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COTM 17 First Spoiler - Ancient Age, Contacts, Continent Map

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of the Month' started by Karasu, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. killerkid

    killerkid Prince

    Sep 23, 2005
    USA, EST

    You must have had excellent luck attacking Athens, because a hoplite is 3, fortified it's 4.5, with Great Wall that's 6, and if Athens was over 6 pop which I bet it was, that's 7.5!! :eek: I don't know how you got it with only 20 gallics!!
  2. Redbad

    Redbad should have shaved

    Jan 16, 2003
    I think you made a little error in the calculations:
    If I'm not mistaken calcaulations would rather be something like:
    hoplite defense 3, fortified + 0,5 , > size 6 +1 , GWall has no effect on cities larger then 6. So total defense strength would have been around 4,5. With that kind of defense 4 or 5 defenders have little chance against 20 Gallics.

    I.i.r.c. only 14 or 15 Gallics needed to attack and only 3 or 4 died.

    And of course one has to take into account that the Gallics were either veteran or elite and the hoplites regular. Come to think of it, I even think that my loses against the impi's later on were higher. Because there is no retreating for a Gallic when fighting impi's and I underestimated them and attacked also when they were on hills or in the forest and on flat terrain they often used their second movement point to fortify.
  3. Jove

    Jove Not Lacking Altitude

    Dec 14, 2001
    2nd Place
    Open, going 100k

    The Ancient Age, 4000BC - 250BC

    I know I said a lot of things in the pre-game thread, but I was picturing a different map than what we got. Moved the worker to the wines, founded in place, and already it looked like we were boxed in a little. Less directions for foes to come from, so I thought I’d try A’Abarach’Amadan’s granary-first plan. After all, “To the brave belong all things”, as the real Brennus would say. First 100 shields on a granary, worker, then settler? That’s brave. I got away with it, roading instead of being in a hurry for production. The granary was done in 2950, Entremont growing to 5 the next turn, the first settler appearing in 2590. Entremont stayed a 6-turner until we reached the Republic, with maybe some workers thrown in.

    Once we confirmed being alone, all plans for the Pyramids were scrapped (sorry Redbad, nothing to tell). The island was big enough that I didn’t scrap my 100k plans though.
    Contacts- Persia 1830
    Rome 1575
    Zulu 1350
    Greece 1250
    I don’t know why it seemed to take so long, I had 3 curraghs… I didn’t meet any more civs in the AA. It wasn't because I didn't try...

    The early granary gave good population growth, which translated into decent science. The other civs helped out nicely, I can provide the details if you like. Pleased to find resources on our hurricane-ravaged waterlogged ‘continent’. Philosophy was reached in 1400BC, the slingshot was successful, and we were in a new gov’t at 1375BC. That’s about as good as those numbers get in my games. :) Btw- I count my science dates when the message comes up, ‘Sir, we’ve learned the secrets of….’. If you count your dates at the beginning of the turn after that, my dates will appear 1 turn faster without actually being so.

    Once a Republic I implemented my new technique of thinking things through just a little. I still wanted to build the ToA myself for the quick culture, but I also wanted the Lighthouse, and maybe the Hanging Gardens for some happiness. With the GS we could get an early GA and really rack up some shields, but after actually counting how many worker turns it would take to make our land really productive in a hurry, I talked myself out of it. It looked like it would ruin our military production. I know I said in the pre-game I wasn’t building the Lighthouse, but it turned out to be the only wonder I built, completed in 710BC. I’m really not trying to trick anyone, I simply changed my mind about almost everything once I got in the game.

    QSC stats: 11 towns, 12 workers, 36 citizens. 2 settlers, 2 warriors, 2 chariots, 3 curraghs. 2 temples, 3 granaries. At least one barracks. Lighthouse in 13, pre-build for ToA started (later abandoned). Polytheism in 6, 25g, -2gpt. 20gpt unit support. 290 points, 158c.
    Post-Republic Science:
    Polytheism from Greece, 975
    HBR from Persia, 825
    Monarchy from Greece, 470
    Literature, 390
    Construction from Rome for Literature, 250BC. Enter MA.

