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[C3C] COTM153 Ottomans, Regent -- Spoilers

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of the Month' started by Più Freddo, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. CKS

    CKS Deity

    Feb 9, 2004
  2. Captain_Jack

    Captain_Jack Warlord Supporter

    Dec 2, 2018
    Più Freddo will be able to explain in better detail, but as the game designer I have responsibilities that I hope I have met.
    > I don't remember if Austria is one of the civilizations in COTM_153. If it is then there is a pediacon file that must be added to your computer to make it play properly. It was easy to add and I did it myself, but Più Freddo had to explain to me how to do it and I can't find the information to give to you.
    > If Austria is one of the rival civilizations I couldn't reveal that at the start of the game, and can't do so now (I honestly don't remember.), but it's a good file to have in there.
    > I had the program crash for me during a prior victory when I launched the space ship. I sent the file just prior to the crash to AlanH as my submission and he was able to make it work. I think he played out the last turn on his computer. As always, he is super helpful. I'm sure you'll still get credit for the win.
  3. r16

    r16 not deity

    Nov 10, 2008
    you would run into Austria during the game , ı think it is also mentioned in download page where ı got the start save .
  4. r16

    r16 not deity

    Nov 10, 2008
    will agree to a thing but it took me until 1920 something to see the map and what ı should have been doing instead . Takes a bit of squinting , and some lore of a thing not as famous as it used to be . (Because a second shape reinforced the first .) Won by 100K , filling me with a desire to replay it on monarch ... Even fired up Civassist but it seems either ı have forgotten how to get the seed number or competition games have a way to block that . Can ı get the seed after the end of competition ?
  5. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    Forbidden Palace Available or Size 12

    Spoilers are allowed covering the game up until being allowed to build the Forbidden Palace or reaching the size 12, in one of your cities, whichever occurs earlier.

    No spoiler information from after fulfilling the spoiler requirement is allowed!
  6. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    Please respect the spoiler rules. We are now soliciting spoilers up to the point where you are allowed to build the Forbidden Palace OR where you have a city of size 12, BUT NO FURTHER!

    I'm sorry I can't answer the question about the seed. I have no idea.
  7. r16

    r16 not deity

    Nov 10, 2008
    sorry , ı wasn't aware it would be considered against the rules . My thanks to Captain_Jack as he provided a solution to my question .
  8. Takeo

    Takeo Shogun

    Dec 3, 2002
    It has been a long time since I played a GOTM and even longer since I have submitted a finished save file. The only one I remember submitting is, I think, GOTM 14 Babylon and maybe one other near that time. After that there has been a number of G/COTM that I tried to play, but for a number of reasons(sometimes other games distracting me) I was never able to finish before the end of the month. Now with a 3 month span, maybe I can get back into this. I don't think there was any kind of spoiler threads back then and if there was I didn't end up contributing to them. So, enough blabbing, let's get on with it...


    Goal for Victory
    Before starting I thought about it and figured my typical action would be taking full advantage of the Sipahi and going full bore conquest or domination. But maybe this time I will utilize the scientific trait and try for a diplomatic or spaceship win. Currently, with being 89 turns in, I am still going for a science-type win. If it happens that I go the diplomatic route, I need to 'remove':mischief: my two neighbors without anyone else knowing that they existed and replace them with science farms. We'll see how it goes.

    Have built a total of 7 curraghs for exploring and 5 have been lost at sea. The very first one built found the small islands to the west, survived a turn on the open ocean and is still going around what appears to be a small continent. For right now, there will be no more suicide ships built. Any galleys I build from now on will be for blocking any Austrian or Iroquois ships coming my way. Here is a map showing the curragh excursions-

    Contacts and Trades

    As of 775 B.C. I have 3 contacts and visual sighting of a yellow border on the western island/continent.
    1. Austria met in 2750 B.C.
    2. Iroquois met in 2070 B.C.
    3. Yellow border spotted on western continent in 1100 B.C.
    4. Persia met in 1000 B.C.
    Only 3 trades have become available so far and Persia was a little protective of Horseback Riding.
    • Alphabet to Austria for Warrior Code and 10g.
    • Writing to Austria for Iron Working.
    • Mysticism & Writing to Persia for Horseback Riding.

