nationalism. Just send more units to take it back.
What a good place for a 20k game. Maybe I should…

Spoiler :

4000 BC
Settle in place
Goody hut gives pottery

3600 BC
Kyoto builds a temple

3150 BC
Kyoto builds a granary

2790 BC
Discover Alphabet

2750 BC
Goody hut gives a warrior

2710 BC
Found Osaka

2630 BC
Found Tokyo

2510 BC

2390 BC
Discover Masonry

2230 BC
Found Edo

2150 BC
Found Satsuma

1950 BC
Meet Egypt

1870 BC
Discover Writing

1790 BC
Meet Iroquois
Meet Germany
Learn Mysticism
Learn Bronze Working
Learn Warrior Code
Lean Iron Working

1525 BC
Discover Code of Laws

1475 BC
Kyoto builds the Pyramids

1375 BC
Discover Philosophy
Discover The Republic

1325 BC
Republic established
Learn Polytheism
Learn Map Making

1300 BC
Found Kagoshima

1200 BC
Discover Mathematics

1125 BC
Kyoto builds The Oracle
Found Nara

1025 BC
Found Nagoya

950 BC
Kyoto builds The Statue of Zeus => GA
Found Izumo

925 BC
Found Nagasaki
Egypt demands Mathematics and declares war

900 BC
Alliance vs. Egypt with Germany

850 BC
Found Yokohama

825 BC
Kyoto builds The Mausoleum of Mauollos

800 BC
Found Shimonoseki
Learn Monarchy

750 BC
Found Matsuyama

730 BC
Found Sapporo

710 BC
Kyoto builds The Colossus
Found Hakodate

630 BC
Found Ise

610 BC
Found Toyama
Found Fukushima
Goody hut gives Construction

590 BC
Found Suo
Goody hut gives Currency
Enter the Middle Ages


The Middle Ages:

Spoiler :

570 BC
Kyoto builds The Hanging Gardens

550 BC
Found Bizen

530 BC
Found Echizen

450 BC
Found Izumi

430 BC
Found Omi

390 BC
Discover Monotheism
Peace with Egypt

350 BC
Kyoto builds The Great Library

330 BC
Kyoto builds a Library

310 BC
Kyoto builds a Cathedral

290 BC
Kyoto builds a Colosseum

170 BC
Learn Feudalism
Learn Engineering

150 BC
Discover Education

110 BC
Kyoto builds The Great Lighthouse

70 BC
Meet Scandinavia

50 BC
Kyoto builds a University
Meet China
Meet Zululand

10 BC
Meet Persia

10 AD
Found Echigo

50 AD
Discover Banking

130 AD
Discover Printing Press

260 AD
Discover Democracy

280 AD
Kyoto builds Sistine Chapel

310 AD
Discover Free Artistry

350 AD
Discover Music Theory

380 AD
Learn Invention
Declare war vs Germany

400 AD
Discover Astronomy

420 AD
Kyoto builds Shakespeare

440 AD
Discover Gunpowder

480 AD
Discover Chemistry

520 AD
Discover Physics

540 AD
Zululand demands Contact with the Iroquois and declares war

550 AD
Learn Chivalry
Egypt declares war
Alliance with Iroqouis vs Egypt

560 AD
Discover Theory of Gravity

580 AD
Kyoto builds JS Bachs Cathedral
Germany destroyed

590 AD
Found Kozuke

600 AD
Discover Magnetism

630 AD



640 AD
Discover Metallurgy
The Industrial Ages:

Spoiler :

680 AD
Kyoto builds Cope

690 AD
Discover Steam Power

730 AD
Discover Industrialization

740 AD
Kyoto builds the Iron Works

760 AD
760ad Kyoto.JPG

780 AD
Discover Navigation

790 AD
Kyoto builds Newton`s University

830 AD
Discover Electricity
Kyoto builds Leonardo`s Workshop

850 AD
Kyoto builds the Heroic Epic

870 AD
Discover Replaceable Parts

900 AD
Kyoto builds Universal Suffrage
Let Iroqouis declare war
Peace with Egypt

910 AD
Discover Economics

930 AD
Kyoto builds Magellan`s Voyage

950 AD
Discover Medicine

970 AD
Kyoto builds Smith`s Trading Company

990 AD
Discover Scientific Method
Found Sado
Found New Kyoto

1030 AD
Discover The Corporation
Kyoto builds Theory of Evolution
Discover Atomic Theory
Discover Electronics
Learn Military Tradition
Alliance with Scandinavia vs Zululand

1050 AD
Found New Osaka

1070 AD
Discover Steel
Found Neo-Tokyo

1080 AD
Kyoto builds Hoover Damn
Iroqouis destroyed

1090 AD
Found New Edo

1100 AD
Found New Satsuma
Declare war on Egypt

1110 AD
Discover Refining
Kyoto builds the Military Academy
Egypt destroyed

1130 AD
Scandinavia signs a peace treaty with Zululand

1140 AD
Alliance with Scandinavia vs Zululand

1150 AD
Discover Combustion

1170 AD
Kyoto builds The Pentagon

1190 AD
Discover Mass Production
Found New Kagoshima

1230 AD
Discover Motorized Transportation

1240 AD
Kyoto builds the Wall Street


1260 AD
Discover Flight
To the end:

Spoiler :

1280 AD
Scandinavia and Zululand sign a peace treaty

1285 AD
Discover Fission
Peace with Zululand

1300 AD
Kyoto builds The United Nations

1310 AD
Discover Computers

1330 AD
Kyoto builds the Seti Program

1340 AD
Discover Miniaturization

1360 AD
Kyoto builds The Internet

1365 AD
Discover Genetics

1385 AD
Discover Rocketry

1390 AD
Kyoto builds Cure for Cancer

1400 AD
Learn Nationalism
China declares war
Alliance with Vikings vs China

1405 AD
Discover Space Flight

1420 AD
Kyoto builds Longevity

1425 AD
Discover Nuclear Power

1435 AD
Kyoto builds the Apollo Program

1445 AD
Discover The Laser

1450 AD
20k victory - my personal best win date for this victory condition
I only built a factory in Kyoto an not in another city. And not a single hospital (well, i did not research sanitation).


1450ad Vicory Screen.JPG

Special thanks to MrRandomGuy for this great starting position!
I enjoyed the game and won a diplomatic victory. I think I will replay it for 20k just for fun. What a glorious starting position; even nicer to have Shaka on the other continent. Thanks to Mr. Random Guy for an embarrassment of riches!
I only hard set our start location. The other civs were loosely set so having Shaka on the other continent was pure RNG.
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