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Council-BABE 2v2 Deathmatch!


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Dec 21, 2004
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Here's a thread where we can laugh a lot when we crush Whomp and Beorn on a tiny map. Will add more info here when we get some.

cubsfan, you still on?
cubsfan, if I may make a suggestion. The BABEs are both favoring strong attackers, both of which require some research to get to. I've picked a very early UU in the fast jaguar warriors, intending to harass them so they can't make good use of their UUs. A good unit civ for you to complement me could be the Sumerians with their 1/2/1 enkidu warriors, basically half price spears.
:agree: Could be some nice teamwork if Cubs is able to bulk up on spears [enkidu warriors] and focus on defense and research while Niklas piles every available shield into jaguars to keep the BABE's heads spinning till it's too late :evil:

I hope you'll both post updates frequently so we can all offer any tips… or at least cheer you on!!
I'll take the sumerians. (I could go with greect to.) I say we wait for some more councilars to chime in.
How about the always nasty Zulus?
They can be quite a pain in the early game. :D
Whomp is playing the Iroquois, and Beorn the Romans, so those two are not eligible. And I play the Aztecs.

I think the Sumerians are the best choice. You can send cheap spears to pillage their lands and make their life generally miserable. I will do the same with my fast warriors. The plan is to not let them reach IW and HBR at all, at least not without damage. :D
Romans is a really poor choice for these settings - unless Rome is founded on an Iron Hill...

Oh, you'll have to research IW and TW anyway to see their resources...
Not if I pillage everything! :D
My thoughts exactly. :evil:
Allright, sounds like this is going to be fun!

Let's make this a little mini MTDG within the Council. So please post lots of images!

Of course Cubs and Niklas have to make sure they get contact as soon as possible.
I'll be sumeria.
Wow, let's hope the BABEs really buy Sid as difficulty. The only thing it will really affect is happiness and research times, and both would favor us greatly!
Not if I pillage everything! :D

Rome can put up a good vet warrior sentry net and defense early in the game and with a couple chops still nail a grany/temple/lib in few turns.

If they have wheat/cow compensating the non-agri atribute, plus iron nearby they can be very dangerous. Your two factions can find themselfes beat by the superior enemies uu´s since yours are much weaker in strenght.

And dont forget that roman comercial trait, perfect for empire land-graber makers.

But thats just a thought...
I guess Niklas is counting on the mapsize and his speed to prevent Rome and Iro from getting a second city. Then expand his own empire a bit, build an archer stack and try to kill them.

Problem is that Rome starts with WC, and archers would be reasonably effective against Jags.

This should be fun to watch :).
yeah - but they have to research 2 techs to get to IW/MW, they wont' find each other as fast and, perhaps more important, they will have to cover their workers with warriors or the jags will steal them.
Niklas's speed in finding me will be very helpful.
The save is in my hands, and I got a far too good start for my liking:

Not that I mind good starts, but that means the others have good starts too, which means a higher tech pace.

The immediate plan is as follows. I have founded Tenochtitlan (name suggestions welcome) on the middle BG spot, and the worker has moved to the Cow. The good thing about this start is that I can run Teno as a 1-turn Jag pump at size 7, or a two-turn pump at size 4. I will want a barracks pretty soon, and a settler too. Suggestions for build orders are welcome. With this much shields around it's almost impossible to not waste shields here and there.

My overall strategy is to shut off research completely, build an early barracks, and just spam out Jags and hoard whatever gold I can get. An earlier QOTM showed well the feasibility of this. Meanwhile cubsfan, who starts with BW, researches IW. I can upgrade Jags to Swords for 45 gp each, not too shabby. I'm thinking of having a second town as a settler/worker factory. The workers can road to the front, when I'm ready to upgrade I can send a settler close to the front, found a town, join two workers and rush a barracks, then upgrade. We'll see the feasibility of that soon enough though.
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