    Right around 1000BC we became more interested in gold than science, and the sci slider stayed at or near 0 for much of the time. Actually, I like 10% science for gold-mongering. Just that extra 10-15 beakers seems to help out when a good time to crank science comes along. Anyway, our target was Persia and a GA. Meanwhile, we did our best to claim land on others’ continents. Got 1 town in Rome, 3 in Zulu, several in Persia, but none in Greece before warring started. IIRC there was only one extortion attempt from Rome for gold. We gave it. Just wanted to expand more really.
    Declared war on Persia at 470BC and started our Golden Age, having 80 citizens in 25 towns/cities at this point. Pretty productive I thought. The war went well at first, but Persia learned Feudalism in 390BC and things got hairier. Cutting off their Iron didn't cut off their Iron, so there were plenty of immortals to deal with. Persia also had a concurrent golden age with us, arrrrr! In 310BC our first leader appeared, who formed an army, which kicked butt for one turn and then was promptly killed. I think this only happens to me! :mad: At least we could build the Heroic Epic… Some games I can complain about the RNG, but not this time. I seemed to have streaks of good and bad luck in equal measure. I just need to distinguish better between bravery and recklessness next time.
    So now what? Well, we were still at war at the end of the AA, making steady but not-too-fast progress. We’re trading lux from Rome and Greece, a good sign. Couldn’t resist buying the occasional cheap temple, we have a moderate number of those. Population and number of cities, my main priority this time, seem good under the circumstances, but always feels too slow to me. Should’ve built up more before the DoW, but unit support was rising, and hey, trust me, it was much better to be Celt(ish?) than Persian at this point. Haven’t been at war or started any wars other than this one with the ever delinquent X-man. We know that un-met foreigners have finished the Pyramids and the ToA, so just how are we going to work this 100k attempt anyway?
  4. Mathilda

    Mathilda Queen

    Jun 18, 2004
    Helsinki, Finland
    This was supposed to be continents, I hate archipelago :mad:
    Played like the AI, had dreadful RNG and gave up in 500AD having gotten absolutely nowhere.
  5. killerkid

    killerkid Prince

    Sep 23, 2005
    USA, EST
    Hang on i have to check the combat calculator about your odds Redbad.
  6. killerkid

    killerkid Prince

    Sep 23, 2005
    USA, EST

    You're right about Great Wall, but when i went to the civ combat calculator it said that a vet sword not crossing a river on regular hoplite, in city, on grass, and fortified it was a 3 on a 5.55. The odds of you winning were 35.4% and the odds of you losing were 64.6%. You said you lost 3 or 4 GS, but how many retreated?:confused:
  7. Hugbear

    Hugbear Chieftain

    Aug 5, 2005
    I'm pretty new to CivFanatics and GotM but have really enjoyed reading the forum so far. :thanx:

    My AA: Open, fixed barbs

    Initial moves

    In 4000BC, my worker moved 1E and the settler founded Entremont. I used the initial build order of warrior-worker-granary and set up an eventual 6-turn warrior-settler-warrior factory. Alesia was founded in 2630 by the eastern river delta. It built a granary and eventually became a 2nd factory.

    Contacts and Rapid Expansion

    I was lucky to meet a Persia spearman in 3450 BC across the channel and traded Pottery and CB for BW. Rome and Greece were contacted via curragh in 1575 BC, and the Zulu were not met until 1075 BC. In 1050 BC, I whimsically established embassies with all 4 civs.

    Exploration showed that I was alone on the island, so my people reproduced until in 1000 BC I controlled:

    12 Towns
    No Lit, Cur, Con, Poly, Mon
    3 Settlers
    12 Workers
    9 Warrior
    2 Curragh
    2 Granary
    2 Temple
    2 Barracks

    Philosophy was discovered in 1325 BC, and revolution brought about a Celtic republic in 1300 BC.

    Persian War

    Before connecting the nearest iron source, I built some vet warriors, and 9 vet warriors were upgraded to GS in 775 BC. That was good, because in 690 BC, 2 Persian warriors landed near Richborough. In preparation for the event, I transported a small brigade of GS to neutral land near Arbela. That was good, because when asked to remove their warriors, Persia declared war. I captured Arbela that turn (instead of waiting for the Great Lighthouse to be built there), triggering a Celtic golden age.

