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Crash on Multiplayer Load G&K


Jun 28, 2012
Whenever I load a multiplayer game my game crashes. I've tried hosting different saves, letting others invite me to an existing game, and letting someone else host. Nothing worked. I've been experiencing this bug since I bought Gods and Kings

I've verified my game cache, and got a 5 MB download, but it didn't fix anything. I've tried restarting steam, even my computer, but I'm still getting crashes. My sound and video drivers are up to date (I checked in DxDiag), so that's not the problem.

Provided in the attachments are the DxDiag file and a rar-file containing all Crash Dump Files.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem?

EDIT: My game also crashes on loading any single player save-game (starting a new game does work). The 2k games support knowledge database says that this could be caused by special characters in my windows username. However I do not, my windows username is "Gebruiker". However my steam name is "J²", can this be the cause of problems?

EDIT: I've changed my steam name to "JSQuareD", I can now load G&K save-games, but still no older save games, including my multiplayer save. (I haven't yet tried starting a new multiplayer game).


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