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[C3C] COTM158 Maya Deity -- Discussion and Spoilers

I find it a bit macabre to post a Conquest victory here while there is this real war going on in Ukraine that is affecting, or could affect even more, the whole world. But that's exactly what it has become in this game: The Mayans have literally wiped out all other peoples. Fortunately, I was able to finish the game before the Russian president ordered the attack on Ukraine. Otherwise, I probably would have quit. In the hope that peace will come soon in the real world, here are some details of my game:

We left the Mayan people by reaching the Middle Ages in 800 BC and establishing a Monarchy.

In 650 BC the Japanese declared war on the Maya. I could convince the Chinese to make a alliance versus them. So this two nations had to do with each other and the Maya could declare war on the Egyptians with the power of 41 Swordsmen in 530 BC. In 250 BC the Maya controlled all of their cities on the continent and I made a peace treaty with them.

In 150 BC the May learned Chivalry from China for a gpt trade and payed it back with declaring war. The Chinese horses were cut 90 BC in the hope that they had no other source of it. And so it was. Between that the war with the Japanese ended in 110 BC. In the year 50 AD I recognized that the Chinese had musketeers, but I could capture Peking in 110 AD, the city where the Great Library and Sun Tzu were created. The Japanese signed a peace treaty in 130 AD with China, but at this time China was defeated on the continent. In 280 AD I accepted a peace treaty with them.

The second Japanese war began 310 AD and ended 390 AD. At this time there were only Mayan cities on the continent. The Chinese were destroyed in 480 AD after two turns of war, the Egyptians in 540 AD (two turns of war) and the Japanese in 550 AD after one turn of war. In this year there was no other Civilization known.

In this time Chichen Itza could build Cope in the year 540 AD.

650 AD I had contact to the other continent and met the Aztecs, which which knew Banking and Physics. They gave contact with the Celts for the Mayan world map. The Celts gave contact with Persia and Inca.

780 AD I could upgrad my knights to cavs, 820 AD I had 62 of them. In 860 AD I learned Nationalism for a gpt treat from Aztecs and declared war on them. I arranged a military alliance with Inca and Celts versus Azecs. This war ended in 950 AD. In this year I stopped researching. In 970 AD I declared war on the rest of Persia and destroyed them in 980 AD. This was also the year I mobilized my industry to war-time. And the mobilization ended only with my victory.

1000 AD I redeclared war on Aztecs while the Celts signed a peace treaty with them in 1010 AD. 1050 AD the war with the Actecs ended with the cutting of their source of saltpeter.

1130 AD Inca declared war on me and I decared war on the Celts in 1150 AD to destroy them in 1210 AD. The third Aztec war began in 1250 AD. They were destroyed in 1310 AD.

After a short peace time with Inca from 1280 AD to 1320 AD I redeclared war on them and destroyed them in 1350 AD.

So in 1355 AD the Mayan people were alone in the world.


570 BC Discover Monotheism.

370 BC Discover Theology.

150 BC Discover Feudalism.

280 AD Learn Engineering.

290 AD Discover Printing Press.

370 AD Discover Education.

370 AD Learn Invention.

460 AD Discover Astronomy.

460 AD Learn Gunpowder.

540 AD Discover Navigation.

600 AD Discover Chemistry.

660 AD Discover Physics.

700 AD Discover Magnestism.

740 AD Discover Metallurgy.

780 AD Discover MilTrad.

820 AD Learn Music Theory.

820 AD Learn Theory of Gravity.

860 AD Discover Banking.

860 AD Learn Nationalism.

950 AD Discover Steam Power.
Research stopped.
So, what did y'all think of having The Plague in this game?

I was shocked: Covid reaches Civilization. :eek: ;)

Green Bear, I see you built walls in Cuello and Piedra Niegras. Do you find them very useful? I usually only build walls in a town that I know will be subject to repeated assault, like a town on an isthmus or right on the border with a hostile neighbor. They are nice to have in those instances for sure, especially on a hill. I love to see multiple casualties when the enemy throws unit after unit into the jaws of death.
I'm not saying walls are a waste, just asking your opinion and that of others.
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