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COTM86 - First Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of the Month' started by civ_steve, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. civ_steve

    civ_steve Deity Retired Moderator GOTM Staff

    Mar 25, 2002
    formerly Santa Clarita, California

    COTM 86 First Spoiler - Zulu, the Ancient Age!

    Reading Requirements
    1. You must be able to research a Middle Age technology.

    Posting Restrictions
    • Please be discreet about AI locations; however, feel free to discuss contacts and trades.
    • No discussions of the middle ages (or later)
    • No screenshots of any middle-age (or later) resources.
    • Absolutely NO discussion of any other currently active 'X'OTM!

    Turns out there is lots of food at the starting location; how did you use it to expand your initial kingdom? Zulu and Pangaea seem a natural fit, and Regent level is ... Regent. How did your initial contacts go? Are the AI setting up any challenge to you?
  2. Spoonwood

    Spoonwood Grand Philosopher

    Apr 30, 2008
    I opened the save and noticed a floodplain square in the fog, so I thought I'd move my settler near it to use it right away (but I didn't move my settler first). I then moved the worker first forgetting I had a scout, I think to the bonus grassland. Then I moved my settler to the unforested plain square, and saw the first floodplain wheat! Lastly I moved my scout about. I soon saw the other floodplain wheat and decided to go scout-settler, some workers, and then granaries in both cities for 2 settler factories.

    I founded my 2nd city on the hill up to the north. Later on I realized that I could have had both cities have access to 1 floodplain wheat each had I founded my second city on another open plains spot, but looking back founding on the hill may have actually worked out better. The second city ran a little off kilter as a settler factory, since it didn't have fresh water, and thus I sometimes used a scientist on its last turn.

    I didn't pop the first three huts around my capital figuring I'd come back and pop them later. The Maya at one point scared me into believing they might pop one of my huts, before I had my research set to Philosophy, as I wasn't going to pop anything while researching Code of Laws. I contacted France in 3350, picked up Alphabet, and maxed out for the Republic slingshot. I had all the contacts except for Scandinavia by the time I entered the Middle Ages. I'm not exactly sure when that happened, but I know I got there before 1050 BC, and I gifted Germany up for their free tech. My eighth city flipped to the Maya sometime in the ancient age which lay near an iron source.

    I went for space.
  3. Smellincoffee

    Smellincoffee Trekkie At Large

    Jun 29, 2003
    Heart of Dixie
    I moved one tile west or northwest (it's been a week) after my initial scout revealed a superior city site, and settled down for a conservative start. I had ridiculous goody hut luck, popping four or five techs in addition to two workers. The workers were a continent's march from home, though, so I let them pop huts for me, getting gold and such. The goody hut luck actually fouled up my plans to research Code of Laws, then Philosophy, and gain Republic as a free tech -- while researching Code of laws, a worker popped Philosophy. CoL automatically finished (it was more than halfway done. :-/) and I wound up having to research republic.

    I didn't expand quickly, but I engaged in numerous wars. First the Arabs threatened me, and I denied them so they declared war on me. Their initial invasion force was taken out by barbarians, which made the war last longer, and in the mean time I had to tackle the Maya. The war with the Maya worked out well. I cleared numerous settlements around me with archers, and then swords. By the time that war was done I had horsemen and Impi, and I used those to destroy several French cities in the east. Somebody -- either the Arabs or the Maya -- had the Germans declare war on me, but they were destroyed rather handily.As it sits now, I've just entered the medieval era. There's still plenty of land to the east between France and myself, but I'm not sure how to proceed It's featureless, so there aren't many priorities other than "take up land". I also need to transition into Republic now that my cities are big enough for it, but the size of my army will be a concern.
  4. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    I was pretty happy with this start. I think it really displayed the power of the expansionist trait. After my initial scout move I decided there was no reason to move my initial settler and founded in place and got to work building an empire. I decided on a Diplo win.

    I was going to go scout-worker-granary but it as it turned out I was very lucky and popped a worker right next to my capital in 3900 BC. :D Then I popped a 2nd city far up north from GH5 in 3250BC. That city pushed out more scouts and helped with unit support - it actually survived the entire game in place.

