Feb 2, 2002
can someone help me? i just made a mod and I didnt do anything fancy, I just customized the rules from the editor. The game runs smoothly until out of nowhere it just freezes. Does anyone know why this occurs?
What did you change? If you changed any unit names, you'll also have to change the unit folder and .ini names in the Art folder. If you listed your changes, maybe someone would know why your mod is crashing. Hope this helps.
I'm having a very similar problem. I'm using PlayTheWorld, and I'm just now getting into scenarios & units for Civ III. I did a bit of that in Civ II, but it's rather different this time around.

Anyway, I'm trying to add in one of the dinosaurs that came in the extras section. So, I copied the directory from Extras to the units folder in PTW, and I've double checked several times to make sure that the unit/folder/config file's names all match. Still, as soon as one is built (or put in the game, I've tried starting with one in play) the game freezes.

What other errors might cause this?
Do you have more infos like do you have a message saying what the pb is ?

If it is a unit pb, normally you have a sentence saying "cannot find .../.../.../...

Does it just freezes in the middle of a turn, at the beginning of a new one ?
I get NO message with this error. I've gotten some before, involving the pediaicons file, which I've fixed. This one, it just freezes on the beginning of turn.

Oh, and I HAVE gotten one unit to work before. It was one I downloaded from here called Mecha. So I know at least a little how it's done, which is why this is getting so frustrating.
First off you didn't need to copy it. Just add the path to it in the Scenario Search Folders. I'm still guessing it's that the pediaicons entry is off.
Well, is there anything you need to do in the Pediaicons file other than add this line?


That's all I did with the Mecha, and it seemed to work fine.

As for copying, I guess I missed the Scenario Search path while I was reading stuff. Oops. Anyway, It SHOULD still work, correct? Or is there another step I'm missing?
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