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COTM92 - Final Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of the Month' started by civ_steve, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. civ_steve

    civ_steve Deity Retired Moderator GOTM Staff

    Mar 25, 2002
    formerly Santa Clarita, California

    COTM 92 Final Spoiler; Spain, Game Submitted

    Reading Requirements:
    You may only read this thread if:
    1. You have completed and submitted your game.

    Posting Restrictions:
    1. None! As long as its related to the GOTM, and within the forum rules!
    2. And ... Absolutely NO discussion of any other active 'X'OTM contest!

    I have hope this was an interesting game and map to play! How did your game conclude? Please post any comments or discussion you wish on any part of your game.
  2. CKS

    CKS Deity

    Feb 9, 2004
    I aimed for 20k, and settled down the river on the coast. I made no effort to leave my island chain after noticing that I had iron and horses. I missed a few wonders by a couple of turns early on, but eventually made some progress. We got into the modern age and i started worrying about Babylon launching a spaceship, so I started building one, too. My efforts to plant a spy to watch them build resulted in a war before I got a spy. Because of the war, I abandoned my foothold on the continent. Nobody else ever build a single part, but Babylon got closer and closer to domination, and eventually I decided that it was too much work to prevent it, so I launched in 1866, with 16949 cp and 92 cpt. (If I hadn't tried to stick out the 20k I'd have launched around 50 years earlier.)
  3. decade_player

    decade_player Chieftain

    Sep 3, 2012
    Well, I won with a remarkably low score: actually winning was not enough for me to get the highest score!

    Based in an island allowed me to focus on techs and be lax on military units which kept the AI bullying me constantly and for many turns at the early game I was at war with all civs but they never visited my shores.

    I was the underdog till around Economics is developed when there were a number of wars in the continent. I got a settler in between the space left by shrinking cultural influence zones, then another one to capture an oil resource near Giza and got a couple of extra cities by joining in at a late stage in a war against the Persians which were about to be destroyed.

    With the oil I managed to get some tanks and expand at the expense of the Otomans and Arabs in the eastermost part of the continent, which they had captured for me from their previous occupiers. After spontaneous anarchy I was left with no choice but to play under communism and progressed on the Space Ship in the original island while waging war at the continent. When I launched I was in possesion of the east of the continent from Giza or so, with four or five cities from the Ottomans in the West as well.

    I became a bit tired and did not try to see what would happen if I left the last item in the SS unbuilt to win by domination or conquest.

    This was my first GOTM ever!
  4. greatbeyond

    greatbeyond King

    Jan 7, 2002
    Maybe I should have stayed on the island....
    My goal was Alpha Centauri from the start, 20K looked to be a risky proposition using the capitol and I didn't want to waste buidling a palace in one of my other island cities as none of the other sites were nearly as good.

    The first mistake came very early when I believed that because the map was a Pangaea and the terrain certainly didn't look island like, that we were indeed on the main landmass. So of course I researched Warrior Code instead of Writing, Philo, then Map Making. By the time I realized my error the main continent was pretty full.

    In the meantime Arabia and Mongols DOWd, I allied with the Ottomans and I took a city from each with Archers I had in place. I couldn't really hold them so I gave them away. I got peace, built up my forces and took 4 of Egypt's cities using Horsemen and MI. After getting Knights I took 2 more, then Cavalry came along and I cleaned them out. I wanted to leave all the other Civs intact for trading partners and to keep any one Civ from becoming too big.

    Both Persia and Babylon were 3 or 4 techs ahead and threatening to pull away, so I built my forces and then Persia DOWd me. I took a few of their cites and razed the others. I left just their main core as I wanted a SR win at an early date and extended war was slowing things down. It was not to be..., Babylon sneak attacked me and I plodded through their cities keeping just a couple and razed all the rest as I didn't want any culture flips. I was still in the hunt for a SR when Arabia who was dead last attacked. I killed all their units that came near got peace and 2 cities I could use. Then as I was closing in on the last couple of techs, the Mongols DOW'd. It wasn't much of a contest but still took time and a slowing economy due to unhappiness. I kept 2 of their cites razing all the rest. Trying to keep myself under the Dom limit.

    SR win in 1967, I also had 65% of land ~70% of pop and The UN. We entered the modern age very early but from there on it seemed like it took forever to finally launch.

