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Create an Expansion Pack for Civilization 5

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Denkt, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. altayrneto

    altayrneto Prince

    Mar 21, 2013
    Terra Brasilis
    I had thought about an expansion that was focused on revolutions and civil wars. When your civilizations be unhappy, more socially backward than a neighbor or just paradoxal (a civ with religious people and scientific focus, or with poor people and privileges to the rich ones), in the city where is in the worst situation (or in the "colonies") will rise a Revolutionary Leader, who will try to conquer you.
    They will earn occasionally free units, and your rivals can help and give units to him, or fund the revolutionary fervor. Until one side subjugate the other or a peace treaty is signed, the civilization will be in a Civil War, that will slow your scientific and cultural progress.
    New units: Guerrilla (bonus in forests, jungles, hills and deserts), Armed Peasants (don't cost production, cost only one population each, and can be upgrated to Guerrilla), both only for Revolutionaries Civs, and the Great Thinker, a great person that you don't cotrol, and when your empire is happy, he give or a culture boost or a free social policy, or will start a golden age. If your empire is unhappy or with serious troubles, he will increase the revolutionaire fervor or start the revolution.
    Revolutionary Leaders:
    Julio Caesar
    Vladimir Lenin
    Simon Bolivar
    Mao Zedong
    Fidel Castro
    Girolamo Savonarola
    Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
    Oliver Cromwell
    Ruhollah Khomeini
    Jean Jacques Dessalines
    (I tried to find some revolutionary woman, if anyone can help me... And I know that was more than 9 leaders)
    Help me to improve my english, if you see any grammatical
    error, tell me
  2. Viregel

    Viregel , The Rt. Hon.

    Jun 10, 2013
    Kingdom of the Britons
    I'd prefer for the expansions to have had early, late, and mid-game focuses, but I'll just go with it.

    So... What's missing? In my opinion, we need colonies over everything else. Three (or possibly more) civs in the game wouldn't have been a thing without it, and others would never have achieved fame without it. Not a clue how to implement it, but it is a crucial part of history, and the only thing I can think of that is needed. For the civs, my choices would be:

    Spoiler :

    Canada. Reasons: Pretty damn big country. Worthy of a place anyway.
    Australia. Reasons: Another pretty damn big country. Covers an under-represented area.
    Aboriginals. Reasons: To prove I'm not Eurocentric.
    Haiti. Reasons: Second country in America to become independent.
    Hungary. Reasons: I'd be disloyal to my sig.
    Finland. Reasons: Freaking awesome at fighting.
    Benin. Reasons: To really prove I'm not Eurocentric.
    Gran Columbia. Reasons: Another colony!
    Hittites. Reasons: Older than the rest.

    Other close calls were Norway, Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, Italy and The Khmer.

    I'll edit this later if I think of anything else, and I'm not trying to turn this thread into another civ-suggestion one. Just choice for an expansion!
  3. Gyra Solune

    Gyra Solune King

    Jul 1, 2013
    I still think that colonies are fairly aptly represented by...well, settling faraway lands. Really, colonies in the European sense were only distinct because they merited different administration methods due to their distance. For all intents and purposes, colonizing the New World was claiming territory as one would with Settlers early-game, and was especially lucrative because Europe was getting very crowded by that point - of course expanding territory to more sparsely populated lands was a profitable venture, as it was for any powerful nation throughout history.
  4. Vandal Thorne

    Vandal Thorne Warlord

    Mar 26, 2008
    Easy way to accomplish this; science not based on population. Bonus resources contribute some science. See this post for some other ideas I've had on this. http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=502749
  5. otaman1

    otaman1 Prince

    Mar 14, 2013
    Jefferson Davis
    Vladimir Lenin
    Oliver Cromwell
  6. Phrozen

    Phrozen King

    May 7, 2012
    More Revolutionary Leaders:

    Simon de Montfort
    Jan Hus
    Owain Glyndwr
    Robert the Bruce
    Giuseppe Garibaldi
    Daniel Shay
    Nat Turner
    Nathaniel Bacon
    Jan Zelivsky
  7. HanNorwood