    I had 4 scouts early in the game and they did a good job of making contacts, collecting a few techs & lots of gold, they pick up 13 GH in all. The barbs were brutal on the AI. My scouts managed to avoid them for a very long time but the AI was pillaged into the stone age for most of the game.

    Make the Republic sling shot in 1675BC & draw a 4t anarchy. Not bad. Zulu are a republic in 1575BC. 1375BC France DOWs on me. Bad choice. My GA starts in 1350BC. I use my GA to build archers to destroy France. I make a trade to Arabia for MM in 1050BC and enter the Middle Age.

    QSC – 11 cities, citizens: 39, 8 workers, 8 slaves, 1 scout, 9 warriors, 9 archers, 8 impi, 3 barracks, 2 granaries, 4 libraries. All AA techs, no Monarchy. Feud due in 9t @ -4gpt. Know all civs, Embassies with Mayans, Arabia, Germany, France.
    QSC Score: 5851

    Full Log
    Spoiler :
    4000 BC – Scout moves E. Find FP+Wheat. Hmmm? That’s awful nice! There’s enough for a 4-turn SF! The only possibility is that the AI must be really, really close! Or we are on an island. Scout NE. Whoa. Two FP+Wheat? That will make at least a SF & WF.
    Found in place. Move worker SE to BG to put down mind. See 2 GH & another BG. I’m going for an early worker. Start Alpha at max, due in 25t. Start a second scout. Then worker. Then Granary.
    3950 BC – change a bunch of preference, particularly ‘wait at end of turn’. Worker starts a mine. Scout1 heads towards northern GH. Scout2 will head towards southern GH.
    3900 BC – GH1=barb worker! That changes things. I’ll go straight for the Granary and assist with forest chops.
    3850 BC – Scout1 N.
    3800 BC – Scout NE then N to see the most land.
    3750 BC – Scout2 – S, SW. Start Granary due in 30t. Scout1 – NW, W.
    3700 BC – Scout2 – SE, SE. GH2=skilled warrior. Scout1 –NE, N. Unit costs. Ouch.
    3650 BC – Forest Chop #1 complete. Mine complete. Granary now due in 15. Scout2 E, E. Worker 1&2 – road. Scout1 E, N. See bluish borders.
    3600 BC – Scout2 NE, NE. See GH3. Scout1 N, N. Meet the Mayans. I’ve got WC, they’ve got Masonry. No deal possible yet.
    3550 BC – Scout2 NE to GH3=25gp, N. Scout 1 NE, E.
    3500 BC – Scout2 N, N. Worker 1 NE. Worker 2 SW to forest for next chop. Scout1 N to hill.
    3450 BC – Worker #1 road towards FP. Worker #2 chop. Scout2 sees fur – E, E. Scout1 E.
    3400 BC – Scout 2 E. See incense & GH4. Scout2 E to GH4=learn CB. Scout1 E, E. Mayans have WC now, but not CB. Still no trade possible. Alpha in 9t.
    3350 BC – disease kills 1 pop. Grr. Scout2 E, E. See pink border. Scout1 N, NE.
    3300 BC – Scout 1 E, E. Meet France. France has Masonry & Alpha. I’ve got Pottery, WC & CB. We can make a trade and France will give me all 10gp. The Mayans no longer have anything I need. Start Writing due in 32t. Scout 1 NE, NE. See GH3. Worker #1 to FP.
    3250 BC – Scout2 S, S. Worker #1 irrigate FP+W. Worker #2 finish chop, road. Scout1 N to GH5=City. Hmm. That doesn’t due a lot of good, other than unit support. Start warrior. Scout1 N.
    3200 BC – Scout2 S, S. Scout1 N, N.
    3150 BC – Scout2 W, SW. Scout1 NE, N. See blue border.
    3100 BC – Worker2 Irrigate. Scout2 NW, SW. Scout1 E, E. Meet Germany. They have BW & a worker available. Give them Masonry & CB. For BW, worker & 10gp. Slave1 to BG.
    3050 BC – Granary builds. Start Scout. Worker 1 road. Slave1 mine. Scout2 N, N. See GH6. Scout1 E, E.
    3000 BC – Scout2 E to GH6=learn myst. N. Scout1 E, N. See GH7. Swap scout build to settler.
    2950 BC – Scout2 N, W. Scout1 E to GH7=skilled warrior. See first barb. 2/2 warrior vs 2/2 barb – flawless fail – well that was fast. Scout1 retreats SE.
    2900 BC – Scout1 continues to run away – SE, SE. Scout2 NW, W. Worker 1 to FP. Worker 2 to BG.
    2850 BC – Worker1 irrigate. Worker2 mine. Scout 2 SW, S. Scout1 S, SW.
    2800 BC – Scout2 S, SW. Scout1 S, E.
