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  1. eldar

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    Apr 19, 2004
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    Isn't it about time it was opened...?
  2. DWetzel

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    Jan 23, 2008
    I know I'm in favor. I'm dying to see how the race has continued. There are still quite a few wrinkles in how the game can go. Interested to see just how early Ignas can get Shakespeare's, and, assuming he forgoes getting another early wonder to get it, how the more conventional (to me anyway!) strategy compares.
  3. TheOverseer714

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    Feb 12, 2007
    I ended up going for Domination, since the Colossus figures hugely in any 20K attempt for me. I had a decent Civ score of ~4200, but a nice jason score of over 8K. I may try more fast military in the future. I bet Neo666 gets 12K if he finishes in the early ADs or BC.

    Edit: Here was my entry confirmation.

    Entry class: Open
    Game status: Domination Victory for Aztecs
    Game date: 1130 AD
    Firaxis score: 4102
    Jason score: 8809
    Time played: 27:51:51
  4. PaperBeetle

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    Aug 23, 2004
    It's been a long time since I started a game early enough to get a QSC submitted, but this juicy game lured me in...
    14 towns, 46 citizens, 149 tiles
    111 food in the bin, 104 shields in the box, 3g in the treasury
    2 granaries, 5 barracks, 1 harbour
    1 settler, 12 workers, 4 axes, 5 archers, 1 spear, 1 catapult, 3 jaguars, 2 curragh
    All ancient techs except Monarchy and Literature, 1 medieval tech
    All contacts except Holland and Spain, 8 embassies
    QSC score 6369

    I moved the worker to the mountain, and wow what a nice spread of bgs, plus all the river and fur. I can see why everyone wants to go 20k. But not for me, I'm going to space. The bgs were nice, but I wanted a settler pump, so I sent the settler exploring south, and pretty soon he saw the flood wheat. I settled on the third turn and went straight for another settler, who would go a little further along the river and share the flood plains and wheat with the capital. Research was Pots followed by the usual slingshot.
    The capital ran as a 4-turn settler factory, and the second town as a 2-turn worker factory, until the Republic slingshot came in. At which point I started shifting the pattern; the capital now operates as a 1-turn worker factory, in an attempt to truly drown my economy with unit support, while the second town does 4-turn settlers.
    Of the higher-tier techs, the AI did Riding, Mapping and Polytheism for me. Abe was also nice enough to turn up with Maths while I was still revolting to Republic (6 turn anarchy), so I could get Currency and Construction finished pretty early. Medieval reached in 1075bc.

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  5. The Professor

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    Jul 11, 2007
    at my desk
    Settle in place; worker to BG. Start on Pottery at 90%. Set build to Jag. Warrior.

    3550 B.C. - Finish Pottery; start alphabet.

    3300 B.C. - Meet the Americans; I have nothing to trade to them.

    3250 B.C. - Meet Germany; they are only up BW.

    3000 B.C. - Meet Portugal; trade WC + 4 g for alphabet.

    2900 B.C. - Meet Maya and the Mongols; neither they nor the Germans have alpha, but I'm stingy and don't trade it. A goodie hut give a warrior.

    2750 B.C. - Build first settler. Send him out alone.

    2710 B.C. - Settler meets a barb in the fog.:wallbash:

    IBT - Settler dies.

    2630 B.C. - Meet England. Nothing to trade.

    2470 B.C. - Meet Russia. Note that everyone but Russia and Maya have Alpha, so trade it for BW and 20g, to keep deficit research going.

    2230 B.C. - Build 2nd city SE of the capital; send a warrior escort this time.

    1870 B.C. Finish Writing, start CoL. With 3 civ's still unmet, it is a monopoly tech. I hold it for now.

    1790 B.C. - Build Tlatelolco SE of Teohuacan, on the same side of the river.

    1600 B.C. - Meet Incas, no trades.

    1575 B.C. - Meet Spain, who must be quite isolated; trade pottery for CB. Found Texcoco NW, on a river.

    1500 B.C. - Americans found Philadelphia due North of capital.

    1475 B.C. - Notice that Inca's have Writing. Decide to trade to the highest bidder. Portugal Gives The Wheel, IW, MYst +81 g. Then get Masonry + HBR from England. Then get Math +26g from Germany.

    1225 B.C. - Learn Philosophy and The Republic. Sell Writing to America and Russia for combined 148 gold. Poly is out there, but not worth selling Phil or CoL. My economy is not ready for Republic yet.

    1075 B.C. - MM and poly are available. I sell philosophy to Portugal for poly + 65g, and to the Inca for 47 g.

    I didn't keep a detailed log from here out. Reached the Middle Ages around 630 BC. Still hadn't revolted to Republic; my economy isn't quite ready to handle it. The tech pace feels quite fast, and I am tempted to go for a high-research game--diplo or space, but I doubt that I will be able to finish in time to turn this in.
  6. Andronicus

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    Feb 18, 2005
    Open, going for 20k in capital, didnt keep notes

    my thoughts exactly!

    Wishing I had gone for a different VC seeing Ignas's quality start, unfortunately 20k doesnt lend itself to swapping goals. [edit - see DWetzel's also excellent start was on predator :goodjob:, although cpt looks good at 1000BC, I dont think your slow research approach will give as early a finish date as you might otherwise; 20k requires fast research IMO, to Shakes especially]

    I didnt build a granary in the capital, actually my first build was wealth :eek:
    My worker chopped, irrigated and roaded the plains ivory forests, then chopped, mined and roaded the grass ivory forest. (In retrospect I should not have roaded first 2 as already 2 commerce for being on river and didnt require early lux connection). The wealth was to minimise wastage as first chop sped first JW and next chops sped an early temple.

    I built 3 JWs then IIRC temple then settler (or was it other way around)
    First JT popped CB from hut, met England, popped worker north of England (long track back), met Portugal before heading east. Second JT west met Mayans and Incan, missed Americans till later. Third JT met France (and saw the ivory) and poped some huts for barbs which hassled the French allowing me to buy plenty of slaves. Again I managed to go right around Germany and didnt discover them until I noticed a red border just east of me. Did not meet the other civ which had built collossus and GLH.

    Research was max to rep slingshot, gifting mysticism and masonry (OK often traded for the plentiful slaves) to get poly and math researched. AI did all 1st and 2nd tier techs (including maths) plus poly and MM in a timely manner. Once in republic I researched lit, currency, construction to reach middle ages in 950AD. Did not gift scientifics. Why not? (I forgot Germany was in the game and I was at war with Russia)

    Second city of course was by the FP wheat and built worker, granary (chop asssited) then workers till capital size 12 fully developed, then 4 turn SF. A random dose of disease was annoying, messing up during my 2 turn worker factory stage. (I later got 3 doses of 2 turn disease in first ring towns in the jungle NW of the capital)

    AI was very aggressive with 3 dows during AA (Mongols, Russia and America). I twice had to pop rush units to save despotic GA on one occassion and losing a town on the other. GA started 1075BC following 3rd dow

    AA culture builds
    3950BC palace
    3050BC temple
    1400BC Oracle
    1200BC MoM
    1175BC library

    1000BC stats
    6 towns, 25 pop
    4 JWs, 1 settler, 1 worker :blush:, 8 slaves
    In rep in GA, capital doing 40spt, 15cpt (405 total), 2 turns to construction and middle ages, 5 turns to GLib completion

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