    HanNorwood .exe

    Dec 6, 2013
    United States
    He said Lenin.
    Boudica is the Celts leader.
  8. otaman1

    otaman1 Prince

    Mar 14, 2013
    Didn't see Lenin. And Boudica led an uprising against the Romans. Isn't that like a revolution?
  9. altayrneto

    altayrneto Prince

    Mar 21, 2013
    Terra Brasilis
  10. Redaxe

    Redaxe Emperor

    Aug 20, 2013
    My expansion would be

    1 New victory method: Corporations - To summarise, a corporation victory requires you to dominate in extracting essential global resources and producing them into manufactured goods which you export across the world to other civilizations. To do this you need to settle, expand and conquer the world to gain access to resources that your corporations can then use to sell to neighbouring Civs.
    If you succeed in dominating in this area you essentially make the entire world dependent on your manufacturing economy and as this continues corporations essentially become multinational organisations but the total effect is to spread your civilizations influence and control over the world. I.e. every economy in the world becomes dependent upon your corporate economy and the transfer of wealth back to your Civ makes you stronger at the expense of other Civilizations.
    So it sortof combines elements of existing victory strategies. I.e. you have to conquer or use diplomacy where needed to secure resources such as oil, rare-earth metals etc as these are essential to make high-tech electronic goods.
    You need to pursue science in order to use technology to build an advanced manufacturing economy that is the envy of the world
    Like culture you're pushing influence onto the rest of the world but instead of cultural art, music and fashion rather it is motorcars, TVs, stereos, mobile phones, computers, software, aircraft etc....
    Corporations will be heavily associated with late game buildings such as banks, stock exchanges, factories, medical labs etc in a similar way that religion works with early game buildings.
    Victory is achieved once your Civ gains supremacy in monopolizing world Corporations and thus you essential make every Civ dependent on your economy so every other nation becomes in-a-sense one-with-you, much like the Cultural Victory. However an economic victory requires much more aggression in securing global resources and perhaps involves destroying or embargoing other potential competitors

    Update Science Victory - Science victories are pretty boring right now so a new tech age will make this victory condition more interesting (see space age - below).

    2 new ages:
    Enlightenment (new units: ship of the line, red coats, foregin legions, emphasis on colonization & imperialism) - I wont write too much else there cause others have already covered it. Important for Corporate Victory as you can use colonial/imperial expansion to begin controlling world resources and East India Trade Company's etc to begin monopolizing control over trade routes/luxury resources...

    Space age/nanotechnology age (One more age after the Information Era). Unlocks more technology required for a science victory. Brings in Fusion Power, rocket-sled space launching, Atom-smashing National Wonder - required to effectively research Space-age technology, 3D printing, advanced robotics, Satellite warfare (enabling you to destroy cities and armies from space or spy on enemy cities), antarctic research station, nanotechnology medicine, railguns, heliaircraft carriers (the Avengers), terraforming, lunar mining, deep sea mining (essential to gain special resources to build colonist ship to reach Alpha Centauri), build a colony on Mars (Your new Mars city is accessed by a new UI that will give you a view of the martian landscape including resources and your city) and research advanced physics allowing you to fold-space so you can create a wormhole to reach and then settle Alpha Centauri (Both required to win you a science victory)

    -New units to fill in the 2 new ages, new buildings, specialists and wonders to fit in with Coporations and the new Science victory, i.e. Nuclear powered aircraft carriers, helicarriers, hovertanks, military satellites...
    -Order & autocrat governments can discover how to launch biowarfare/bioterrorism attacks on other Civs using spies. To do this they will need a special Black Ops building unlocked by the NSA.
    A new National Wonder, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) can be built after ecology (requires Medical Lab). This building enhances effects of Medical Labs and has 2 specialist slots for Medical Scientists, they cost gold to employ but yield science and also reduce the damage of a biowarfare attack & investigate the Civ that is responsible.
    The NSA has more functions and also works to prevent bioterrorism attacks by enemy spies. It has 2 specialist slots that cost gold to employ but increase the effectiveness of your spies in other cities and also work to prevent home bioterrorism.