    2750 BC – Ulundi: Warrior=Scout. Scout1 S, S. Scout2 W, W.
    2710 BC – first settler. Send to NE. Scout2 N, N. Scout1 W.
    2670 BC – Worker 1 road. Scout2 N, N. Settler to 2nd city placement. Scout1 E, SE.
    2630 BC – Settle 3rd city. Start worker. Scout2 NE, N. Scout1 E, S.
    2590 BC – Worker2 road. Scout2 N, N. Scout1 S. See GH8. Germany has IW – give Myst & Pottery for IW.
    2550 BC – Worker #1 moves to FP+W for city#3. Scout2 E, see GH9, E to GH9=Learn TW. Scout1 SE towards GH8.
    2510 BC – barb comes out of the darkness towards city#3 (Bapedi). Move warrior to cover. Swap build to warrior. Scout2 N, N. Scout1 SW to GH8=25gp. The Mayans have a worker & 10gp. That’s enough for CB! Make the trade. Slave2 Irrigates plains+road.
    2470 BC – SF is up and running. Settler=>Settler. Worker2 to Plain+road to irrigate. 3rd settler heads north. Warrior into Bapedi to defend against barbs. Scout2 E, SE. Scout1 SE. See spices.
    2430 BC – Writing, start CoL. Worker2 irrigate. Settler 3 N w/warrior escort. Scout2 E, S. Scout1 E.
    2390 BC – City #4 Hlobane. Start Warrior. Scout 2, N, N. Scout1 E.
    2350 BC – Ulundi Scout3=>Scout. Bapedi: Warror=>Worker. Scout2 N. Scout3 E, NE. Scout1 E.
    IBT – Barb appears near Zim.
    2310 BC – Zim: Settler=>Settler. See Arabian Scout. Move warrior back to Zim. Scout2 E. Scout3 SE, SE. Scout 1 E. See GH10.
    2270 BC – Scout2 SE. See Gems. Scout 3 E, E. Scout1 N. See orange borders. Give Arabia Myst for 25gp.
    2230 BC – City #5. Start Worker. Scout2 SE. Scout 3 E, SE. Scout1 SE to GH10=Map. Meet England. Build an embassy with the Mayans for 30gp. Arabia receives IW for 35gp. I want to know where Arabia is so build embassy for 44gp – ah, hello! Scout2 SE. Scout3 S, see GH11. Scout1 SE, S.
    2190 BC – Bapedi: Warrior=Granary. 3/3 warrior vs 2/2 barb – flawless win. 4/4 warrior vs 2/2 barb – flawless win. Scout2 SE, S. Scout3 SE to GH11=25gp. Scout1 E to avoid barbs. See more barbs. Will cut through England to get away from barbs. England has withdrawn its worker from barbs – give them WC for worker & 10gp. France receives Myst & 5gp for their worker.
    2110 BC – Barb threatens Scout2. Move NE, NE to escape. Scout 3 S. Scout 1 N, NE.
    2070 BC – Scout2 E, E. Scout3 SW. Scout 1 E, E. England is surrounded by barbs.
    2030 BC – Scout 2 SE. Scout3 is trapped to the S, head N. Scout1 N. 3/3 warrior vs 2/2 barb – flawless win. Mayans get Myst for 25gp. Build an embassy with Germany for 28gp. Germany has been pillaged into the stone age. They have no improvements – their best tile is the unimproved cow in their BFC.
    1990 BC – Scout2 E. Scout3 N. Scout1 N.
    1950 BC – Ulundi: Scout4=>Warrior. Scout4 W, W.Scout3 N, N. Scout2 SE. Scout1 N. City #6. Start Warrior. Move warrior to cover workers by Bapedi. England has 25gp for which they receive Myst. Build an Embassy with France for 34gp. They should have a worker for sail in 2t.
    1910 BC – Bapedi riots. Grr. 3/3 warrior vs 2/2 barb – win, -1hp, promote. Scout 4 S. Scout3 NW, N. Scout 2 E. Scout1 E, N.
    IBT – Barb appears near Ulundi.
    1870 BC – pick up CoL. Start Phil. No one is even close; no one has writing yet. Scout4 S, SE. Scout 3 N, NE. Scout2 E. Scout 1 N, N.
    1830 BC – Scout4 S, SE. I see a German settler has retreated from the path of Scout3, so there must be barbs in that direction; go W, N. Scout1 N, N. See purple border. Scout2 E.
    1790 BC – Scout4 SE. Scout 3 N & pause. There must be barbs around. Scout1 N, NE. Meet Scandinavia. Trade them CB for 10gp & worker. Scout 2 NE. As Phil is in the bag, give Arabia Writing for worker & 10gp.
    1750 BC – City #7, start warrior. Scout 3 N, N. Scout 1 E, E. Scout 2 S. Scout 4 E.
    1725 BC – Scout2 S, S. Scout4 NE, NE. Scout3, S, E. Scout1 N, N. Scandinavia has HBR – give them Masonry & Myst.
    IBT – 2/2 barb vs 3/3 warrior – flawless loss.
