COTM15 - Saves available


GOTM Staff
Jun 28, 2002
Only for a while
Saves are now available for
CotM 15 - India

Map: Standard
Landform: Pangaea
Temperature: Cool
Climate: Wet
Geology: 5 Billion years
Water: 70%

Difficulty: Monarch.
Rivals: Seven
Barbarians: Roaming.

two civs have been renamed to Vijayanagar and Lan Xang, but none of their features has been modified otherwise (you'll see who they are as soon as you meet them anyway).

Conquest class bonuses:
- An extra Worker
- 25 gold pieces in the coffers
- Summer sale on War Elephants, now cheaper at 60 gp each

Predator class equalisers:
- AI unit support and cost factor increased to Emperor level
- All AI start with an extra settler
- Horsemen won't upgrade to War Elephants (Both will upgrade to Cavalry, however).

Get the saves from the GOTM page HERE

Once you have downloaded the starting save, please do not post in the pre-game discussion thread or in this thread.

If you have any problems, please contact me or a member of the GOTM staff via e-mail /PM

Good luck, and have fun!
thank you.... i will start playing later tonight... looks like a game with many potential victory options... from the screenshot i see
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