    -many new resources (required for corporate victory); tea, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, opium, Rare-earth metals, mineral sands, platinum, thorium etc

    -Enhanced Economy- Civilization Health and approval rating factored in, Now taxations is introduced, more dynamic economy and infrastructure management required (this is essential to progress into the latter scientific ages i.e. your science will start falling off if you neglect medical research centres, Civilization health drops, set taxes too high, high unhappiness and wars, or lack access to required resources etc.

    The efficiency of cities will start to drop once they grow past a certain size (this means that tourism, science, health, happiness, productivity and corporate growth will start decreasing significantly). Fxing/treating this requires a significant investment in capital works projects such as a new City Motorway Network (Refrigeration), Suburban heavy Railway (Railroad - cheap in smaller cities, efficiency drops as cities grow & maintenance rises sharply with population growth), Underground Railway (Industrialization, Railroad & Factory - more expensive to build but cheaper to maintain & provides a stronger benefit for larger cities then the suburban railway) and Rapid Mass Transit (Ecology - more efficient & cheaper to maintain then the other 2 railways).
    These systems are critically important if you wish to puruse an economic or science victory as corporation & tech growth depends on good infrastructure.
    Also as cities grow, city connections will grow more inefficient so railway connections, Interstate Highway Network (Combustion) & High Speed Rail (Ecology) are needed to help here.

    Other new buildings included is the Arcology, a huge superstructure; essentially a city within a city that increases a Cities population, reduces pollution and congestion, raises efficiency of specialists and corporations, this is essential for a winning late game victory.
    Hydroponic farms a building that provides food for arid cities or your martian colony
    -Old buildings like the granary, watermill & marketplace need to be replaced as you advance, probably into a Supermarket (at refrigeration) & the Shrine becomes a Monument to your Religion once archaeology is researched which yields an extra free culture point.
    From these techs on you can no longer build these 4 buildings only the supermarket and build straight to temple.
    - Health is a factor that affects the efficiency of your population. The earliest way to improve health is by aqueducts but later it is improved by certain technologies & buildings such as hospitals, universities & research labs...
    Each city will research Medieval Age technologies 10% slower without Aqueducts, Atomic Age techs 20% slower without Hospitals, Information Age techs research 20% slower without Medical Labs & all cities research is decreased by a further 20% until the CDC is built. These penalties stand for all following tech ages if they are missing.
    Researching Space age technology is reduced by 80% until the Atom Smasher National Wonder is Built. The Atom Smasher is a National Wonder with 1 specialist slot, is very expensive to run and must be worked to negate the research penalty to late era techs...

    - Happiness should be reworked. It no longer decreases growth - seriously nearly all the countries in the middle-east have happiness issues (except Israel) and doesn't effect population growth in fact it seems to ,increase it. I would have unhappiness increase pop growth heavily but heavily reduce science, productivy, food yield and gold income instead as unhappiness increases. Left unchecked your population will grow but your food yields start to drop and your nation will starve & become a basketcase.

    Social policy's to be rebalanced and some ideologies to carry a cost/benefit tradeoff. I.e. a policy such as universal healthcare would improve civ happiness and health (which helps science progression) but costs squillions to afford...
    Move Rationalism to the Enlightenment age and Put a new policy tree Colonialism/Imperialism in the Renaissance age.

    Rebalance Civs, tweak Vanilla Civs to make them more interesting and improve some of the weaker Civs like Denmark and Byzantium
  11. vibe96

    vibe96 Warlord

    Feb 8, 2012
    And fix the pikeman -> lancer -> anti-tank gun thing! Also AA gun and mobile sam are way too OP, so nerfing them would make fighters useful, and indirectly buff Zeros, which require no oil.

    maybe pikeman -> pike/musket hybrid (similiar to tercio) -> rifleman ->... and
    horseman -> light rider (similiar to knight) -> lancer -> light tank -> helicopter and
    charliot archer -> knight -> cavalry ->...

