COTM 23 - second spoiler - Entering industrial era

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    COTM 23 Second Spoiler

    To qualify for this spoiler, you must have reached the industrial age, or completed (and submitted) your game.

    How did the middle ages go for you?
    Did you take advantage of your UU with its lethal bombard to combat possibly more advanced AIs, or did you instead seek a more peaceful route to victory?
  2. azzaman333

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    Apr 9, 2005
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    My middle agews consisted mostly of catching up as much as possible in the tech race and getting a foothold on the Inca/Sumeria desert lands.

    I had my india-killing archers in Pusan, which was my launch point. It was there that i would send my first attack force, consisting of an army with 1 Mace and 2 pikes. Next turn, 2 more maces filled the army which took Cuzco. In the war i took 12 incan cities. I also overtook the inca in techs, and was catching up slowly to sumeria. Greece, Maya Celts and Netherlands are all roughly the same size, with equal armies. I dont have a hope in hell of winning dom or conquest, so im gunna probably leave the planet, and the dodgy lands it had.

    Entered IA approx 1575, getting Med as free tech.
  3. 7Losses

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    Feb 9, 2005
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    230: We are now a Republic. Nampo founded in the middle of nowhere.... I have no idea what to do with all this desert. Start research on Monotheism. But will cash rush a few galleys first
    320: Declare War on Inca. Bribe Sumerica into an alliance with currency.
    350 > 390: Contact with the Dutch, Maya, Celts.
    440 > 480: Maya completes Leo's Workshop, AOW
    520: Peace with Inca.
    650: FINALLY got the Iron hooked up. Bit slow I know, but the gems took even longer since they were blocked by numerous barbarians.
    670: Research Theology, Trade to Sumeria for Invention and 12 gold.
    770: Chivalry+6 gold off Inca for Engineering.
    - Education off Maya for 43 gold+1 per turn (It was almost finished.)
    - Gunpowder and 50 gold off Sumeria for Chivalry and Education. Researching Astronomy.
    800: Contact with Greece.
    880: Astronomy and territory map off Maya. Wow, great land!
    910: Declare war on Inca again.
    930: Cuzco, along with the great lighthouse taken. Athens completes Copernicus.
    950: Territory map off the Dutch and Celts. Dam they are well kitted out.
    960: Peace with Inca.
    970: Maya Finishes JS Bachs Cathedral
    990: Finished Chemistry, Traded to Sumeria for Banking. Also got an almost complete world map off Sumeria.
    1050: Saltpeter finally hooked up. Trade to Maya for Metallurgy, Physics and Dyes. Trade Physics to Sumeria for Navigation, printing press, world map and 6 per turn.

    1070: Declare on Inca. Breaking the peace Treaty.
    1160: Got Theory of Gravity, and just in time. I was prebuilding with Sistine Chapel, which was built the turn before! I won't trade Theory right away, because there is a chance I will lose Newtons in a Cascade.

    1220: First Great Leader. Forms an Army. I'd considered using it to rush a Palace, but since its all desert and my capitol is getting Newtons. It would be pointless. Peace with Inca.

    1230: Newton Completes bringing about a golden age.
    1240: Magnetism Finished and get Medicine upon entering the IA

    Forgot about UU. The plan now is to Rail up towards the top for quick transport of troops to the North Island.
    Here is an amusing insult that I havn't had before..

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  4. Rustwork

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    Jun 14, 2003
    here is where the game starts to require a plan. i formed mine late.
    i research steadily along the upper path looking for better ship techs. noticing no chance of horses i skip both chivalry and military tradition.

    after making contacts and trading maps i am stopped dead to see what i am facing. i even saved and shut the game down thinking it was utterly hopeless. but, this is warlord!

    i was close in techs most of the age. falling slightly behind the developed nations. this disparity seemed to be growing so i ruled against a space or UN victory. i would never have any of the culture victoried. 20k if started from the beginning would have been a very real possibility, but now was too late. i looked at the map through mapstat and calculated that controlling the entire desert, along with my homeland, and just over one other civ would allow me a domination victory.

    my strategy was to find a canal link to the outer prosperous land. i later determined a palace jump would payoff once if i could build rails (more on this later). my whole focuse then became settling the open land, and preparing an attack plan. i determined the dutch would be the easiest to conquer.

    in 1040AD i trade for the last MA tech and enter the IA. i receive steam power as my tech. i gift the scientific civs into the IA hoping to have something to trade for; steam power decreases in value and i cannot make any trades. i move to begin my domination. so curious what the dates and scores will be for this one.
  5. denyd

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    Oct 31, 2001
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    Well, I'm in quite a race here (I'd say horse race, but there aren't any so far).

    I've pared the Sumerians to about a dozen cities (down from 30) and have just started on the Incans. Infantry, MDI & Hwachas against spears & LB take quite a while. I signed peace (for 6 cities) with Sumer when rifles started showing up.

    I've got 2 major concerns in winning this one. First can I get it done by the end of the month (I'm losing the upcoming weekend for an SOM tournament).

    And can I get to the Big Four (those blessed with good starting land) before one of them wins via diplomacy. I've got no worries about losing any of the other methods as I'm the crappy land leader and the two culture leaders are only 3K apart in the 30K range. I originally planned on a Histograph win, but at this point I'm thinking about either domination or conquest.
  6. IronJeff

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    Jan 12, 2006
    I've arrived at the industrial age very late. (@1860) It was because it took me so long to beat down the indians.When I got off of hell island and discovered the world I was increadibly behind in tech. My plan has been to expand across the mud flat as best as possible, but it required me to administer periodic beatings to the inca's and to sumeria. The mud flats have potential, with a railroad I can get my population up. If I owned the whole of it I could maybe have a hope of springboarding that to a domanation victory. But I am hopelessly behind in tech. Gaining some but by the turn after I enter the industrial era the mayan's start the manhattan project and the UN. So I'm still an era behind the leader. I'm advanced enough that I'm able to trade techs with the tech laggards now so Im getting traction. My only hope for a win is if I can grow alot before the UN is completed and a vote called. but I'm fifth in size now so I have alot to do. Im railing all the mud I own as well as turning up the lux slider to insane levells of joy. perhaps that can get my pop up over the threshold to be in on the voting, but its a desparate attempt to do the impossible.

    BTW I spent the first part of the game thinking that Smoke-Jaguar is the ugliest woman I have ever seen, then she trades in her sun hat for a business suit!? :eek:
  7. Redbad

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    Jan 16, 2003
    Thanks. That was a horribly amusing write-up :rotfl:

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