[C3C] COTM131 Japan Monarch - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

Più Freddo

From space, earth is blue
Jan 26, 2005
Vienna, Austria
This is the thread where you tell us how you did - win, lose or retire.

Only read or post in this thread when your game is ended and successfully submitted.
Game status: Domination Victory for Japan
Game date: 470 AD
Firaxis score: 7502
Jason score: 11230
Time played: 19:46:28

Again - no notes taken :rolleyes:
I stopped Research after chilvalry and conquered ehm dominated the world with samurai. I defeated France and America with horses. Golden Age was triggered beating the very last american spear, already too late to be a game breaker.
I took ages for my samurai to cross mountains and swamp... five turns to the end I took Amsterdam with ToA, filling the holes in my spaced-out territory nicely.
By then I had just invaded Aztecs and was thinking about victory condition - then I realised I had not even met the final tribe - the inca? So no conquest this time... (I once had one, I'm sure)
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