Cottage Economy vs. Aristograrian Farms


Jun 5, 2010
I've lurked here a lot since discovering FFH2 several months ago, but have never posted.

With which civs do you use the cottage-based economy, versus building lots of farms and running Aristograrian?

I know that the Bannor, Kuriotates, and Ljosalfar work better with a cottage-based economy, the Calabim work well with Aristograrian, and that the Lanun don't work well with Aristograrian, but are there any other civs that should naturally tend one way or the other?

If it makes any difference, I usually play a builder style at Prince level, large maps. I usually play as the Elohim, Malakim, Ljosalfar, Austrin, or Lanun, though I've also played the Amurites, Hippus, Bannor, Kuriotates, Dural, and Balseraphs.

I'm placing this question here because, though I started with base FFH2 and have also played the Magister Modmod, Fall Further is the version I play most often. (I like the worker changes, Less Psychotic AI Relations and Fall to Pieces modules, and the Elohim changes. I've thought about trying RiFE, since there are more leaders and civs that look interesting, but want to wait until it's more stable and balanced.)


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Dec 16, 2005
Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
aristograrian is hands-down superior, so it's the go-to civic combo for everyone aside from those that can't take full benefit from it:

Bannor want cottages for crusading
Kuriotates for enclaves
Elves would lose 1 hammer from each forest tile from agrarianism so it's a no-no
Lanun generally love to get as much hammers as they can from their land tiles, but you can still go aristograrian, especially with Hannah's financial trait which means most of your tiles will be 3+ commerce, then you can just use slavery or military state/caste system/guilds to burn excess food/gold into much needed hammers. not really optimal though.


Mar 25, 2007
I don't always run aristograrian... there are other useful civic options in those categories, and CoL might be a ways off anyway.
Even if I am aristograrian I might build some cottages here and there, particularly on plains tiles. With a low happy cap I won't be able to run so many specialists.
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