    1700 BC – Scout 4 NE. Scout 2 S, S. Scout3 W, NW. Find GH12. Scout1 N, W.
    1675 BC – Phil – select republic – get Republic. Start Lit. Revolt. Draw 4 turn anarchy. Build city #8. Start Warrior. Scout 4 E, SE. Scout3 N to GH12=skilled warrior, SE. Send warrior towards Ulundi. Scout1 W, W. Scout 2 S, SW.
    IBT – 2/2 barb suicides against 3/3 Impi – flawless win.
    1650 BC - Scout4 E. Scout3, SE, E. Scout 1 W, S. Viking cities have no guards. Scout2 S. Oops – there’s a barb. Oh well, it couldn’t last forever. England has 25gp and that gets them TW.
    IBT – Scout2 dies by barb.
    1625 BC - Scout4 S. Scout 3 E, E. Scout1 SW, SW.
    1600 BC – Scout 4 SE. Scout 3 SE, SE. Scout 1 S, SW. 4/4 warrior vs 2/2 barb – flawless win. Advance warriors on barb camp by Bapedi. Give France Writing for 45gp.
    1575 BC – Zulus are a republic ages before any AI will get there. Scout3 S, S. Scout 4 S. 3/3 warrior vs 2/2 barb – flawless win. Scout1 S, SW. Start Lit due in 5t @ -15gpt. The Mayans have 25gp – that gets them Alpha.
    1550 BC – Scout 4 S. Scout3 S, S. Scout1 SE – find barb camp. E. Darn, right next to a barb. Hope the Vikings go first and kill it.
    IBT – Vikings kill the barbs. Danger has passed.
    1525 BC – Scout4 S. Scout 3 SE, SE. Scout1 E, E.
    1500 BC – Scout 3 S, S. Scout 4 S, E. There are now barb horse out. 3/3 warrior vs 2/2 barb – win -1hp. 3/3 warrior vs 2/2 barb horse – win, -1hp, 25gp. Scout 1 SE – see barb. Go E. Arabia has poly.
    IBT – barb follows scout1.
    1475 BC - Scout1 has Reykjavik to the E. Go NE, E. Scout 3 S. Scout 4 E, meet barb horse. Darn. Go SW and hope the horse has a better target.
    IBT – Scout4 dies to barb horse.
    1450 BC - Scout 3 S. See barb camp to the E. Scout1 S, S. Give Arabia CoL & Phil for Poly, Worker & 7gp.
    IBT – see 2 French warriors to my north.
    1425 BC - Barb chases Scout1. Scout 3 W. See a barb to the W. Eeek! Scout 1 S, S.
    IBT – 2 more French warriors – they are definitely going to attack me.
    1400 BC – withdraw my settlers heading east, will send them to safety for now. Swap all builds to military. The French are going to trigger my GA. Scout 3 S. Scout 1 S, S.
    IBT – French advance/invade, stepping on a hill.
    1375 BC – Scout1 S. Scout 3 S. Miss riot in Bapedi. Tell Joan to beat it. France DOW. Give Arabia Lit for an alliance vs the French. They throw in 4gp. They’ll probably pillage my hill (darn) but that’s about it.
    IBT – kill French warrior with impi, -1hp. GA starts.
    1350 BC – Scout1 SE, Scout3 S. Give Vikings Poly for 50gp to keep research going.
    IBT – 2 French warriors suicide against impi, impi promote to vet. Barb moves next to Scout3.
    1325 BC – 4/4 warrior vs 4/4 warrior – lose, -2hp. 3/3 warrior vs 1/4 warrior – win, -1hp. All French units are dead. Scout 1 S. Scout3 S, S. Stops next to barb camp but it only has one unit in it. Cross fingers and pray.
    1300 BC – Impi comes across GH13=map. Scout3 is luck, no barb from camp. Move E. Scout1 S.
    1275 BC – Scout3 E. Scout1 W.
    1250 BC – Citiy #10. Scout3 S, S. Arabia is being pillaged by barbs. Scout1 S.
    IBT – Barb horse appears near Ngome. Barb horse goes after Scout3. Grr.
    1225 BC – City #11. Scout1 SW. Scout3, S, SE. End up next to barb horse.
    IBT – Scout 3 dies.
    1200 BC – Scout1 W. Germany has 25gp – that gets them Alpha. Pull Construction, Start Currency.
    IB T- Barb horse suicides against impi.
    1175 BC – Scout 1 S.
    1150 BC – hook up furs. Scout1 N.
    1125 BC – Scout1 N, NW.
    1100 BC – Scout 1 N, N. England receives writing for 30gp. Arabia receives HBR for 47gp.
    IBT – French ask to talk about peace. No thanks. I like the War Happiness.
    1075 BC – 4/4 archer vs 3/3 warrior – flawless win. Scout 1 N.
    1050 BC – Scout 1 N. Arabia has MM – Give them Republic for MM, Worker & 6gp. Enter Middle Ages.