    Also if they would make the promotions useful if a ranged unit changes to melee or vice verca (accuracy I -> shock I...) I would be really happy!
  12. Silverman6083

    Silverman6083 History-Lover

    Jul 30, 2013
    Big New Feature: Economic Expansion
    Loans and Interest Rates:
    Any nation, including city-states, may take or offer to give loans to/from any other civ, given that you have the right policy. You may ask for a certain amount, and based on how much the other civ likes you, and how much money they have, they will ask for a certain interest rates, and will give you a certain amount of turns, and a certain amount of times you may extend that one loan.
    You, or any other civ, may take a loan from "the public" within your country, you gain x amount of gold, and after 30 turns that same amount is deducted.

    If a nation that can go into debt does go into debt, then they don't lose science, or must disband military units. Although, he further you plummet into debt , the more rapidly your people become unhappy. Also all the regular effects will occur if the debt limit is reached, which is determined by era.

    Inflation and Deflation:
    When alot of gold is coming in at one time, a high risk of inflation occurs. Steadily, the gold coming in will be lost because that money is becoming less valuable because there is so much. This can be combated by Great Economists(look below),certain policies, and by buying goods from other civs, or by purchasing buildings/units(pumping money into the economy)
    Deflation occurs when lots of gold is rapidly decreasing. Depending on how much money is lost per turn, that amount will steadily be increasing, to reflect the reluctance of people who want to spend money, and the amount that is being saved and is worthless. Deflation can be combated with Great Economists, policies, and by purchasing buildings and units, buying goods will only make it worse.

    Economic Growth:
    There are many factors to economic growth, including inflation(a small amount as in 3% in healthy), gpt, employed citizens, happiness, culture, tourism, and sometimes faith. If there is positive growth, then over time gpt will go up, likewise if there is negative growth gpt will go down.

    Great Economists:
    Bye Great Merchant! Economists, in addition to a Trade Missions, may also "Pioneer an Economic Theory". When this option is pressed, it will create a random positive effect for x turns related to your particular Economy, and what is bringing it down.
    Ex. Monetarist Reforms: Unemployment causes 50% less penalty to economic growth
    Specialization Revolution: Every specialist provides 3 gold and production
    etc. etc.

    New Policy Tree: Economics, unlocked in the Renaissance
    Opener: Allows for nations to take loans, and go in to debt
    Centralization: All cities connected the Capital produce 25% more gold
    National Bank(requires Centralization): All economic buildings provide 10% more gold
    Keynesian Economics(requires National Bank): Inflation increases 50% more slowly
    Free Trade: +5 gold from all trade routes
    Globalized Economics(requires Free Trade and Centralization): Interest Rates are decreased by 50%
    Finisher: Permanent 5% extra economic growth

    This made partially as a competitor to Rationalism, which is ridiculously OP and Firaxis refuses to patch, and reflects the reforms that Governments have made in their economies since the 18/19th Century.

    Smaller New Features and Minor Tweaks
    Terrorism: Spies may sabotage buildings, and even wonders, rendering them useless. They can also kill specialists, sabotage luxury and strategic resources. If planted long enough, they may even murder Great People when they are born.
    Rivers provide gold again, cargo ships may run up rivers, and rivers are more common with more variety, often running through continents.
    Plantations, Mines on Strategic Resources, Pastures, Manufactories, Academies, Citadels, and Landmarks all need varying amounts of maintenance.

    9 New Civs, the Overhaul Civs
    Norway: Viking oriented, ability to travel up rivers should be included
    Argentina: Culture/Tourist victory oriented
    Canada: Economic/Happiness oriented
    Hungary: Religious and militarily oriented, preferred religion should be Tengrii because SERIOUSLY only the Huns?
    New Zealand: Tourist oriented
    Timurid Empire: Military/Expansionist oriented, with a horseman replacement specialized at taking cities
    Somalia: Naval oriented, preferably with the ability to pillage any trade route without declaring war *trollface*
    Greenland: Economic oriented, with terrain benefits as a must
    Vietnam: Ideology or Terrorist benefits, maybe more 34% tourism to civs with the same ideology and terrorist benefits to civs with different ideologies

    UA: Units gain 20% combat bonus against civs with different religion
    UU: Cataphract now replaces Knight and is stronger
    UB: Bye Bye Dromon! Church: replaces Shrine, provides 2/3 faith

