couple cultural victory questions


Jun 5, 2007
1. what are your favorite wonder combo's in your three culture cities?

2. at what point do you have all of your cities settled (usually 6-8 for me)

I usually play prince or monarch on normal speed.
1: All (early) wonders that gives alot culture (8-10?) and broadway, hollywood and rock'n'roll for 50% more culture bonus.

2: Depends on map size, but I don't like to have many. (3-5 is ok)
I usually play on standard size. I guess m question on wonders is do you space them out between your cities or build most in one?
well you to get legendary victory you have to have a certain amount of culture in three cities so spread wonders out between those.
Playing at prince level you'll likely be able to get most of the wonders. I put wonders in all three culture cities, but I try to concentrate all the Great Artist wonders in my GP farm. The BtS list of Great Artist wonders (in approximate build order; your mileage may vary) is

Statue of Zeus
Sistine Chapel
Notre Dame
Taj Mahal (at most levels your game needn't go much past this)
(big gap between Nationalism & Electricity)
Rock N Roll

as well as
National Epic (after Zeus)

plus one of the other GA Natl Wonders, typically
Globe Theater or Hermitage

the other two cities get mix & match wonders - whichever city is less busy when the next tech comes in. This definitely focuses & ramps up your GA production.
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