    AA QSC – 11 cities, citizens: 39, 7 workers, 8 slaves, 1 scout, 9 warriors, 6 archers, 8 impi. 3 barracks, 2 granaries, 1 library. All AA techs, no Monarchy.

    1050 BC – Start Feud, due in 12t & +9gpt.
    1025 BC – Scout1 N, N.
    1000 BC – Scout1 N, NW.

    QSC – 11 cities, citizens: 39, 8 workers, 8 slaves, 1 scout, 9 warriors, 9 archers, 8 impi, 3 barrakcs, 2 granaries, 4 libraries. All AA techs, no Monarchy. Feud due in 9t @ -4gpt.
    QSC Score: 5851
  5. Memento

    Memento The World is mine

    Apr 2, 2003
    Settle in place
    popped 2nd city 3550bc in the jungle.
    3rd town begins prebuild for ToA

    1875bc sling, 5 t anarchie, stop researching
    1550bc Maya gives Yaxchilan
    1500bc connect horses
    1450bc arabs gives baghdad
    1300bc 1st war with Maya, take the capitol
    1250bc starts GA
    1075bc 1st war with Arabs
    1000bc Germans gives Hamburg

    13 cities, 47 pop , 167 tiles, 25 Horses, 8 Impis
    missed Construction and Monarchie
  6. Megalou

    Megalou Thez worlds are not enuf

    Jan 22, 2002
    From memory:
    I settled in place and built scouts(2?) and warriors(3?) before starting granary. A worker was popped near the starting area. I wanted the warriors as MP because I am going for another science game,

    Research was set to 0% from the beginning, so the unit cost was no problem. Once Alphabet was traded (or popped, I don’t remember) I went for writing at 100%.