    Something related to taking/issuing loans must be in the UA

    New Unit Lines/changes to Unit Lines
    Ranged Unit line merges into the AA line.
    Scout-Explorer-Mounted Scout-Dragoon-Special Forces-Marines-XCOM Soldier
    Spearmen-Pikemen-Pike and Shot-Abus Gun-Grenadier
    Chariot Archer-Mounted Archer-Skirmisher-Chargers-Landsip
    Catapult-Trebuchet-Organ Gun-Cannon-Great War Artillery-Artillery-Rocket Artillery
    That line may move after attacking, but only has 1 range.
  13. jlim201

    jlim201 King

    Sep 14, 2013
    Somewhere North of the South Pole
    Honestly, I dont see any need for another update, but a patch is neccessary. Lancer's need to become ranged, Machine Guns and Bazookas need 2 tile range, and maybe 2-3 new civs.

  14. phaethon16

    phaethon16 King

    Mar 20, 2013
    I agree with the people that say we need a rework of the diplomacy and military systems. Personally, while an enhanced late game would be cool, I would rather have more interesting mechanics that work the whole game. In response to someone else though, I don't think we'd get minor civs, mostly because if they ever did that, they would probably wait until civ 6 to release something like that. Not that I think it will happen, but I could go for more interesting agriculture, food security, and things like creating a mechanic that interacts with how the lower classes are doing. It could tie into colonialism, revolutions, and other such mechanics.

    As for civs, Argentina forever!
  15. daft

    daft The fargone

    Dec 19, 2013
    New World
    Expansion pack featuring only one era. Ancient era for example: four and a half thousand years divided into, say 400 turns max, at least 25 tribes, a lot of original tech to research, new units. There would be at least one great barbarian invasion happening during the game at some point, just like it usually happened throughout ancient history. Barbarians could have their own unique unit(s) as well.

    Britain scenario. Medieval Era. As England player you'd have to unify all the British isles under your rule. Other players: Picts, Scots, Vikings, Welsh and Irish, perhaps remnants of Rome as well.

    Russia scenario. starting around 1500 ad. As the new Tzar\ina of Muscovy your role would be to dethrone your Tartar overlords, explore and conquer the vast territory to the East of Moscow while fighting off your rivals to the west like Poles, Sweden and Germans.

    William the Conqueror scenario. Medieval. Trying to conquer England.

    Scotland scenario. Medieval. Liberate your country from English occupation

    Nine additional tribes in the real expansion? Here's my list:
    1. Tibet- it used to be a separate nation in ancient times
    2. Normandy (William the Conqueror)
    3. Tartars (from Crimea used to be a powerful nation)
    4. Ancient Macedonia
    5. Thrace
    6. Zande
    7. Switzerland
    8. Scotland
    9. Hungary
    Also Etruscans, Minoans, Goths, Prussia, Hittites, Franks, Australia and Canada.
  16. OneRedBlock

    OneRedBlock Chieftain

    Sep 12, 2013
    Civilization V - Colonization of Paradise (or something along those lines)


    - Canadian civilization. For every nation Canada befriends, they and the friend get +1 Diplomat in the world congress. Not sure what the UUs would be, but no Mounties.
    - Mexico civilization. Not sure what they'd get. It's a colonization expansion though.
    - Australia civilization. Cause, y'know, it's the Colonization expansion.
    - One more colony country. I want to say Cuba because it's the first colony I think of after Canada, the US, Mexico, and Australia, but it doesn't seem quite worthy of a full civ.
    - Two new Native American civs to balance out the four colonies. Not sure what they'd be, but didn't Firaxis cancel one Native civ?
    - Some changes to America, because I don't like them as they are and should be better.


    - Rivers. Rivers would take up a tile instead of going in between two. Ships cannot go into them, but workers can dredge them and turn them into canals, which ships CAN travel. More on canals later. Units would take a penalty for leaving and entering a river tile as if it was rough terrain, but once they're on a river, they can move on it like it's a road. Generate one gold and one food when worked.

    - Scouts. Scouts would stay as they are, but upgrade into a medieval unit (no name yet), then an industrial age Explorer, and finally into Special Forces in the modern age. Explorers would have the same rough terrain bonus, but three movement points, and Special Forces would receive double movement in rough terrain, three movement points, and the strength of a regular combat unit.

