COTM21 Second Spoiler - Middle Ages, World Map

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  1. Karasu

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    Jun 28, 2002
    Only for a while
    Well, yes, it's only the 9th and we've only got 5 posts in the AA spoiler.

    But I'm off tomorrow, and I hope there will be something to read as I come back on Monday, so...

    ...Welcome to the second spoiler for COTM21! ;)

    Have all of you followed the war path? I'm still looking for someone who went for diplo!

    This spoiler is governed by the usual standard conditions:
    - Have emerged out of the Middle Ages, and:
    - Know the full world map

    Looking forward to your stories! :D
  2. AutomatedTeller

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    Jan 25, 2006
    Medford, MA
    Were quite eventful. Even with the library, I managed to get behind, mainly by starting research on the bottom half, switching to the top half, then getting behind - I would have been better off just sticking with one part or the other. So I entered Industrial fairly late - Rome, Germany and Egypt are behind me, mainly because I spent the middle ages beating up the Romans.

    Rome had set up Neapolis NW of the ivory, Vikings had set up Bode NE of the ivory on the coast, I had Tonawanda on the horses, Kahnawake SR on the coast, Oil Springs 3 NE, Akwesasone along the coast and Grand River on the plains just west of the mountains. Rome had also just planted Syracuse near Tonawanda, to catch the fish, and had recently fought a war with the Vikings where they took Bode.

    I had no resources other than horses and it was time to get some!!

    So, I split my stack of 26 MW into 3 and took Bode, Syracuse and Neapolis, fairly easily. I had seen some MI around, so I knew they had them and probably pikes - but I had some bad moments when stack after stack of legionarries, MI and pikes, with the occasional musketman! tossed in started coming my way.

    I had to abandon both Neapolis and Bode to preserve my MW as much as possible, which was painful, and they went back and forth - they would take them, I would take them back with a stack of MW who had run away to heal, they would take them back with the latest stack of legionnaries...

    Finally, he was sending warriors and spears, and I knew he was gassed. So, I pressed on and Veii (iron!), Rome (Hanging Gardens!) and Virconium (Saltepeter!) Unfortunately, I seem to have wiped my repuatation - I think I was trading the ivory before the area was fully secure.

    I've been fighting the Romans off and on since, taking more towns for tech. And the Germans sent a lone longbowman up exploring my territory (we had ROP) and he ROP raped me and took one of my towns!! Course, I have cavalry so took it right back - was annoying, though.

    Now, I'm fomenting war (everyone is fighting someone - big dogpile on egypt and smaller one on germany) and researching medicine - no one has it, and I hope to get it and be able to trade it for steam, etc. Not sure what my final victory condition will be - I may try diplo - will be a challenge to see if I can get it with my trading rep in trouble....

    I got two MGL, one which made a knight army, and one which rushed the forbidden palace in Tonawanda. And have been building lots of infrastructure.
  3. seven21

    seven21 Chieftain

    Jun 14, 2005
    Diplomatic? - a volunteer here!

    Settled in place and built warrior/warrior/granary/settler with an early Curragh in the second city

    4000 Salamanca
    2670 Niagara
    2350 G River
    2110 Allegheny
    1750 Catteraugus
    1400 Oil Springs
    1125 Tonawanda

    For some reason never spotted the horses until well into the Middle Ages so presumed I was devoid of any resources especially when Salt never appeared so decided to go Diplomatic as I had never won that way in a GOTM before .

    Built Glib in 710 BC and caught up in Tech immediately and kept it going up to Mettallurgy which I have never seen before as the Carthaginians seemed to be committed to the bottom line of the tech tree.

    Virtually eveyone was in constant war all the time and I had them all declare on me (except Rome who I kept very sweet bearing in mind my limited military) but managed to see off their fairly pathetic attempts at invasions with my trusty longbowmen.

    Towards the end of the Middle Ages a lead in tech was emerging and I was keeping everyone paying me so ToE,Hoover and UN should all be achievable to set up the Diplo win provided I could keep the world war raging through the IA. Realised I would have to forego a GA except at the end when I built UN.

