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CPU can't read CIV5 Disc


Aug 15, 2003
My computer is pretty new. It's Dell Studio with windows 7. I put the CD in and it doesn't autostart. I click on MY COMPUTER and try to open it from there and it says D:\ Application not found
Does anybody have a solution for this?
The CPU is the processor, not the DVD drive ;).

At your problem: So you can't see anything when you click at your DVD drive, nothing at all?


CPU for short
I always thought CPU was another way of saying computer. Please don't make fun of me lol..Anyway, I finally got it to install. After putting the CD in 100 times it finally read it..But, my problem now is that my game runs choppy...Like when I scroll over buttons it takes a while for the button to highlight...My computer is not even a year old yet...I meet all the requirements...I reinstalled windows and updated all my drivers..I never had a problem play any of the previous CIVs when they first came out. When I bought CIV4, it ran perfect on my then four year old laptop...
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