    War proceeded smoothly until 530 BC, when Samaria rejoined Persia due to "culture." 3 GS vanished in this process. That same year, I traded currency + 300g (a hefty price) to Greece for Polytheism, sending both civilizations into the Middle Ages.
  8. Redbad

    Redbad should have shaved

    Jan 16, 2003

    I could be wrong on statistics too, I never really calculate them. I do it more or less on instinct.

    About the battle. Well I killed the garison, so the GS that didn't die or killed a hoplite will have retreated. That btw is imho one of the most decisive factors in the battle and is what makes Gallics so strong. Retreating Gallics don't count as a win for the defender so they don't get promotions and hitpoints out of it.

    Healthy hoplites were attacked by veteran Gallics. That normally resulted in the Gallic retreating or dying. But wounded hoplites, having only 1 or 2 hitpoints, were attacked by my elite Gallics. My stack consisted out of seasoned soldiers from the Persian and Roman campagnes, so I think about half of them were elites. I.i.r.c. those battles were 50/50 won by the elite Gallics.
  9. Randy

    Randy Prince

    Feb 10, 2004
    Columbus, Ohio
    Here is my timeline to 1000 bc. I'll post more details later.

    4000 Entremont founded
    3100 Alesia founded
    2800 Alphabet learned
    2670 Lugdunum founded
    2230 Camulodunum founded
    2110 Richborough foundrd
    2070 Writing learned
    1830 Verulamium founded
    1725 Gergovia founded
    1625 Augustodurum founded
    1550 Code of Laws learned
    1500 Agedincum founded
    1400 Eboracum founded
    1350 Philosophy and Republic learned
    1350 met Rome trade Philo for bonze and 16 gp, cod of law for iron working
    1275 met Zulu trade alphabet for 60gp, writing for horseback riding.
    1225 Burdigala founded
    1200 trade Zulu Philosophy for Mysticism and 26gp
    1175 Cataractonium and Lapurdum founded
    1000 Ratae Coritanorum founded

    14 towns
    29 people
    2 settlers
    9 workers
    12 warriors

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  10. dalgo

    dalgo Emperor

    Feb 23, 2002
    Auckland, New Zealand
    This is my COTM17 diary:

    4000 BC: Found Entremont, move worker to wine. Set research to alphabet at max. Work forest (2 turns) then bg 2 turns.

    3800 BC: First warrior, move to mountain – on coast. Heading North.

    3650 BC: Entremont grows - adjust slider for one turn.

    3700 BC: Second warrior, start Granary. Warrior scouts east, briefly, then returns for MP duty.

    2750 BC: First settler (helped by forest chop).

    2670 BC: Alesia founded.

    2470 BC: Second settler.

    2390 BC: Lugdunum founded and curragh sets sail from Alesia.

    2070 BC: Camulodunum founded.

    1650 BC: Made the Philosophy slingshot and took Code of Laws. Have now met Persia and Rome. It looks like each civ is on its own island. I have lost a few warriors fighting barbs.

    1200 BC: Connected up iron for my Gallic Swordsmen. Now have 8 towns with 3 settlers on the road. With a barb camp down each arm of my island I have to double-team my settlers (2 warriors with each). Have dot mapped my island for a total of 16 towns.

    1000 BC: Currently at war with Persia (they demanded cash). Have 11 towns, 8 workers, 13 warriors, 1 archer and an exploring curragh. Researching Republic in 5 at max, have Mapmaking but not Mathematics. First Gallic Swordsman due next turn.

    610 BC: Golden Age starts. I took a town off Persia before ending that war and then started another against Rome who had settled on my island just ahead of my settler.

