[C3C] COTM156 Netherlands Demigod -- Discussion and Spoilers

Because I wanted to produce a Settler in Amsterdam causing the Palace to jump. Perhaps it wouldn't have mattered much?

ok, now i get it! ;)
i did not mean to doubt your motives, only tried to understand the "of course" bit of the action.
but couldn´t you have rushed/finished the settler the same turn already with all the shields into it?

you can either disband the capital by rightclicking the city tile and choosing the Disband Town option (I think this is what it is called, right?). or you build a worker at size 1, or a settler at 1 or 2 (without a food surplus in the town an that moment). that also does the job, but you have to wait for the production cycle on IBT, but you gain a pop unit that way. ;)
tried to understand the "of course" bit

Well, I guess you are right, I could have considered how other people may play and left out the "of course". But this was my spoiler coloured by my habits and mistakes.

[rant]I suppose it might have been possible to move Warriors around and actually wind up with one or two (can't remember shield production rate in Amsterdam at the time) to spare for disbanding without causing civil unrest. But that is not how I usually play, and I play this game for entertainment and leisure and have, I must admit, stopped learning and improving much. It is enough these days to manage IRL with its everyday complete lunacy and repression based on ludicrous fantasies, clowns calling themselves journalists and politicians and fact checkers and community guideline overlord nitwits overruling acutal experts, practitioners and scientists now in more and more areas. Sorry for my relaxed attitude.[/rant]

I'm only human. I am what I am, I am my own soulful creation. I deal my own deck, sometimes the ace, sometimes the deuces.
In between turn

i.e., everything that comes after you hit Enter after you´ve moved all of your units, and before you can move units again. ;)

430 BC
Going into Anarchy.
Declare war on France.

370 BC
Republic established.

350 BC
Meet Japan.

310 BC
Peace with France.

250 BC
Meet Babylon.

150 BC
China declares war.

130 BC
Discover Engineering.
Learn Monotheism.

70 BC
Learn Monarchy.
Alliance with India vs. China.

50 AD
Discover Theology.

110 AD
Learn Feudalism.
Declare war on France.

210 AD
Discover Education.

230 AD
Swiss Merchanery wins and gives me a GA.

280 AD
India and China sign a peace treaty.
Learn Invention.

290 AD
Learn Astronomy.

320 AD
Learn Chivalry.

330 AD
Discover Banking
Rotterdam builds Cope.
Japan declares war.

360 AD
Found Breda.

380 AD
Discover Gunpowder.

400 AD
Found Leiden.

430 AD
Discover Chemistry.

480 AD
Found Den Helder.

490 AD
Discover Physics.

500 AD
Found Harlingen.

540 AD
Discover Theory of Gravity.

590 AD
Discover Magnetism.
Learn Navigation.
Learn Printing Press.

610 AD
Found Lauwersoog.

620 AD
Found Enschede.

630 AD
Discover Metallurgy.

640 AD
Declare war on Spain.

650 AD
Rotterdam builds Newton‘s University.

680 AD
Discover Medicine.
Found Tilburg.

720 AD
Discover Sanitation.
Learn Steam Power.

770 AD
Discover Industrialization.
Learn Military Tradition.

810 AD
Discover The Corporation.
Found Zwolle.

820 AD
Found Gouda.

850 AD
Found Dordrecht.

870 AD
Discover Electricity.

910 AD
Discover Scientific Method.
Spanish destroyed.
Learn Free Artistry.

920 AD
Rotterdam builds Shakespeare.
Found Leerdam.

960 AD
Discover Replaceable Parts.

970 AD
Learn Nationalism.

980 AD
Declare war on Iroqouis.

990 AD
Found Hilversum.

1010 AD
Discover Steel.
Discover Atomic Theory.
Discover Electronics.
Learn Economics.

1030 AD
Found Roosendaal.

1060 AD
Discover Refining.

1070 AD
Found Amsterdam.
Learn Communism.

1100 AD
Peace with Iroquois.

1110 AD
Discover Combustion.
Let Zululand declare war.

1130 AD
Found New Amsterdam.
Found New Rottedam.

1150 AD
Discover Mass Production.
Found New The Hague.
Found New Utrecht.

1160 AD
Zululand destroyed.

1170 AD
Found New Groningen.
Declare war on France.

1180 AD
French destroyed.
Declare war on Aztecs.

1190 AD
Discover Motorized Transportation.

1200 AD
Aztecs destroyed.

1220 AD
Japan declares war on me.

1240 AD
Discover Flight.

1280 AD
Discover Fission.

1285 AD
Greece declares war on me.

1300 AD
Rotterdam builds The United Nations. => Diplomatic Victory.
I was marching towards Conquest but started running out of both time and interest for the tedious logistics involved, so I just relaxed and had a premature domination in 1110 AD. Failed 10k Jason.
I also did not finish due to lack of time but enjoyed the map and set up when was playing. Thanks to the creator and well done finishers!
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