    Middle Ages 490 BC
    Industrial Age 710 AD
  4. klarius

    klarius ... !

    May 30, 2004

    Ancient age

    We entered MA in 710BC and bought engineering.
    Horses are connected around this time.
    Research to monotheism, hoping to buy feudalism from the AI.
    Rome has the pyramids since 900BC, so the target is set.
    Golden age starts in 530BC. Egypt landed an archer :lol: near the capital (I shadowed the galley for 4 turns with a MW).
    War with Rome starts in 430BC, capturing Veii.
    For the city of Rome we already have the first knights in 330BC.
    Romans are done in 10BC.

    Gunpowder is around at this date, so we go for cavalry for the further wars.
    We do capture some Carthagian cities in the meantime (they don't have saltpeter).
    Military tradition researched in 250AD and research stopped.
    The last Carthagian city falls in 290AD, but they still have some galley settlers around. We now have ToA, so domination will be easy.

    Start on Egypt in 310AD. They are done by 360AD except a city they settled in the north of Greece.

    The dutch (we were in a phony war since 10AD) were pretty tough, so we paused this war for regrouping in 420 and made a small German campaign.
    War with netherlands resumed in 450AD taking Amsterdam woth the Lighthouse. This allows a small galley hop to the last egyptian city.
    490AD the last egypt city falls. I also killed the Carthagian galleys this turn.
    500AD Germany leaves the scene and we also make a small peace with the dutch to prepare for the final push to domination.
    520AD the forces that destroyed Egypt take a greek city.
    530AD we take another dutch city and settle a few cities.
    540AD lots of culture expansion and domination victory.

  5. Wardancer

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    Jun 19, 2005
    Nice date! How many jason? :)
  6. Twonky

    Twonky King

    Apr 29, 2005
    Hannover, Germany
    The Middle Ages lasted from 950bc to 420ad.

    370bc: Invention is discovered and Archers are beeing upgraded to Longbows.
    330bc: Monotheism acquired.
    230bc: FP is constructed in a core town. I declare war on Rome and quickly secure their lands up to and including Veii.
    90bc: GA starts.
    10bc: Gunpowder discovered.

    70ad: Rome is taken. That breaks their neck.
    110ad: Chemistry discovered, Theology acquired.
    270ad: Rome is destroyed.
    290ad: My former MA-partner Egypt dows. Well, they were next on my list anyway. :lol:
    360ad: Physics discovered, Banking and Navigation acquired.
    420ad: Magnetism is aquired and the IA is entered.

    I pondered whether a palace-jump to Rome might be beneficial, but decided against that. So preparations are well on the way to ICS all lands beyond Veii for science farms. I am a bit concerned about my relativly weak military consisting of 2 armies and ~10 Cavalry only. While this is going to be enough for Egypt, I´d also like to swallow Carthage before they have Rifles. At the same time, my core needs Universities...
    We´ll see how it will go - in the final spoiler.
  7. namliaM

    namliaM Deity

    Apr 4, 2005
    Well like I said, I started my MA pretty late. Entering it a little earlier than 290bc, but only then turning on science on a MA tech. I spent the early MA saving up to finish SoZ, I then (finaly) revolted to Republic and build me some archers and Mounted Warriors which I traded from the Romans.

    Then after researching Mono and Theo, I was building the Sistine Chapel after finishing the Knights Templar in 270AD.....
    I know not a culture shock KT, but I wanted it for the little blue men that come from it... aka Crusaders, maybe another mistake same as MoM?
    .... I start of my GA by taking on some Romans...

    I take the Horse town and the Ivory town as well as the third (south east of the horses) in quick succession, set up shop and plant my units on the hill due nw of the vulcano. I spent what feels like the entire rest of the MA killing Romans who come and fall before me as well as some others that stray by... At one point it is me vs the whole world.

    Anyway my GA is spend well. At 40spt (and -1 fpt) I finish Sistines and take Copernicus on my last turn of the GA. Unfortunatly NO Leaders yet...
    So I buy a university before starting (as a prebuild) on Bachs. I picked up music to allow for that.