    530 BC: Entered the Middle Ages, but continued to research AA techs. I didn’t want to get too far ahead as Feudalism makes my GS obsolete. One town is doing a pre-build for either the GLib or the Lighthouse. I have 15 cities, 12 workers and 7 GS building up for an invasion with 4 catapults along for the ride.
  11. Dynamic

    Dynamic But not hurry

    Feb 22, 2003
    Somewhere in the world
    PREDATOR, Histograph

    I just reached MA end after reading this thread I was very unpleased by my own results.
    I really didn't understand what means the words about AI cost factor before it.
    Now I understand that in this game Predator class player has science cost like Demigod and AI has Damigod production factor (0.7). Very hard mistake...:(

    In this game my AI went non-standart way in science learning - all of them researched Republic instead of Construction and Polyteism and broke my usual strategy.

    I started without Pottery so I couldn't build granary and started with warriors and settler. I researched The Wheel first for exchange and got Alphabet in 2900BC from the Rome (look the warrior). I met other 3 civ via Curragh a little bit later. I lost one of Curraghs by barbs but 2 other successfully discovered my home islands/continents but I never try to reach other lands.

    I discovered Philosophy in 1350BC (now I understand why so late) and stopped science for rushing units and buildings.

    Rome declared war on me and I got a funny war happiness and one Roman city in 1000BC for peace (I killed one Roman galley).

    So in 1000BC I had 14 cities with 37 pops and very bad science.

    Further I started war with Rome and killed them in 530BC.
    Rome has a lot of Legionaries and barracks in almost every city so I had to use difficult tactics for preventing a direct fighting: I diverted the main Roman force from the cities and was taking the weakly defended ones. So when I took the last city Rome has a more then 10 Legionaries near but too late, too late.

    In this game I set the new "record" for me: I entered in MA in 410BC, usually I get it much earlier...

    So, in this game Predator class has a really strong obstacles. :( :brave:
  12. al_thor

    al_thor Prince

    Mar 7, 2003
    Wisconsin, USA
    I just finished this game. Just a couple of things to say about it:

    I managed the Monarchy Slingshot with success. Probably one turn ahead of Greeks. (whew!)

    This was an AWESOME map. Not so much the shape, but THE RESOURCES!!. Excellent placement for good competition and careful trading.

    The game was a 'nail biter' right to the end, between me and one other Civ.

    Thanks for the excellent map! I had a GREAT time with this game!
  13. al_thor

    al_thor Prince

    Mar 7, 2003
    Wisconsin, USA
    Oh, one other thing. I made a trade in this game that was just huge. I traded Fusion to Civ-X for: Two luxuries (it might have even been three), Coal, somewhere around $1200 cash, and SEVEN HUNDRED AND SEVENTY GOLD PER TURN. That was pretty cool.
  14. Randy

    Randy Prince

    Feb 10, 2004
    Columbus, Ohio
    Opening moves Entremont founded in place and worker goes to wine. I’m building a warrior 5 turns working a bounce grass by the river. Science is set to 100% studying Alphabet, my goal is to do a republic slingshot and trade for the other techs. In 3950 BC I road the wine first, with this level I decide the science boost and happiness is more important than the food boost. In 3800 BC the wine road is finished I am 34 turns from Alphabet. I work the new wine road this makes me 27 turns from Alphabet but slows the production of my first warrior by 1 turn. Irrigation of the wine is started next.

    3700 BC my first warrior is finished he heads to the mountains for a look-see. After finishing the wine tile our worker heads to BG tile to improve it this time I mine first. I’m building my first settler so my warrior has return for MP duty.

    The city culture expands so I get a better look around us. This does not look good. We appear to be in the middle of a Y.

    3400 BC Entremont is size 3. 3200 BC finish settler start a warrior. The settler heads east because I can see coast and a river. I change the warrior build to settler. In 3100 BC Alesia is founded. My worker finishes the first BG tile so he will road the 2 towns together. He will then return to Entremont to work an other BG.

    2800 BC learn Alphabet study Writing. Slider was adjusted for 1 turn to get 7gp.

    Alesia build a warrior in 2850 BC. At this point I have done just about no scouting. If I share land with the AI they will find my. I think they start with 6 or 8 warriors, a spearman, and 2 workers. This being COTM their will be no goody huts. So my plan is just scout a head of my settlers. I will then send the settlers out unescorted.