    Good pops were the worker, Literature and perhaps one more tech – I‘m not sure – but most pops were useless techs, maps, gold and a couple of warriors. Maps really suck with an exp. civ at regent. Once, the Maya snatched a hut from me as I was waiting for the right moment to pop it.

    I started libraries very early in the core area, and soon after it was time to start thinking about universities, so I built very little military. But of course a few impis were welcome into the world. Quite a few may be necessary to successfully start a GA. I had a happiness war against England in the ancient age after first allying them against Vkings tied to peace. No actual fighting took place, and perhaps I should have started a happiness war with some nearby civ, but I really didn’t want a GA to start too early.

    Entered MA in 1375 BC. Germany got Feudalism and naturally I started on Monotheism. I think I had a bit too many unworked tiles near the core area, so I should perhaps have used the second floodplain wheat for a couple of settlers and not just workers. But the floodplain town was on a river so I wanted a library too for a big science output.
  7. pol1

    pol1 kayaking physicist

    May 29, 2006
    Koszalin, Poland
    Also from memory:
    Moved scout somewhere E-S, so missed wheat, but still settled in place. Probably produeced two warriors and a worker before granary. Capital worked as 4turner.
    Got two towns, some warriors and CB from huts.
    Researched Alphabet and went for Republic. Revolted ASAP after settler completion and got 3 turns of anarchy. Meanwhile traded around with Maya, France and Arabs, so after slingshot, researched Literature, Currency and Construction to get to the MA.
    Then went the upper path.
    Sometime after getting HBR from trade, Arabs tried to extort literature, I yielded but still they took and destroyed one of my towns. All in all it was just one lost warrior from one of their towns planted next to my territory (and far away from their). Signed MA with Maya and France, and never saw any Arab unit on my soil again.
    Then came time for Maya and France - with dozens of horses. That was dissapointment - Mayas got only one JT and usually just one unit per town, French also did poorly. I never bothered to build artillery in that game - AI was just weak, both militarily and culturally.

    I have secured nearest horses, settling close to Maya's town, also quickly connected three nearest luxuries. Decided to go for science (with break for amassing gold for near future upgrades) with happy citizens.

    Maybe it was just that higher challenge was expected after long since last game played. Of course much should've been done better, but had much fun.
  8. Spoonwood

    Spoonwood Grand Philosopher

    Apr 30, 2008
    A comparison of the results of moving the settler vs. not moving the settler here in terms of production after say 30 turns or so might prove interesting. If you did move it, your city basically could hit size 3 by turn 10. If you didn't, your city would hit size 2 at turn 10. In terms of commerce, I expect moving the settler to use the wheat immediately yielded more commerce overall quite quickly.
  9. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    @ Spoonwood - I also noticed that you didn't pop the GH close to you. I think both Megalou and I got an early worker off the nearby GH. What (if any) difference do you think that might have had on the different starts? From the posts (so far) it looks like you were the only one to move. Should be some interesting QSC results there.
  10. CKS

    CKS Deity

    Feb 9, 2004
    I moved 1 east, having sent my scout that way to discover the food. (It went east because north and west were forests and I didn't expect a lot of land to the south because of the start location.) I popped a town off to the east pretty early, just before settling my 20K town on the coast. It has been a pretty calm game, and consequently I remember very little of it.
  11. Spoonwood

    Spoonwood Grand Philosopher

    Apr 30, 2008
    @Raliuven I did pop the nearby hut, just not as early as the other players did... which perhaps is what you meant.
  12. Raliuven

    Raliuven Emperor

    Jun 21, 2010
    If I may ask, do you remember what you got out of the three nearby GH and if the delay was worth the wait? Also, how did this play into your overall strategy? I always grab them early hoping to get techs that can I make a good trade with. Was it just the low level of the game that encouraged this approach? Just curious.
  13. Spoonwood

