Could this be a bug?

shady milkman

Jul 11, 2005
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I just finished a game, but decided to play a while longer. Everybody has nukes at this point, and everybody is very, very pissed off at me on account of my past demands, sneak attacks, ROP rapes, etc etc etc. Anyway, the Babylonians nuked me without any warning or hostility beforehand, crippling New York. My question: what the hell? I thought AIs would only nuke you if they were already at war with you or if you nuked them first. Is this a bug, or am I simply ign'ant?
Not a bug, because I've seen AI nuke each other without being provoked, or in this one case, almost at the brink of destruction.
The AI will nuke you just like it would as stated above by madviking; drop a unit next to one of your cities. So in other words ... the AI can attack you just like you can attack them without formally declaring war a turn before.
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