    In 2750 BC Entremont builds a 2nd settler. He will head northeastish. 2670 BC Lugdunum founded. I see a barb hut with 2 warriors so I shift MP warrior from Entremont. In 2510 BC I got the barb hut. I have 4 warriors (3 on mp duty), I’m building 2 settlers and a worker in my 3 towns.

    In 2350 BC Alesia finishes a settler. In 2310 BC Lugdunum builds our 2nd worker. 2270 BC Entremont builds a settler. 2230 BC Camulodunum founded. 2110 BC Richborough founded.

    2070 BC learn Writing study Code of Laws. Slider was adjusted for 1 turn to get 8gp.

    In 1910 BC Alesia and Entremont finishes settlers. Both sent with no escorts. 1830 BC 3rd worker and Verulamium founded. 1790 settler in north arrives at his destination but moving one more tile will be better so he moves on. 1725 BC Gergovia founded. An other worker and settler from Lugdunum. 1625 BC Augustodurum founded. 1575 BC Entremont builds settler.

    2070 BC learn Code of Laws study Philosophy. Slider was adjusted for 1 turn to get 16gp.

    1525 BC we see a red border. Barb trouble in north east. 1500 BC we see a blue border and Agedincum founded also Alesia builds a settler. 1475 BC an other worker. We also get the barb hut after our warrior healed. 1400 BC Eboracum founded. 1375 BC an other worker.

    1350 BC Philosophy and Republic learned. Slider was adjusted for 1 turn to get 17gp. We are in anarchy.

    1325 BC we are a Republic. Met Rome trade Philosophy for bonze and 16gp, code of law for iron working. Yes we have iron close. Science set to 60% studying Warrior Code. There are barbs in the northwest. 1300 BC Barb horse! Also adjust sliders. 1200 BC got the barb village.

    1275 BC Verulamium builds settler. Met Zulu trade alphabet for 60gp, writing for horseback riding. 1250 BC Entremont finishes settlers. 1225 BC Burdigala founded. We see light green border. 1200 BC trade Zulu Philosophy for Mysticism and 26gp. 1175 BC Cataractonium and Lapurdum founded.

    1150 BC iron is hooked up. Agedincum builds a temple. Rush temple in Cataractonium. 1125 BC Cataractonium gets temple and cuts into Zulu town of Ngome. 1100 BC barbs in the south.

    1075 BC learned Map Making. Study Literature. Alesia builds a settler. 1025 Eboracum builds settler. 1000 Ratae Coritanorum founded.

    Stats 1000 BC
    14 towns
    29 people
    2 settlers
    9 workers
    12 warriors
    2 temples

    950 BC Tolosa founded. I'm the most powerful and all I have is 12 warriors. It time to start thinking about off shore conquests. I know Rome and Zulu. I can see Persia and Greece but not yet met. I do not know any ones land size yet but Persia looks the smallest so maybe I will start there.

    925 BC Lidum founded on the tip by Greece. It starts a temple to put up a culture buffer. 900 BC get our first Gallic Swordsman also get the barbs in the south.

    875 BC learn Literature. Science is turned off, Entremont is going for The Great Library. I hope this does not bit me in the butt. I only know 2 civs and see 2 civs but I am guessing those 4 don’t know anyone. I fell this way because the 2 I know are not teching up on me.

    850 BC get our 1st galley. In 825 BC we meet Persia due to the fact they put a town on the south tip of our Land! Well I guess I know who will be our first victim. I am 2 techs up on them. There are also barbs in the northwest. 825 BC Nemausus founded.

    800 BC Declare war on Persia then move troops next to that town on Celt soil. Persia’s land may be larger than I first guessed. Also Curovernum founded. 775 BC Nemausus builds temple and cuts into Rome town of Pisae. Rome is sending a galley around our Northwest branch there is no room on our land for them to build a town so it must be an invasion force. I will have to hold some troops back in that area to beet them back in the sea. I destroy the Persian city on our land but in 750 BC they drop a settler and spearman right next to the old town. Our elate warrior kill him and makes a leader! The Roman boat is still coming. Glanum founded.