    Spoonwood Grand Philosopher

    Apr 30, 2008
    @Raliuven et alia

    I don't recall what I got exactly, but I think I did get at least one of the later AA techs (maybe Mathematics or Currency, I don't know). I'm not sure if this worked out better overall than an earlier worker, but my guess goes that it did. The low level of the game did encourage me to do this. I wouldn't have done such at say Demi-God for sure. The idea came as to pop some of the more expensive AA techs to get to the middle ages faster and trade for the cheaper techs instead of popping them. I know I've read this in some HoF thread somewhere, but I'm not sure which one. I don't know if delaying popping huts has significant potential advantages in a conquest/domination game, but I went for space.
  14. PaperBeetle

    PaperBeetle Emperor

    Aug 23, 2004
    3 conscripts for me. Which actually wasn't as bad as it sounded, as my plan didn't have room for axe builds; I was doing this also:
    Later on I popped Mysticism while it was already available for trade, duh, and Literature.
  15. PaperBeetle

    PaperBeetle Emperor

    Aug 23, 2004
    Choosing City Sites
    I find a lot of food along the river east of the start, but not so many shields. This looks like a good place to make a population pump with which to grow my 20k city. But where should the 20k city itself go? On fresh water, of course, and hopefully on the coast, as I will have no trouble building Colossus, and probably the other seaside wonders too. So after founding Zimbabwe 1E of the start, I explore downriver with the scout, soon finding a suitable location 2S of Zimbabwe; it has only three coastal tiles, 2 inferior land tiles (i.e. desert / tundra), and 9 superior tiles (i.e. bg / flood / hill). Ulundi is founded in 3300bc, and starts prebuilding temple. Meanwhile, after the settler, Zimbabwe starts granary. Neither town needs to worry about building axes as all my hut pops seem to result in conscripts.

    Making Contacts
    The first foreigner my scout finds is Joan, in 3300bc. I buy Masonry from her, and also note that there is ivory in the French area. That's quite near to me, so I might be able to grab Zeus for once. Once my Burial research is complete in 3050bc, I buy Alphabet from Joan and immediately start Writing. At the same time, Mayan borders appear northwest of Zimbabwe, so I send one of my conscripts to meet Smoke (nothing much to trade), and the scout heading east arrives in Arabia (buy Bronze). Abu gets Mysticism in 2850bc, and I put off buying it until I have more techs to trade for it, but then pop Mysticism myself from a hut. Natch. The scout keeps heading east, to meet the English in 2430bc and Vikings in 2190bc.

    Growing Ulundi
    Zimbabwe finishes granary in 2710bc and begins a series of 13 workers, who go to improve the land around both towns, and join themselves to Ulundi as improved tiles become available to it. As a result, Ulundi maxes out at size 12 in 1525bc. By this time I have popped a town from a hut near the Mayans, and hit the Republic slingshot in 1700bc. The revolution lasts 4 turns, and the installation of the new government seems a sensible time to switch from workers to settlers. The fourth town is founded in 1500bc on the nearby lake, claiming iron. Three of the next four settlers head east to grab ivory from the French and form a secure corridor of Zulu territory to the resource.

    Going Medieval
    After the slingshot, Ulundi finishes Colossus and then builds library (I acquired Literature from a hut) so my research is moving along nicely. I buy Maths from Liz and research Currency, Polytheism and Construction at about 6 turns per tech. The Vikings gets Mapping in 1200bc, so after the completion of Construction, I trade with Ragnar and enter the medieval in 1150bc. My scout meets the last AI, Germany, at the same time, just in time for me to choose whether to bring Otto into the medieval for his free tech... well I don't, as there are a lot of Pyramid builds hanging around which could threaten to cascade into wonders I haven't built yet.

    QSC Stats
    1 city and 8 towns, with 31 citizens and 111 tiles.
    61 food in the bin, 115 shields in the box, 207g in the treasury.
    1 granary, 1 temple, 1 library, 2 barracks, Colossus, Oracle.
    5 workers, 5 slaves, 1 scout, 4 axes (2 conscript, 2 reg), 1 impi (vet).
    All ancient techs except Monarchy, 553 beakers of Monotheism.
    6 contacts, no embassies.
    Ulundi has 230 culture, at 14cpt.

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