    - Canals. Workers can build canals on any tile, allowing ships to move through them. Canals would cost maintenance, like roads. Not sure what tech would unlock them. Maybe Engineering (I believe that's the one that bridges rivers and lets you build the Great Wall?) If the Worker constructs a canal on a tile with a river, it only takes half the time and costs half the maintenance. Generate one production when worked, and can link cities like roads (although roads seem the better option, as they allow you to improve the tile they're on.)

    - Colonies. Special cities, established by Colonists, a new unit that cost half the production or gold of a settler, and become available with Caravel tech. These cities would start at size three, and never grow past that. However, they'd generate no unhappiness. When settled, they'd immediately grab all terrain within two tiles of the Colony, but can not expand borders beyond that. When settled on the coast, the colony is automatically connected to the capital. The tile they're placed on immediately generates five gold, increasing by five each era the civ owning the colony advances. Colonies cannot be placed within five to ten tiles of another colony (still thinking about this) Units can be purchased inside Colonies, but not buildings. Any Unit would receive an increased defensive bonus if garrisoned in the Colony. A Settler could be used to turn a Colony into a full City, retaining any buildings the Colony has built.
    Advantages :
    1, No unhappiness.
    2, Generates five gold at the start, advancing by five every era (colonists become available in the renaissance, with the same tech as caravels.)
    3, Gives a defensive bonus to units inside, more than a fort or city.
    4, Automatic city connection with the capital if the colony is coastal.
    5, Cheap to make.
    6, Can be upgraded into a city.
    Disadvantages :
    1, Cannot buy buildings.
    2, Cannot grow past size three.
    3, Cannot expand borders beyond two tiles from the city.
    4, Cannot be placed near another colony.


    - Tobacco. Luxury.

    - Cocoa. Luxury.

    - Coffee. Luxury.

    - Olives. Luxury. Not very colonization themed, but olives are cool.

    - Rice. Resource. Acts like Grain, but on Marsh and Flood Plains. Not a new world thing, meh.


    All these ideas are very rough, but I'd love to see a pure exploration and colonization expansion pack.
  17. phaethon16

    phaethon16 King

    Mar 20, 2013
    I like some of your ideas for colonies, but I find some to be unrealistic, even in a game sense. I think that the idea of having colonies produce a set amount of gold that expands for each era is a good idea in the sense that it encourages you to settle them early and keep a hold of them. The problem I have with it is that setting it at one number is unrealistic because then all colonies would have similar worth. I like how you can eventually turn them into cities. That makes all around sense, and I also think that placing a limit on borders is a good limit to growth and a good balancing thing. The things I take issue with are how you deal with happiness. You're right that at first unhappiness should be relatively low so that it's advantageous to build many colonies without many restraints on how many can be built, but I think that it's unrealistic that it would always stay that way. That and the fact that the population doesn't grow makes colonies seem more like elaborate UIs than actual city type things. As for canals, I think that with two slight exceptions this is pretty much what should be seen. I don't think rivers in general need a rework, and canals built on river tiles could simply have different graphics. The other small thing is that canals were great tools for enhancing agriculture, because goods could cheaply get to market, and stay fresh. So I think that rather than giving +:c5production:, they should enhance whatever improvement they're on by 1, but have high maintenance and long building time so it doesn't get out of hand. Overall, great ideas, just maybe needing a few edits.

    By the way, do we have any news on a possible third expansion or DLC, or are we just being left to endlessly speculate?
  18. Phrozen

    Phrozen King

    May 7, 2012
    Civ 5: Age of Reason

    New Age: Age of Enlightenment between Renaissance and Industrial. New techs and new buildings. Reordered units as follows:

    Melee Infantry: Line Infantry. Upgraded from Musketmen, upgrades to rifleman.
    Melee Mobile: Cuirassier. Upgrades from Knight, upgrades to Calvary.
    Ranged: Field Gun. Has one hex range. Upgrades from Crossbowman, upgrades to Gatling Gun.
    Siege: Artillery. Upgrades from Bombard, upgrades to Howitzer.
    Naval Melee: Privateer. Upgrades from Caravel, Upgrades to Ironclad.
    Naval Ranged: Frigate. Upgrades from Galleass, Upgrades to Gunboat.
    Anti-Mobile: Lancer. Upgrades from Pikeman, Upgrades to Anti-Tank Rifle
    Light Infantry: Sharpshooter. Upgrades from Skirmishers, upgrades to Snipers.