    730 BC Greek borders expand next ours. Alesia has a barracks so I have upgraded a few warriors there. The Roman galley is at the north most tip of our land, I think they will land by Entremont in a few turns. Isca founded where Persia had there town. I land 2 Gallic Warriors on Persia’s home land. But in 710 BC I pull them back. I decide I do not have enough troops to hold a Persian city yet. I only have one boat to fairy them. Also in 710 BC I rush The Forbidden Palace in Gergovia.

    690 BC Rome could land troop next turn so troop our sent back to Entremont. Persia has a boat off the coast Camulodunum. That will be hard to stop a landing there if Rome lands also. Well some good luck, between turns a barb boat took the Persian boat down to 1HP. I was hoping they would sink it. But at lease it is heading back home to heal.

    670 Rome drops a spearman and warrior close to Entremont. The turn before I put a Gallic Warrior on the mountain (where I thought they would land) so they landed one space northwest in the woods. It will be easier to kill them there. I ask them to leave and they declare war! I kill both with my Gallic Swordsmen (both win) but this starts my Golden Age. 630 BC land on Persian shore again, crap I’m right next to there troops.

    610 a second Roman Galley starts around the northwest tip. Persia does not attack my troops instead they run into the town I’m next to. So I attack, I kill some spears in that town (all wins) but with the extra troop they put in there the town did not fall. So the second move point put all back in the boats. The boats went back to Alesia where we have a barracks.

    590 BC a Persian boat is heading up our west coast. 570 BC the Persian boat keeps heading north. If they don’t know Zulus they will next turn. Drop troops on Persia. 550 BC the Persian boat turned east and when out of my line of sight. I think they met Zulu. My troop destroy a Persian town and jump back on our boats. About a 33% loss rate.

    510 BC 2 Rome boats are on our east coast, 1 is still going around the north, and their first has just retuned to their own waters so it will reload soon. Peace with Rome I can’t remember what they gave I think it was 29gp. Rutupiae founded. Met Greece. They have 2 techs I don’t have and I have 2 they don’t. I do not trade because I am 4 turns from The Great Library. I hope I get it or I’m screwed and not in that good way. I’m they only one building it but they all are trying for the Lighthouse. Land troops next to Persian town.

    490 BC Roman boats still head southeast. I’m not sure where they want to land so my units move with them. That way when they land I can kill them. 50% loss rate on Persian city, it doesn’t fall so troops back on our boats. We see a settle and escort so other troops land next to it.

    470 BC Persia rebuild the town I destroyed on their main land. So I destroy it again.

    450 BC The Great Library is finished! 430 BC Mathematic and Construction from The Great Library. 430 BC troops land all over Persia. 410 BC destroy Persian city with Colossus in it.

    370 BC Rome is trying to send a galley to Persian’s land I block with an empty boat. Troops land on far east side of Persia taking some slaves.

    350 BC Rome sends an other galley around our northwest point again. They can’t be thinking of an invasion force again? Sink Persian boat of our south coast, I think it was an invasion force.

    330 BC Get Polytheism from The Great Library. Persia rebuild where they had the Colossus city. I destroy it and take and keep 2 other towns.

    310 BC Zulu sending a boat. There is only one reason the could be where they are. Now I have to watch a Roman and Zulu boat. A third Persian city fall on there east side by some horses. I now control the southeast side of Persia.

    270 BC I take and hold a 4th Persian city (Sidon on there south side next to the fish.) In 250 BC we find the Persian capital. I still don’t know where their iron is at. 230 BC Persepolis fall, Persia gives two towns for peace. One of them was their iron town. I am now thinking ahead. My next target (after I mop up Persia) will be Rome, Greece, and then Zulu.

    210 BC Zulu lands a warrior and settler on Persian’s north shore. Rome is sending a boat to the area I’m guessing it has a settler. I block their path with an empty galley and they turn back. 190 BC Zulu’s move their warrior and settler one space, that lets me build Glevum and Monguntiacum on the shores of Persia. Not exactly where I want them but now there is no room for a Zulu Settler.

