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crashingw/o new units


Feb 4, 2002
crashing without renaming units.

i changed the names of the civs, their leaders names, the city names.

a few attack values on units, and the cost of some techs. crashes instantaneously
yes, i changed the barbarian tribe names. i guess that makes it crash. how do i get around this? iv ecurrently started over, changing one thing at a time,
The Barbarian tribe names are actually in there in a specific order and fashion, but the implementation in the editor is a kludge. Basically there needs to be 97 barbarian names ( I think that's the number) in that box -- 16 barb tribe names corresponding to each of the sixteen civs, plus one "generic" barbarian name (i.e., "Barbarian"). If there are more or less than that number the game will almost certainly crash whenever the game needs to get a Barbarian tribe name for whatever reason.

The helpfile with the v1.17f patch should have explicit instructions, and that version of the editor should also prevent you from leaving the page with too many or too few barbarians in the box, IIRC.

I don't get your math Dan.
16*16+1=257, which is not needed
It is 15 for each of the 5 cultures + one generic
how are the barbarian names supposed to correspond to the civs themselves? is it when lets say the romans get a goody hut and its the myceaneans?(i know thats not the spelling) Or do they actually have to have something to do with them??????
That was a typo (I meant 16 x 6) and I was out of my mind anyway (must be the Nyquil), it's not per civ, it's per culture group.

15 barb tribe names x 5 culture groups + 1 generic = 76

The order corresponds to the order of the cultural groupings you find in the civs page. The game decides which barb names to use based on the culture group of nearby civs, which is why it's so touchy about the number of barbarian names.

thanks magaha, that was definately causing the crash,

also. can i change the names of techs? or is it like units?
for example, i want to call polytheism, "the old gods" but have it do the same thing. will this work?
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