    Tech Advances
    I am short Math, Currency, Construction, Polytheism and Literature is currently being researched. Obviously don't have Monarchy either, but I don't want it. Being on Regent surely helps with the Republic slingshot and the Ottomans are currently in anarchy.

    Goody Huts and Barbarians
    In 2710 B.C. I got a settler from a goody hut. Wasn't it supposed be only workers from huts? The settler was going to spend what would be an enormous amount of time moving closer to the capital, but when I moved on top of the mountain an Austrian settler appeared in the fog right behind me. So I moved off the mountain and settled immediately to try and block. Fortunately the Austrian moved back to the east.
    settler west of Austria.jpg

    From goody huts I got the following-
    • settler
    • barbarians
    • The Wheel
    • Mysticism
    • barbarians
    There was a goody hut on the north shore on a peninsula and I have heard if you settle next to a hut you will get only good things, but I wanted my town right where the hut was. So I tried to block where barbarians might pop up with my warriors and I ended up getting Mysticism. Did my warriors 'block' the possibility of getting barbarians or did I just end up drawing the card of a tech?
    mysticism from hut.jpg

    Strategic Resources and Luxuries
    Having the 2 luxuries with a third on the small island to the west is nice. Having little or now luxuries can be compensated for in several ways, but what I find discomforting is a lack of either iron or horses. The Wheel was acquired in 1275 B.C. and I look around and use the Control-Shift M to clear the map and no horses!:(:cringe::sad::mad:
    A mixture of emotions comes over me. I really like having access to horses; I am very fond of the mobility of the horseman/knight/cavalry. So I keep looking and of course the Austrians have horses. And after some quick thinking Operation: Snipe is concocted to steal horses right from under the Austrians noses. On the last turn of this set Riza is established to steal horses from Austria and what do you know, they already have it roaded for me.:smug: At a future date I will have to express my thanks by giving them a grand horse parade thru all of their cities. snipe horses.jpg

    Forbidden Palace
    Finally got the FP announcement on the interturn before 775 B.C. and then saved and haven't played for almost 2 weeks until we can post now. I thought the FP would require 14 towns, but it seems it required 18 towns.

    Future Plans
    • Fortify Riza with additional units.
    • Build Forbidden Palace.
    • Libraries in high commerce cities.
    • Barracks cities prepare for Austrian invasion.
    • Get incense online from the small island.
    • and overall head for modern age.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2020
  9. r16

    r16 not deity

    Nov 10, 2008
    wonder making will really benefit this game .
  10. Bob Frank

    Bob Frank Chieftain

    Jun 16, 2020
    Goal: Space ship victory?
    Or 20k culture b/c tech lead.
    Will need military b/c extra crammed.

    T0: Minimap towards bottom, river probably leads to water. Will settle along river.
    Will aim for a settler factory in capitol with goal of: 4 turner.
    8 shields, ... 6 8 8 10
    Will clear forests to chop for early granary.

    T1: move worker to irrigate, upon settling-in-place see that there is a lot of coast nearby.
    will expand away from coast, but want to get curraghs out as soon as I have alphabet.
    T2: road first for commerce

    3450: two warriors. pop ceremonial burial
    3250: pottery comes in. next tech alphabet for curraghs
    3000 BC: Pop a settler! Bursa: Worker in 10 (Note this is extremely far from the capital, but i settle it in place in order to use it as a worker factory. after all no barbs.
    2950 BC: Istanbul: Granary->Worker
    2850 BC: Ist: Worker-> Settler
    2630 BC: Ist: S->S
    2590 BC: Pop angry barbs take advantage of regent combat bonus lol
    2550 BC: Found Iznik on BG
    2470 BC: Ist: S->S
    2310 BC: Ist: S->S. Uskadar
    Discover Austria on my island?!
    2190 BC: Iznik: C->C. Izmit founded on dyes
    2150 BC: Ist: S->S
    1990 BC: Ist: S->S. Few more curraghs too
    1910 BC: Finally meet austria. share a continent. they have three cities, need alphabet pottery ceremonial burial. i need warrior code.
    1675 BC: curraghs discover iriquois on same continent. 45 g + worker for ceremonial
    1325 BC: suicide curraghs meet big continent: philo & map making vs wheel warrior code iw myst math
    1200 BC: teching towards math. hoping to pop republic. meet persia. ceremonial burial & writing for wheel? austrians have iron that i need. goal
    1125 BC: iron randomly appeared in my territory? no more need to attack them.
    1000->975 BC: Forbidden Palace can be built