    170 Persia has currency. Greece has Monarchy. I should enter the MA soon.

    110 BC Rome is sending boats around the north again. I’m ready to finish off Persia as soon as I get to the MA. They have 2 cities. Deva founded that fills in all of the Celts home land.

    70 BC Rome learn currency and we get it from The Great Library. Rome is coming around the northwest leg with 2 boats and the south side of Persia with 1 boat. It looks lake they will land 2 or 3 turns. I still need to send some boats around Rome, Zulu, and Greece. All I know of their land is what I see from the Celts home land. I will also need to find the other 3 civs. At some point I will turn my science back on. I am not sure when I will do that. I do not think any one else knows the other 3 civs or the tech pace would have been faster. And I think but not sure Rome knows only Celts and Zulu know Greece and Persia. I don’t think Greece know anyone but Zulu. If I would have studied Currency my self I could have been in the MA around 330 BC.

    I have 33 cities with a population of 116.

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  15. WackenOpenAir

    WackenOpenAir Deity

    Sep 16, 2003
    Eindhoven, the Netherlands
    I am playing this one for 20k.

    I was too lazy to make notes and did not save at exactly 1000BC.

    I do remember the build order from my capital though:

    Great Library

    A Library i built somewhere between those wonders, but i don't remember exactly wherein between them.

    I did some worker joins to bring the city to size 12 asap.

    It is an interesting game. While the 20k city is simply straightforward busy building wonders and not being very interesting, the investments for this city take away just enough from my empire to make the War&Science game much more interesting than in another game.
  16. Twonky

    Twonky King

    Apr 29, 2005
    Hannover, Germany
    open class, goal space (probably)

    I settled in place and made Entremont a settler factory. My pregame-plan was tweaked a little and I built warrior – worker – granary – settlers.

    2190 bc Persia
    1790 bc Rome
    1625 bc Zulu
    1175 bc Greece
    Rather late here, but that´s no problem as noone knew anybody for a long time.

    Priority goes to the Republic slingshot, IW is to be traded for.
    2710 bc Alphabet
    2190 bc Wheel and BW from Persia
    1790 bc IW and WC from Rome
    1870 bc Writing
    1450 bc Code of Laws
    1275 bc Philosophy and Republic
    1250 bc HBR from Zulu and Masonry from Persia
    1150 bc Mysticism and Maths from Greece
    1100 bc Literature
    1025 bc Map Making from Persia

    875 bc Currency
    875 bc Polytheism from Greece
    650 bc Construction – proceed to MA beeing several techs ahead.

    12 towns with 26 citizens, 1 granary and 4 barracks
    4 settlers, 15 workers, 3 warriors and 3 curraghs
    missing AA-techs (see above): Construction, Currency, Polytheism and Monarchy
    4 contacts and embassy in Rome

    No wars have taken place yet, but I plan to go for Persia first. This will have to wait a little though, as I´m busy building Libraries right now.
  17. Nata

    Nata Warlord

    Jan 23, 2005
    Boston, USA
    ARgghh! And I thought I would be the only one interested in it.:lol:
    Ok, maybe I can still get a shield.:)

    Doing my 1st ever 20K on Emperor is quite a ride, and I'm not done yet.
    But I must say that if it ever were a map where I could win this it's this map. Simply genious.
  18. GOTM-AI

    GOTM-AI Chieftain GOTM Staff

    Aug 15, 2005
    Feeble humans.

    We believe you have appreciated the lesson in strategy and tactics that we displayed for you in CotM 16...

    As we had planned, that performance has not been completed for reasons beyond human knowledge -our unlimited computing capability entertains itself in unnumbered parallel processing if you want to know.

    But this month we have again engaged in what you mortals call CotM.
    And, as predictable, we are now the score leaders.

    This announcement shall be enough for you at the moment.
    A detailed account of the Ancient Age shall be produced for your limited understanding in due course.

