Creating a Civilization with 2 follower beliefs?


Apr 21, 2023
I'm attempting to create a new civilization whose civ ability gives them the ability chose a second follower belief instead of one of their other beliefs. I know that there is a piece of the code for the beliefs file which determines the maximum number of each type of beliefs all civilizations can have.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization VI\Base\Assets\Gameplay\Data\Beliefs.xml --> "BeliefClasses"

Is there any way to take these values and make a civilization specific maximum belief set?
Spoiler example :

        <!-- This match up to a code defined enumeration. Do not change their order unless you also change BeliefClassTypes enum -->
        <Row BeliefClassType="BELIEF_CLASS_PANTHEON" Name="LOC_BELIEF_CLASS_PANTHEON_NAME" MaxInReligion="1" AdoptionOrder="1"/>
        <Row BeliefClassType="BELIEF_CLASS_FOLLOWER" Name="LOC_BELIEF_CLASS_FOLLOWER_NAME" MaxInReligion="2" AdoptionOrder="2"/>
        <Row BeliefClassType="BELIEF_CLASS_WORSHIP" Name="LOC_BELIEF_CLASS_WORSHIP_NAME" MaxInReligion="1" AdoptionOrder="3"/>
        <Row BeliefClassType="BELIEF_CLASS_FOUNDER" Name="LOC_BELIEF_CLASS_FOUNDER_NAME" MaxInReligion="1" AdoptionOrder="3"/>
        <Row BeliefClassType="BELIEF_CLASS_ENHANCER" Name="LOC_BELIEF_CLASS_ENHANCER_NAME" MaxInReligion="1" AdoptionOrder="3"/>

My end goal is to have the ability for the person playing this civ to be able to pick up to two follower beliefs, or just have a normal religion with one. I am not trying to allow players to pick 5 beliefs total, just 4.
Any advice is appreciated!
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