    Before getting Education and obsoleting my Great Library the Dutch Bee-line to Military tradition (never ever seen an AI do that). I wanted as much as possible so I turned down science on education. The AI took me to Mettalurgy and Printing Press, before anything else.
    This did mean however that I would miss out on a lot of Ancient Cavs, which would have been nice to have.

    So after buying the Uni and prebuilding using Bachs, I switch to Newtons which is finished in 730ad. But that is really allready part of the Industrial, as I enter that in 710ad.

    Missing Free Artists and Economics, having a monopoly on music (still). Going hard on Steam in 9 turns.

    At this point Salamance has 5024 culture doing 73 CPT for an estimated 1800 ad win.

    Looking back now the KT was a mistake, alltho the Crusaders did keep me alive with their 5/3 they were my main source for keeping off the romans. With No Iron and No Salt and no Horses untill late in the MA ...
    The 12 turns needed for the 300 shields would have been better spend on some other wonder or even actual horses....

    More on the missing MA techs and the Industrial age later.... As I still need to finish it. But entering the IA I am still without leaders....
  8. PaperBeetle

    PaperBeetle Emperor

    Aug 23, 2004
    The Ancient Age
    My early expansion went well; I made good use of all the fresh water, running a four-turn settler factory, and I expanded west to grab both horses and ivory. I met the trans-Roman civs late, as I didn't have any early coastal towns, and wasn't prepared to risk sending an axe through Roman land. The last two contacts, Holland and Egypt, were actually made at the start of the medieval. Research was not directed towards the Republic slingshot, as I did not plan to use that government. Instead I leaned towards the Mathematical techs, and was rewarded with good trades which brought me into the medieval era in 850bc. I was still a despot, and still at peace.

    Revolution, Not Evolution
    My first medieval research priority is a proper government. I am tired of oppressing my people... so I appoint an aristocracy to do it for me. After a gruelling 19 turns of research, I get Feudalism in 450bc, and roll up a six-turn anarchy. I am ready to attack the Romans, but I don't particularly want to start a war while I am in anarchy, as I will also trigger my golden age. My patience is not rewarded; Rome builds The Wall on the same interturn that I establish my new government :wallbash:.

    The Golden Age
    Never mind about The Wall. I dow anyway, and take two towns in the ivory/horse area, kicking off my golden age in 330bc. Next up is the iron town Veii; I don't actually have much use for iron, but it is important to wean Caesar off the legionaries. Meanwhile, the southern hemisphere civs are researching strongly, which isn't what I want. I decide to distract them with some wars, so I dow on Holland and Germany in 250bc, forgetting that these are precisely the two civs that I have per-turn trades with. Rep? Who needs it? I bring Cleo and Ragnar into these wars with first-tier medieval techs. The Egyptians and Vikings would prove to be my staunchest allies for much of the next thousand years. Not so Carthage, who join the war against me at the request of the Dutch.

    Despite brutal losses at the gates of Rome, I take the city in 150bc, and with it The Wall. The writing is on the wall for Caesar now, and I take about one town per turn until the Romans are destroyed in 50ad. During this period, the AI has a minor wonder spree: Holland builds Sun Tzu, and the resulting cascade leaves Germany with the Great Library and Templars. My own Great Works department comes up with a Forbidden Palace, which I build in my core's gems town. I want to put a library in here to keep my research in a high gear. By the end of the golden age (70ad) I have followed the bottom branch of the tech tree as far as Gunpowder. As I said before, I have little need for iron: I skipped Chivalry, planning to go straight for cavalry. After all, I would rather have seven braves than three knights, for the same shield cost.

    Having finished off Rome, I turn my attention to the Carthaginians, with who I am still at war. Although the numidian is a good counter to the brave, their empire is not large enough to stand up to my forces. I march down the west coast, again at the rate of one town per turn. By 280ad, Hanni is banished to a single town on the Scandinavian coast. Rather impressively, these two civs have managed not to actually meet yet, so I am unable to set Ragnar onto Carthage. By now, I have made peace with Will, and bought him into the war against my next target, Otto.