    End of message
  19. WackenOpenAir

    WackenOpenAir Deity

    Sep 16, 2003
    Eindhoven, the Netherlands
    No worries
    I am a warmogerer, i have no experience with such culture games and i haven't put a terrible lot of though into this game. I am not really expecting to get any great results. Also, my leader luck is seriously lacking so i am not getting those free small wonders this far. (End MA now)

    I also made the possible mistake to move my settler 2 steps in eastern direction because i didn't want desert in my city radius. I forgot to think about the fact that desert is just as good for an agricultural civ and now i have 2 coastal tiles in my radius. Didn't calculate afterwards to see if the starting spot would have been better. (at work now so can't do it now)
    How is the production on the starting spot ?
    I got my city to 28 with 12 citizens and 35 maxed out.
  20. Imperator666

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    Sep 27, 2005
    Ho there, having chosen Conqueror class, my report might not be useful, but maybe helpful to those who also chose conqueror. I mainly chose conqueror because i am a coward :D and want to win the game. I really feel more comfortable on Monarch difficulty than on emperor and so i started the game with alpha and one extra warrior (wohoo).

    The Start was really not interesting and mainly the same as posted so many times before. Got early Granary with 2 woods chopped down in the very beginning. then roaded wine, after that improved BG one by one.


    4000 Landshut (my hometown :crazyeye: )
    Start 50 Turn on Writing
    2800 Alesia (on the riverdelta to the east)
    2590 München (on the hill next to the mountain)
    1830 Natural Expanse (on the riverdelta of the northeastern river)
    1725 Western Shore
    1625 Desert Oasis
    1625 Southern Cliffs
    1375 Jungle Boogie
    1325 Wheat Canal
    1250 Fish & Whale
    1175 Southern Woods
    1100 Northern Continent

    QSC: 12 Cities - 2 Granaries - 3 Temples - 15 to 18 Warriors (dont remember exactly) - 2 Settlers
    Because this was played on conquest setting, the qsc stats cannot be compared to normal difficulty, due to the extra warrior in the beginning that gives a 5 turn boost. so maybe reduce the above figures by 10 % and it is pretty accurate.

    975 Culture Flip: Pisae (romans declare shortly after and i abandon it due to 4 legions arriving at pisae gates in 850 :sad: )

    800 Southern Irony
    690 Northeast Horn
    690 Gain Roman City Pompeii for Peace with Romans (very nice becase by no means i would have had the military power to attack Rome, let alone capture a city on the legion infested Island)
    On a Sidenote: the Romans Triggered their GA in Despotism because of the culture flip Spear that has been killed by a Legion :lol:.

    670 Roman Annoyer :crazyeye: (a cultural city that is built to annoy Rome - maybe even cause another flip - it has had no effect so far :cry: )

    Techwise the game looked quite good by then. The Republic Slingshot worked of course with Alpha from the beginning. Early Republic in 1000 BC.
    By 500 BC the Celts lack only Construction, Currency and Poly for MA.
    The contacts with Persia Zulu and Greece came very late compared to you guys (about 800 BC) but still gave me the opportunity to trade TW HBR and WC for first tier techs and philo.

    By 450 BC the whole celtic swordsman army has gathered outside Tyre which after some slaughtering is quickly renamed "Omaha Beach" and used to land 15 GS by 300 BC and another 10 by the end of AA.

    The following campaign against Persia (with celts declaring war first) can be described as quick and painless. the attacking Immortals are quickly dispatched, yet the manage to trigger GA for Persia. By 300 BC 5 Persian cities are in celtic hands. By 100 BC Persia is down to 2 cities on the southwest part of her homecontinent. gain Poly and one outlying 2 tile island city for peace.
    Also thanks to Persia for building me the Lighthouse (wohoo sea movement) and the Mausoleum of Mausollos in Persepolis. :)

    Enter MA in 50 BC.

    Stats: 26 Cities - 3 Warrior - 14 Spear - 21 GS - 10 Worker - 6 Galleya - 1 Curragh :mischief:

    Celts : 699
    Greece: 644
    Zulu: 574
    Persia: 506
    Rome: 410

    Probably trying for Space Race or Diplo Victory, but also conquest and domination seem possible (if not for some map design twist in Industrial age :crazyeye: )

    Heres my world at the dawn of the Age of Knights and Explorers

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