    After reading CKS' post I wonder if I could have had a very early SR win without all the fighting. After playing the Iroqouis COTM not long ago and trying for a most excellent SR win, only to find out that the Chinese had the only 3 sources of Uranium on the map, this after I helped make them the biggest AI civ! It was not going to happen again.
  5. supersova_SU

    supersova_SU Warlord

    Jun 1, 2004
    Domination 980 AD
    Firaxis score: 5666
    Jason score: 9397
  6. Memento

    Memento The World is mine

    Apr 2, 2003
    What a bad Map again.:rolleyes:

    I think this was my last GOTM if nothing changes here.
    more and more it looks like "the main thing is that people will be employed long and it falls less on that everything takes longer and longer"

    Ontopic with few points:
    Rep around 1300bc, Stop research after HR, build Oracle + TGL too trigger GA, captured ToA from ottomans, shortly before Dom Persia declare war and captured 1 town :(
    Lost 1 Army against a Egypt-Monster-Spear.

    Dom in 500ad
  7. pol1

    pol1 kayaking physicist

    May 29, 2006
    Koszalin, Poland
    First game in a while. But I couldn't finish in time - currently in war with most AIs and going for late, late (late) domination.
    Late cause of builder approach and waiting indefinitely for sufficient force to attack, when AIs had been weak as usual.
    I've got REP slingshot; a foothold near ivory early on (and lost several galleys with horses); dowed several times; but with all resources on the island and smaller one, gradually cleaned the continent from Babs, Egyptians and Persians. Meanwhile taking towns on two other islands.

    Still have to finish the game which I found very entertaining (if not well played).
  8. Scratcher

    Scratcher Emperor

    Jan 14, 2003
    Deep in the Jungle
    The MA consisted of units being produced, then shipped, and sent into battle. Wars were constantly fought, sometimes on numerous fronts. The Mongols were removed first, then the Arabs to the west.

    by the time gunpowder was researched both the Ottomans and the Persians had access to the resource and my only resource was back on the home island.

    Once Mil Trad was completed techs were trade up to navigation to allow knight -> cav upgrades and the wars went much quicker. The Persians had settled on another island as their number of cities did not match the land available to them, time was running out so a mass rush of settlers to gain domination victory.

    Dom victory 1170AD

    MA Log
    Spoiler :

    Spain, Monarch, Standard Map, Pangaea, Normal & warm, 70% Oceans, Roaming Barbs, 6AI

    Arabs 2070BC (1st 330AD - 440AD) (1110AD Arabs destroyed by Babs)
    Ottomans 1600BC (1st 470Ad - 700AD)(2nd 900AD - 980AD)(3rd 990AD - 990AD Destroyed)
    Mongols 1500BC (1st 90AD - 460AD Destroyed)
    Babylonians 1425BC (1st 480AD - 830AD) (2nd 980AD -
    Egyptians 1275BC (1st 470BC - 890AD)(2nd 940AD - 940AD Destroyed).
    Persians 1375BC (1st 720AD - 830AD)