    My goals are still to find more civs and tech more. Will update spoiler with pictures of progress.
  11. Bob Frank

    Bob Frank Chieftain

    Jun 16, 2020
    My dot map as of popping the settler. I was the lowest in territory for a while... So that probably helped pop one.
    @ Forbidden palace spoiler deadline. Plans to destroy Austria soon? Maybe ally the Iriquos against them, even if I eventually want to destroy them!
  12. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    As I said in the pre-game discussion, this was definitely going to be Pigs in
    Space. A nice high-commerce four-turner was visible at the starting location and
    we were an industrious, scientific tribe with a Cavalry-type unique unit on
    continents able to provide us with a Golden Age just at the right time, the
    beginning of the Industrial Times -- at a cost of four turns of resarch.

    So Istanbul built a Warrior, a Granary (3050 BC), Wealth for one turn and then
    four-turn Settlers at size 5.0 -- 7.0. This would go on for some time, because
    there was plenty of space to cover.

    I founded Edrine to the NE at distance 4 by the Cattle on Plains by the River. I
    didn't know at the time that this would turn out to be an extremely strong
    location. Bursa in the N was another nice surprise with Game on Plains by a
    River. Iznik was placed by the Dyes, and then I was blessed with two more
    powerhouses: Uskudar in Bonus Grassland by the Coast and Izmit by the second
    Game on Plains tile. At this time I was recceing the surroundings and had
    started to think I might just be on Gilligan's Island. In 1750 BC I had
    constructed a road to the Wines in the north and placed the next city there.

    Pink borders in the E belonged to Più Freddo of the Austrians. What a pleasant
    surprise! I shut Austria off from ever entering this side of the Alps with three
    Warriors. I would place cities there soon enough, but first I planned to finish
    a double-ring core constellation around the Capital.

    4000 BC Found Istanbul
    2670 BC Found Edrine
    2510 BC Found Bursa
    2350 BC Found Iznik
    2230 BC Connect Dyes
    2150 BC Found Uskudar
    1950 BC Found Izmit
    1750 BC Found Aydin
    1750 BC Connect Wines
    1700 BC Found Antalya
    1575 BC Found Konya
    1525 BC Found Sinop
    1425 BC Found Kafa
    1300 BC Found Ankara
    1100 BC Found Salonika
    1075 BC Found Mugla
    1025 BC Found Bolu
    1025 BC Connect Iron
    1000 BC Found Urfa
    0875 BC Found Bingol​

    I have seen that some players have popped a Settler. But there's nothing wrong
    with the game design: I popped a Worker. I did succeed with the The Republic
    slingshot and then, unconventionally, went for Map Making in order to meet more
    Tribes and colonize the nearby island with Horses and Incense. Bingol was
    founded on this island. Eventually suicide Curraghs exchanged contacts with the
    Zulu and the Spanish on another continent.

    2230 BC Pop Hut Warrior: Worker
    2190 BC Pop Hut Warrior: Barbarian
    1910 BC Meet Austria
    1830 BC Pop Hut Warrior: Barbarians
    1350 BC Establish Anarchy
    1325 BC Meet Zululand
    1250 BC Meet Iroquois
    1175 BC Establish Republic
    1125 BC Meet Spain​

    The scientific results of the Ottoman Tribe are the following. I think viable
    for a decent Space Contest. Actually, all research after The Republic was in
    four turns per Technology plus a seven-turn hiatus for Anarchy. As expected at
    this difficulty level, support from the Competition was very weak.

    4000 BC Discover Masonry
    4000 BC Discover Bronze Working
    3250 BC Discover Pottery
    2350 BC Discover Alphabet
    1790 BC Discover Writing
    1475 BC Discover Code of Laws
    1350 BC Learn Warrior Code
    1350 BC Learn The Wheel
    1350 BC Learn Ceremonial Burial
    1350 BC Discover The Republic
    1350 BC Discover Philosophy
    1325 BC Learn Iron Working
    1075 BC Discover Map Making
    1000 BC Learn Mysticism
    0975 BC Discover Literature
    0875 BC Discover Mathematics​

    In 850 BC, Forbidden Palace was available and its construction started in
  13. Più Freddo

    Più Freddo From space, earth is blue

    Jan 26, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    The Ottomans are about to claim a source of Horses.

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