    In 310ad I take my first German town, and discover Metallurgy. Mil Trad will be another 8 turns, but rather worryingly, the Dutch (still the best AI researchers) are also taking the bottom branch of the tech tree, so I won't necessarily have superior military technology.
    In 320ad, things start getting hectic. Holland builds Leonardo. The Carthaginians and Vikings meet, and Hanni dows on Ragnar! Crazy - he only has one town, which the Vikings take in 340ad. Things are afoot in Greece too. Alex has been fairly well-disposed towards me so far, but he has an extremely suspicious stack of doom (19 units) marching through Holland and into my Carthago-German province. There's nothing he can be headed for except my towns, so I give him a boot order, and get a dow. I give Will 20gpt for war with Greece, and he pulls the SoD apart for me. I only have to pay that 20g once though; in 330ad, Will breaks our new alliance and dows on me! Most everybody seems to be at war with everybody else, just the way I like it.
    Back at the German front, 370ad brings me the Templars, and by 390ad, Germany has only one town left, safe behind Dutch lines.

    The AIs are now making and breaking alliances against each other at a furious rate, but I try to keep my own friends on side: the basic plan is Iro, Egypt and Scandinavia against Holland and Greece. The invasion of Holland is a painfully slow business. The German-Dutch border is a band of forests and mountains with few roads, and trying to cross it exposes my troops to counterattacks from the Dutch knights. Furthermore, troops making it as far as Dutch towns have to contend with swiss pikes, but in 520ad, I finally get hold of Sun Tzu, located in The Hague. At the same time Greek cavalries are starting to work their way through Holland and they briefly take a town from me. They seem to be using Dutch roads, so I guess they are allied now. I'll have to do something about that.

    Turbulent Times
    In 560ad I am ready to finish off the Germans, so I arrange a lot of peace/war deals which get me a couple of techs (Banking, Navi and Physics), slaves, hard cash, and gpt from my friends. Well, they aren't my friends for long! After 860 years of close collaboration, Cleo stabs me in the back, switching to the Dutch side of the war. Unfortunately for Egypt, they are before Holland in the turn order, so I get to move before Cleo. I start by razing one of her border towns, and whip up some more units in the Roman and Carthago-German provinces.
    The next turn, Ragnar dows on me too, apparently unprovoked! Well that's bad, because I fear his berserks, so I switch some core builds to pikes. The Vikings have been concentrating on cavalry though: they land a couple in Germany, and my counterattack finally brings me my first leader. I wish I had been counting elite wins - my guess is that I would be in triple figures by now. Obviously, I form a cavalry army, and head off into Egypt :ninja:.

    My first victorious battle with the army is in 680ad, and I immediately start building the Epic by hand. The same turn, I get another leader for fighting off Dutch landing parties in Germany: another army is formed. Egypt is not strong enough to stand against these monsters, and it falls apart with some speed. Cleo is finished in 710ad, and I give Ragnar peace that turn too, in exchange for his help against Alex. I then accidentally give Alex peace, and am back to war with Ragnar! Oops. The Vikings do actually manage to capture Rome for a turn by landing three cavalries in the province, which is totally undefended, but I take it back straight away. Will is also put out of his misery, with the last Dutch town falling in 740ad.

    In 750ad, Alex researches Economics, and thus seals his fate: he could have done Gravity to enter the industrial era, and maybe get Nationalism free. But no, he just volunteered for my first ROP rape of the game. The ROP with Greece is signed in 760ad, which allows me land access to Scandinavia: I raze a border town and give Ragnar peace in 800ad, getting ROP with him too.
    The next turn, I rape the Greek ROP. I didn't yet have all my troops in the area, so I concentrated on the towns which looked like the best researchers, including Knossos, home of Copernicus. It is still important that Greece be kept well away from the industrial era. In that first turn, I capture three towns, and raze three. By 840ad, the Greeks are no more.

    After a couple of turns resting up in the ruins of Greece, my forces are ready to move on into Scandinavia. This time, I have more units in place, and the rape is more devastating. I kick off in 890ad, capturing three towns and razing nine in the first turn.
    And that is all they have to offer! Conquest victory is declared in 900ad. 8307 Firaxis points make for 10216 Jasons.


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