    450BC Currency completed, enter MA. Research Fuedalism @ 60% - complete in 15 turns.
    290BC Asturias founded on the continent, now to build up a horseman army and transport to Asturias.
    210BC Fuedalism complete, research Mono. Persia and Ottomans have entered MA.
    190BC I agree RoP with Mongold to get to Egypt.
    150BC Mongols make peace with Egypt, breaking MA.
    90BC Persia makes peace with Egypt, breaking MA. Egyptian town Pi-Ramesis destroyed (lose 1 Horse).
    90AD I DoW on Mongols, Arabs MA. Persia and Ottomans refuse MA. Mongols Medina captured with Iron.
    170AD Mono completed, research chivalry.
    190AD I trade Mono to Ottomans for Eng, Mon and 67g, I trade Mono to Persia for MA's against Mongols and Egypt.
    190AD I trade Currency & 25g to Babs for MA against Egypt.
    250AD? Mongol capital Karaktom captured
    330AD Running into money problems, need to capture some towns for military support, I DoW on Arabs breaking my MA deal.
    340AD Arab capital Mecca captured. Horses connected on the mainland with a colony, now possible to upgrade horses.
    350AD Chivalry complete, research invention.
    420AD 1st MGL Cordoba created.
    430AD Forbidden palace rushed in Kazan
    440Ad Peace agreed with Arabs for their remaining western town, 183g & 2gpt, war weariness greatly reduced.
    460AD The final Mongol town captured and the Mongols are destroyed.
    460AD Invention completed, research Gunpowder
    470AD I DoW on Ottomans,
    480AD The Babs with a tresspassing settler/spear pair are goaded into a DoW, creating a little more WH.
    480AD The Arabs agree a MA against Egypt.
    600AD Persia demands 20g, i pay as another enemy is unwanted.
    600AD Gunpowder completed, research Chem. I have saltpeter on the Spanish island.
    640AD Ottomans capital Istanbul captured with The Hanging Gardens, The Oracle and The Temple of Artemis.
    640AD A large Bab stack of Med Inf and Bowmen are dispatched outside of Istanbul.
    700AD I agree peace and Theology with Ottomans for 90g.
    720AD The Persians requested to leave and they DoW, not really unexpected.
    720AD Chem completed, research Metallurgy
    730AD I trade chem to Ottomans for MA against Persia and 185g, this should stop Persia travelling through Ottomans land.
    790AD Metallurgy completed, research Military Tradition
    810AD Ottomans break MA and agree peace with Persia.
    830AD I agree peace with Babs and Persia.
    870AD Egyptian capatal Thebes captured with Sun Tzu's
    870AD Military Tradition completed, research education.
    880AD I trade Chem to Babs for Education, then I trade Metallurgy to Ottomans for Astronomy, 195g and 26gpt
    880AD Research Physics at 0%, only using scientists. Lux down to 0% due to sea trade, and mass upgrade of knights to Cavs.
    890AD 3 Egyptian cities captured, and then peace agreed for remaining city, plus Music theory and 14g. Egypt a 1 city state.
    900AD I DoW on Ottomans, losing 26gpt, but time to remove them swiftly with cavs,
    940AD I DoW on Egypt and promptly destroy their last town.
    980AD Ottomans are reduced to a single city, I agree peace and 20g for Banking.
    980AD I DoW on Babs to pick off settlers and a couple outlying cities, and to give a couple of turns before going for Persia.
    980AD I give Arabs Theology for a MA against Babs.
    980AD Physics completed, research Magnetism
    990AD I DoW on Ottomans, Ottomans destroyed.
    1000AD I DoW on Persia
    1020AD Babs request peace, I agree for MA against Persia.
    1030AD Persia requests peace, but I decline. Magnetism completed, research ToG (at 0% only scientists)
    1100AD Another landmass discovered to the west of the main continent. This will prolong the game further.
    1100AD Change to mass rush settlers for domination win.
    1110AD Arabs destroyed by the rampaging Babs.
    1140AD I DoW on Babs and agree peace with Persia for 2 of their island towns. (62% land)

    1160AD 2nd MGL Bartolome created.
    1170AD Score 5116 Domination victory
  9. Garvarg

    Garvarg Playing with fire

    Sep 30, 2002
    Toronto, Ontario,Canada
    Game status: Domination Victory for Spain
    Game date: 930 AD
    Firaxis score: 5861
    Jason score: 9570

    Researched Pottery then up to Map Making, traded lots, Researched Monarchy and that's all folks. Traded or demanded up to Chivalry and never had a golden age.

    Settled in place, second town was on southern end of the island, and was set to build Great Lighthouse as soon as possible.

    Otto had built the Temple, so I declared war, paddled around, took it and another city, and begged for peace.

    Overall, I disappointed myself. Middle game seemed slow, judging by other dates, it was. I just never liked the conga chain of galleys.

    Only had one leader, even though I was almost always at war. Thought about moving the capital, but never had the chance, and there really was no place to go. Maybe if I had taken out the Persians first....

    Oh well, that said, whens the next game?
  10. Bowsling

    Bowsling Deity

    Nov 14, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Didn't make it in time. Too bad. :cringe:

    Mongolia declared war on me out of the blue at the turn of the Industrial Age (and killed my only conquistador in the surprise attack), but I beat them down then bribed Egypt and Arabia to fight them, and they ended up destroying them. Went after Persia next with an MPP with Egypt, and totally crushed them. Egypt wound up grabbing a source of rubber, so I had to fight them soon. Unfortunately, I waited too long, so they got a few infantry. I left a former Persian city undefended, so they sent most of their cavalry after it, resulting in me crushing their army. That's where I was when the dealine came around.
  11. Megalou

    Megalou Thez worlds are not enuf

    Jan 22, 2002
    Finished after the deadline with domination in 560 AD. I researched to knights. Horseman flooding is just too messy for me. I partly agree with Memento although I would put it much more mildly: Lone starts on non-archipelago maps should appear in every 100th game, if you ask me.

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