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COTM 40 Spoiler2: End of the Middle Ages

Reading Requirements:

  1. Must be able to research an Industrial Age Technology.
  2. Must have contact with all remaining civs in the game

Posting restrictions

  1. No maps showing Industrial or Modern resources.
  2. No discussion of Industrial Age (or later).
  3. Absolutely NO discussion of any other active 'X'OTM Contest

So, 2 continents, 4 civs each (at least at the start! :) ). Any problems with the 2nd continent? How is your game going?
Medieval in 650BC or thereabouts. Mongols on the way out, supplying me with Pyramids.

Wars started with Zulu (reduced to a one-tile island, bah) who were dispatched without trouble, and Sumeria (Sun Tzu) who were a whole mess o'trouble.

Every single city I captured flipped at least once; one flip wiped out most of my catapults. Really I should've learned and started razing earlier, but I was short of settlers at the time. The pressure of the war was getting to my citizens but some jigging of specialists kept me going and I was able to finally capture Ur, raze every city round it, take the Sumerian's 1-tile island city in the peace deal, and sit and sweat. At one point Ur had something like 20-35% flip chance according to CAII (requiring nearly 120 units to prevent it...). Miraculously it held.

Once the Sumerian war finished, I was able to drop lux, build libraries, and starting ICS'ing the southern half of the continent. They provided Theology and Education to my cause (I'd researched the lower half, including Chiv & MT), and I was able to 4-turn research from then on.

Contact came with the Byzantines, Celts, French, and Japanese in that order soon after getting Astronomy. Copernicus triggered my GA two turns before I completed Theory of Gravity, giving me a nice early-IA boost.

I entered the IA in 810AD looking comfortably at 4-turn research throughout. By now I'd settled for a Space Race.

My Galleons had loaded up and were pointing towards Japan, who I'd deliberately kept in the cold and who had the Sixth Luxury (Wines) in easy reach.
Medieval in 650BC or thereabouts. Mongols on the way out, supplying me with Pyramids.

I entered the IA in 810AD looking comfortably at 4-turn research throughout. By now I'd settled for a Space Race.
Congratulations on the Pyramids. I got the Oracle, but of course had no temples. Middle Ages started about 500bc. Other than you I researched the upper branch and entered industrial times 540AD. No need to worry however, I don't go space. Contacts with the other continent civs was established 460AD and onwards. I already knew magnetism and could trade for luxuries; the AIs were still AA or beginning of MA.

PS: Since the Pyramids were on the other continent, no Golden Age (yet).
The Sumerian war hurt me, I'd wanted to finish it quicker so I could drop lux and also wasted time researching MT.
By now I'd settled for a Space Race.

Well then, you have your Race. :) I'm headed for space. Industrial in 590ad, but I'm not looking at anything like 4 turn research. No sign of a golden age... the Pyramids are in France, and the Wall in Gaul, but that's no biggie. I'm more worried about missing Copernicus. I haven't built it yet, and I've gifted the two SCIs up. :shifty:
Things haven't gone quite so rosily for me, in part because I haven't played Monarch in a long time (nor much Civ at all), in part because the RNG gods haven't been especially friendly, and in part because some of the AI are actually playing decently well.

My first target was the Mongols, whom I denied Iron early enough that they had only one Swordsman. They gave me enough tech to convince me to fight the Zulu a bit instead, though in retrospect the Zulu would have been more useful as an ally against Sumeria than conquered. So I switched back and forth conquering those two for awhile, finishing off Mongolia first with an overwhelming force of Med Inf and Pikemen. I, too, had significant flipping problems, having only one Temple for culture plus the Temple of Artemis when I controlled Karakorum.

The going got tough against Mongolia. My plan was to upgrade my 30-40 Knights to Cavalry and then trounce them, but they jumped the gun and invaded me first. But their lack of Saltpeter and Horses hurt them, and my Knights broke their stacks of pikes, longbows, Ancient Cavalry, and archers. I waited until Cavalry to go on the offensive, and took three cities in one turn, razing two (the other having J.S. Bach's). By this time, however, the Sumerians had started trading and had both Saltpeter and Horses (Cavalry and Musketmen). Bach's flipped back, but I built cities replacing the other two and made peace for tech. 20 turns later I again took three cities at once, this time against defending Riflemen, and as all three had worthwhile wonders, none were razed. The current struggle is to keep the cities from flipping while my culture is 1/8 the Sumerian, and razing the other Sumerian cities nearby with any extra troops.

On the other continent, the Celts destroyed the Byzantines quite early, the French not too long afterwards, and recently the Japanese. No doubt I will have a great final struggle with the Celts. They're also more advanced than I, so it will be a good war. I'm thinking I'll have to send lots of bombers and tactical nukes over to flatten them out.

Enter MA around 400bc. Start researching towards Navigation mainly using scientists in corrupted cities (built no libraries in this game). Meanwhile conquer our continent.
Discover Mono, Theo, Education, Astronomy, trade for feudalism, discover Chivalry and eventually Navigation in 230AD. Also kick off GA by building Copernicus in 190AD. From then on is just how fast can i transport my knights to the other continent.
Domination achieved in 550AD with help of many false peace treaties and ROP rapes. Jason score was 11300+
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