    New Units:

    New Light Infantry/Scout Line.
    Keeps ignore rough terrain on upgrade.
    Stone: Scout
    Ancient: Peltasts
    Medieval: Skirmishers. Line pickups up withdraw from melee here, keeps on subsequent upgrades.
    Enlightenment: Sharpshooters
    Industrial: Snipers
    Atomic: Commandos. Line picks up ignore enemy ZOC.
    Modern: Special Operations.

    Other new units:

    Bombard: becomes Renaissance siege unit as artillery was bumped up to Enlightenment.
    Anti-Tank Rilfe: Industrial era anti-mobile/anti-armor weapon.
    Gunboat: Industrial era ranged naval ship.

    New Civilizations

    New Resources

    Luxuries: Tea, Cocoa, Coffee, Tyrian Purple
    Bonus Resources: Rice, Potatoes, Bison, Fowl

    New Features


    Can be founded by a Great Merchant. Companies are limited to 1 and half the number of civilizations on the map. If the number is odd the half is rounded down. A civilization can have more than one company. Companies can be founded after Guilds. Companies are grown on a scale of the economic specialists in the city they are founded in and the total population of the cities they are in. Companies that are expanded to other civs add a a bonus to tourism live open borders, same ideology, and same religion.

    Each time a company growns it can be done in two ways: Horizontal expansion where the company is expanded to another city or vertical expansion where the company grants more bonsuses and buildings to the cities where the company exists.

    Types of Companies:

    -Staple: Deals with bonus resources. At the basic level adds gold for a specific bonus resource. Growing vertically
    the Staple business grants happiness per bonus resource, lets you trade Manufactured Luxuries to other civs, and lets you expand to similar resources. For example, American Beef Company can expand its bonsues to sheep or horses becoming American Ranch Company.

    -Travel: Deals with cities with world wonders and Natural Wonders within their borders. At a basic level adds tourism per wonder and natural wonder. Can be expanded to include tourism for Zoos, Theaters, Museums, Amphitheatres, Mountain tiles. jungle tiles, and coast tiles. Also can be used to get gold from Hotels and Airports.

    -Manufactoring: Deals with strategic resources. Instead of picking a resources like a Staple company. You choose a type of company. For example an Energy Company would deal with Coal, Oil, and Uranium, a transportation company would deal with horses, coal, and oil, and a smelting company deals with iron, coal, and copper. At a starting level Manufactoring companies provide a gold bonus to the resources they use. Expanding vertically grants bonsues to the cities the company is in. An energy company would provide a production bonus, a transportation company would add bonuses to trade routes originating in the city, and a smelting company would provide bonuses to units produced there.

    Other Things

    -Drop penalty for sciene per city from 3% to 2%.
    -Nerf Rationalism somehow.
    -Realign commerce to focus on companies.
    -Modify Byzantine UA to grant a free Great Prophet when the 2nd to last Religion is founded.
    -Rework underpreforming civs UAs. Specifically: India, Denmark, America, France.
  19. phaethon16

    phaethon16 King

    Mar 20, 2013
    I don't understand how you could create a new era without drastically slimming down the Industrial and Renaissance eras, unless you created several new techs. But, if you create new techs, then the rate in which you get to the late game is slowed down significantly, making ideologies and winning the game harder to reach. The solution I propose is that the Enlightenment Era wouldn't be a normal progression of the tech tree, but rather an era that would have to be somehow unlocked. It could affect the techs of the late Renaissance and early Industrial, but add an affect on to some of them, and provide another spy of course. To me, it's the only logical way to insert a new era into the game.
  20. OneRedBlock

    OneRedBlock Chieftain

    Sep 12, 2013
    Paragraphs! Paragraphs!

    The colonies aren't really realistic, but colonization is not my area of historical expertise (although nothing is my area of historical expertise)

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